How to quit Smoking Teens?

Perhaps, no one suffers from Smoking, as teenagers. The fact, that addiction has a double bottom.How to quit Smoking Teens? This question is asked by thousands of caring parents, wish, in order for the child to grow up happy and healthy.

Smoking for teenagers has its peculiarities

Smoking for teenagers has its peculiarities

Puberty causes to carry a child so, as beneficial to its environment. Fashion clothes, latest iPhone, energy vodka, and, of course, cigarette. Smoking is a trend, which eventually turns into an emergency.

On the other hand, teenager "cool" among peers. He knows, that at home, he can be reprimanded and even a bit for their "adult life". How to quit Smoking Teens so, to not laugh friends? And also need to take into account the fact, in most cases, the child may not share my problem with family and get their support.

Smart tips on this account gives Allen Carr. How to help Teens quit Smoking, he describes in detail in his book. Such literature is difficult to read boys or girls 14 years, but parents can emphasize with her a lot of useful information.

Harmful than cigarettes to teenager?

Tobacco smoke, nicotine, harmful tar harm fragile and emerging body, as no adults. Many believe, that teenagers who smoke may not grow – it's true. Processes, forming the body, bone tissue is slowed down under the influence of nicotine.

The cigarettes harm the fragile body

The cigarettes harm the fragile body

Very much affected reproductive system, smokers are teenagers in the future may have problems conceiving a child, in men – problems with potency. Well, and of course, not to mention changes in appearance.

Teenagers who smoke look older than their peers, especially girls. Early wrinkles around eyes and lips, grey unhealthy skin with acne, bad hair and nails.

When you're young, then life seems eternal and serene. Believe, that strength will not forsake you, what you'll be handsome and good to be old. Cigarettes will dispel these erroneous judgments in just a few years, after the first time you smoke. To avoid this, Smoking need to get rid of. How does a teenager quit Smoking right?

Tips, how to quit Smoking easily and quickly

We can't teach you to live, but still want to give important advice, which to some may not reach adulthood. Until you imitate someone, you look like a bad copy. When you behave, how does your inner voice, you become a personality. Believe me, that you do not lose credibility in the eyes of your friends, if you are in will start to fight against Smoking. If you are a weak willed person, that you do, you will not attract sympathy of others.
When you understand, that cigarettes you no longer need you in my life, feel free to confess it to yourself and your friends.

Don't be afraid to admit to friends that, what do you want to quit Smoking

Don't be afraid to admit to friends that, what do you want to quit Smoking

Let you is the question, how to politely get away from the smoke, to not think, that you are "a wimp". Saying publicly, I never want to smoke, what you want to be free. You will see, that will support you, since everyone internally wants to give up Smoking, but suffers the same doubts, you.

We advise all parents to admit that, what do you smoke (in that case, if they have adequate and you know, that serious violence will follow). Yes, it, that you are a smoker, will become for them an unpleasant surprise, but you want to throw, right? How to recognize 100% parents, they wanted to know about everything, what happens to their child. Appeal to adults gives you the following advantages: they can help you mentally, support, do not smoke while you, if you yourself suffer from addiction. Very well be, if you will quit Smoking with their parents.

In addition, it was the adults decide, what you eat. People, who wants to give up cigarettes, have to eat special food. Do not eat fatty foods, fast food, crackers, chips, chocolate bars. This delicious food not only does not bear any practical use, but it also contributes to weight gain and acne. Ask the parents to fill the fridge with lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits.


Try not to drink coffee and tea, it can bring you back to old habits. Find like-minded people. This is one of the best approaches to, to quit Smoking easily and quickly. Certainly in your company, there are one or two people, that long smoke. Let's be clear., hardly anyone likes to be dependent. Yes, at first, Smoking seems "cool" lesson, but then it becomes a forced measure and a bad habit, from which it is difficult to get rid of.

What to do in moments, especially when you want to smoke? The pharmacy sold a special gum, there are also nicotine patches, pills. For those, who really wants to quit Smoking forever, these tools can play great role in addiction. If you share with the parents of his problem, you can ask them to buy you something, help in the fight against Smoking. In addition, you can chew regular gum, candy. But be careful with sweet.

Sports. Hardly skinny Smoking teen is the ideal of someone's dreams. Fashion sport Jock guys, leading a healthy lifestyle. Sports bike, martial arts, tennis, football and basketball quietly wean you even think about Smoking. After all, to achieve sports results, you need to be healthy, Smoking is the main enemy of health.

How to get teenagers to quit Smoking, if he doesn't want? In this case, all meaning is lost. A caring parent should not be a tyrant, you need to show:

  • care;
  • patience;
  • care;
  • friendliness.

Only in this way the child can understand, that Smoking is not fashionable, and bad and ugly. It is important to be an example for his child, otherwise all the arguments are meaningless.

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Teen, who wants to quit Smoking, may face lack of understanding from peers or aggression on the part of parents. Despite this, we do not recommend you to hide the desire to quit Smoking, as you will be difficult to achieve results. Follow the instructions in this article, the tips and cigarettes leave your life easily and forever.

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