Does nicotine in breast milk when Smoking

Breastfeeding is a natural process, to which there is any committed mommy. Indeed, in the present breast milk contains the required amount so necessary for the baby nutrients. The unique composition of milk gives growing bodies everything they need. Every woman is individual in its composition, fat, the number. However, the important factor for its formation serves a number of important factors. Does nicotine in breast milk – this question is asked all smokers mother.

Many women are convinced, that cigarettes do not harm their child. But is it really, it's time to know exactly through, how much nicotine is excreted from breast milk. After all, if the professionals believe a bad habit can adversely affect the baby's health. Therefore, we strongly advise you to give up cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy and lactation.

Does nicotine in breast milk when Smoking

Does nicotine in breast milk?

Last time Smoking had become a strong habit for men and women. However, if the first can harm only their health, the women are responsible for the health of their children. To the development of the embryo was not threatened, gynecologists advise to quit cigarettes before the moment of conception. The expectant mother, should be aware of all the responsibility.

Destructive passion can be reflected, tragically her baby. The reason for this malicious resin, evaporation, carcinogenic. Nicotine through breast milk can get a growing organism. But for a newborn it can cause the development of serious deviations. So to associate these two concepts are prohibited.

There are several incorrect misconceptions – nicotine in breast milk does not fall, and excreted via the lungs. Or something, what a milky liquid capable of neutralizing the malicious house. That's just all wrong. Therefore, to test such an error is impossible. Because the consequences can be irreversible.

The movement of hazardous substances through the body

Nicotine in breast milkFor an accurate answer to the question – does nicotine in breast milk, experts recommend to consider in detail the whole process of movement. Then everyone will know how serious this is.

Dangerous smoke penetrates into the brain after only a few seconds after tightening. Then the poisonous substance rapidly spreads throughout the body via bloodstream. On his way any obstacles be, easy to open, even the blood-brain. And in fact it protects the organs of the Central nervous system from harmful microorganisms.

Prolonged abuse of cigarettes can occur intoxication. Her first anxiety symptoms becomes:

  • poor health;
  • tachycardia;
  • excessive drooling;
  • weakness;
  • abdominal pain;
  • fatigue;
  • vomiting;
  • nausea.

Nicotine passes into breast milk, having just a terrible influence on the baby. Even for adult high dose of pure nicotine can be fatal.

Nicotine in breast milk

Smoking one cigarette, all harmful substances rapidly enter the bloodstream. Normally, the maximum concentration occurs after half an hour. The poisonous component is distributed to all internal organs, and, unfortunately, breast milk is also.

Medical professionals strongly recommend that women quit addiction. The concentration of the poison, milk reaches the same level, and that in the blood. Wondering – how much nicotine from breast milk, include the following data, about 3 hours. That's how much time is necessary to remove. Although the figure is approximate, a greater role played by other factors:

  • immunity;
  • the speed of metabolic processes;
  • fortress tobacco;
  • the experience of Smoking;
  • the amount of smoked cigarettes daily.

Only by carefully analyzing each item, you can safely find out, how much nicotine is excreted from breast milk. Usually this time has been seriously delayed. Smoking moms are convinced that a few hours later, the danger had passed, but most often it is not enough. Thus, poor baby is forced to grass, the fault of your own, negligent mother.

The effects of Smoking during lactation

The effects of Smoking during lactation

Find out does nicotine in breast milk, you should talk about the consequences. Most parents do not involve, as far as they can be dangerous.

With regular abuse of tobacco products in a woman's body begins to fall the level of the particular hormone prolactin, responsible for the production of milk. Thus, reduced the quality and quantity.

The danger to the child, if nicotine gets into breast milk

The danger to the childThe child's body is so weak, that any negative impact can cause serious changes. The hit of nicotine becomes a terrible blow, affecting all systems of the body:

  • Central nervous;
  • heart;
  • vascular;
  • digestive.

Based on the statistical data we can find out, in 4 times more abnormalities occurring in infants, whose mothers were exposed to the dangerous habit. They are much restless, whiny, they have a poor appetite, weak development. The baby suffers frequently from colic, bloating. Breast milk loses its usefulness, becomes tasteless, which affects the appetite of the newborn. The crumbs lose weight, and this directly affects its development.

Eating poor nutrition, there is a chance for the development of the baby the following violations:

  • the increase in pressure;
  • weight loss;
  • the appearance of Allergy;
  • the chance of developing cancer;
  • low immunity – frequent illness;
  • frequent diseases of the respiratory system;
  • a developmental disorder.

Little man is seriously affected, some pathology may be irreversible. Thus, the mother's own hands to ruin your health, and most importantly the life of his child. And the reason for that becomes stupid addiction.

The danger to the mother

The period of carrying a baby is a challenging time for every woman. There is a global hormonal changes. So after birth is so important to maintain your health. It usually takes about six months. But if a girl starts Smoking, negative effects provided.

The postnatal period is quite serious for every pregnant woman. The transferred stress, contributes to the development of various diseases. The most common of them are:

  • diabetes;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • arthritis.

Nicotine through breast milk

And it's not all the consequences of. We must not forget about breastfeeding. Nicotine is capable to change the concentrations of milk, making it viscous. And this is the right chance to face the following challenges:

  • lactose;
  • the appearance of cracks on the nipples;
  • chronic chest pain;
  • inflammation of the mammary glands.

Every responsible mother should understand, harm, dealt a bad habit, serious. You need to give it up for the good health.

The combination of nicotine and breastfeeding

However, to permanently give up the pernicious habit can be quite difficult. The reason, persistent nicotine dependence, not allowing to tie. In such situations, experts recommend to pay heed to simple tips:

  1. Smoking only in the absence of the child. It is advisable to do this in a well ventilated area.
  2. Possible to reduce the dosage of cigarettes. It is best to gradually completely abandon them.
  3. Choose the weak cigarette.
  4. Not to finish Smoking a cigarette, it is permissible to make a few puffs, after which discard the cigarette butt.
  5. To take a cigarette only after feeding the crumbs. Until the next meal, slightly harmful components derived.
  6. The last tightening should be made before 9 PM. Need to wait all night.
  7. Exercise, more fresh air.
  8. To drink more water, rather, it will bring dangerous toxins.
  9. To find a replacement – patches, sprays. Before purchase it is recommended to consult a specialist. It will help you to choose the most gentle option.
  10. To adjust the diet. It must contain more fruits, vegetables. Vitamins are good.

The birth of a child is the crucial moment for every woman. Becoming a mother, she takes on more responsibility. Now she needs to answer for his crumbs. Only in her hands, his full, healthy existence. So for the sake of this new life, need to permanently abandon bad habits. Happy, and most importantly a healthy baby, the most expensive, what could be!

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