How to quit Smoking with hypnosis

Trying to quit Smoking, you understand, not being able to cope on their own. Either, you never even tried, and immediately put an end to his willpower, and decided to turn to hypnosis. How does this method, is it safe and how will be effective for the smoker? Is it possible, quit Smoking with hypnosis? This question haunts many prisoners, addicted to grass. It's time to deal, how it all works and who to go to for a competent hypnosis.

What is the method?

Considered, that each person has the conscious mind (this is, what we realize; our "thinking I") and unconscious (that piece of information, which is deposited without our "participation" in our brain).

The psychologist will work with your subconscious mind

The psychologist will work with your subconscious mind

Considered, what dreams and intuition is our unconscious mind. The hypnotist will turn to your unconscious and will inspire you, Smoking is bad.

Why the unconscious part of the mind will listen to the doctor, Yes, and conscious tells you not to smoke? Such is the situation of our mind.

While we are in a state of hypnosis, we can inspire anything, and this information is deposited in the properly on the subconscious, affecting the conscious mind.

Hypnosis against Smoking – it's not a myth, but we need to turn to experienced professionals. Practice in this case is of particular importance, especially when you want to get a positive result. Before, how to run to the first comer medic, practicing hypnosis, it is necessary to communicate with his previous clients and read reviews, who write former heavy smokers herbs.

How is the session?

By and large, all you have to do. To enter into hypnosis – it's not difficult, though, of course, there are people, which are very difficult to hypnotize. This is done by your complete relaxation. Psychologist-a specialist asks you to take a comfortable position, relax your body and to imagine different images.

Thoughts you follow the voice of the expert, and as if falling asleep, although it remains in a wakeful state. When you don't sleep, the brain works at high frequencies, when sleep is low, in hypnosis, your brain will go into an intermediate state. Here a psychologist comes in contact with your unconscious, and assure you that, Smoking is very bad.

In the course are ordinary persuasion or threat. Our unconscious is much more suggestible, than conscious. It, what does not come to us in the normal state, can act then, when we are fully relaxed. When you come to, it will remember the session, but once you try to smoke, like some inner voice will say – don't need, don't need to do!

What factors are important when you wish to quit Smoking with your desire?

The hypnotist will try to convince you, that Smoking is harmful

The hypnotist will try to convince you, that Smoking is harmful

You will laugh, but there are a number of factors, which allow you to stop Smoking after hypnosis:

  1. Desire. Without a strong desire to quit Smoking, you will not help anything. So those people, who can't quit independently, unlikely to get good results after hypnosis. In fact, you can't quit Smoking just because, you don't want that much. So how will do it for you hypnosis?
  2. Finding a good psychologist. Bad specialist may not be able to enter in the trance state you, but this is only half the battle. Main job is to "ubacivanje" subconscious. If he can't make a really strong and running motifs, then the hypnosis will not work.
  3. Support of loved ones – hypnosis Smoking herbs may not be successful, if the patient will not experience the support from the native people. Preferably, to the session with a smoker came expensive for him. Smile and criticism can aggravate the situation and cause the patient to abandon the treatment method with the help of hypnosis.

Observing these factors will allow you to obtain a positive result in a short period of time.

In some cases, hypnosis will not work?

First of all, if you do not want. Don't believe the hype, which promises you completely get rid of Smoking with the help of coding. Actually, psychologists should in fact somehow to make, so why not you? Besides agree, that truthful ad would look very ridiculous: "We will help you get rid of Smoking through hypnosis, but only if, what you really want. Otherwise, we will not help, you just wasting your savings".

Also, do not think, what hypnosis is something changed in your mind in relation to cigarettes. You will not experience hatred or disgust. Hypnosis can't teach you to not experience cravings for nicotine or to, to smoke. In this case –

But what is the point of hypnosis?

All right, understanding, we get to the disappointing conclusion about the practical futility of hypnosis for those, who is not configured for self-deliverance from the problem.

Hypnosis will help you only if you want it

Hypnosis will help you only if you want it

Actually, we did not say, what hypnosis will relieve you from the problem. Such an impact on the subconscious mind – this is just an attempt to strengthen your strong-willed desire to quit Smoking.

If you are going to say goodbye to Smoking, and you need a push in the back, another additional "insurance", it is likely, what hypnosis can help.

About side effects also impossible to forget. This phenomenon is very rare, but still you should know, the risks, turning to the specialist.

First of all, you may experience dizziness in the first time after a session, anxiety or even panic attacks. People, who have some mental disorder, neurosis, it is not recommended to enlist the help of hypnosis or at least get advice beforehand from your doctor.

What is the procedure?

The price of physician services hypnotherapeutic can be very different and not always depend on his skills and qualifications. In a trendy and modern medical center the efforts of the psychologist can be estimated from 10 000 rubles (3 000 UAH in Ukraine) in big cities and above.

In addition, there is the likelihood, what you say about the necessity of attending several sessions in a row. If you go to a more simple hospital, the service can cost anywhere from 3 000 rubles (1 000 UAH) in the city. There are also doctors, practicing at home, they're ready for you "hypnotize" and to 3 000 rubles (to 1000 UAH).

Actually, the price does not affect the quality. Hypnotherapy service, to be measured qualitatively, and then, how it will affect you, depends entirely on you, not from the doctor.

Video “Hypnotic impact on people, to quit Smoking”


If you decide to quit Smoking with hypnosis, you should understand, this method is not a magic lifesaver. By and large, it is rather a stick for slightly limping after an injury man. That is, you can do without it, but with her I just feel more confident. If you need this wand? We believe, that anyone can quit Smoking independently, without help, just turning on "full power" his power of will and desire. But if you've money to burn, why not. In any case, we wish you a speedy deliverance from Smoking!

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