How to quit Smoking for 1 hour?

Question: Now, worth a visit to some page on the Internet, everywhere banners come out with a proposal to teach how to quit Smoking for 1 hour. Came, watched, there is need to send SMS, and then supposedly sends effective method.

I smoke already 5 years and, of course, dream to get rid of Smoking. But all my attempts resulted in failure. Not helped by the patch, electronic cigarette and gum, although all of these funds promised at lightning speed to deliver me from addiction. Maybe, you know, what is this method in one hour and how effective is it?

Quit Smoking in one hour – promise, like a fairy tale. Here are many willing to believe it, to abruptly abandon bad habits. It's time to open your eyes and understand, why this method has no effect.

You promise deliverance from Smoking for 1 hour? You can do it in 1 second for free

You promise deliverance from Smoking for 1 hour? You can do it in 1 second for free

The answer: How many people will live, the same time there will be those, who would try to cash in on them, and human weaknesses. Do you seriously even for a second thought, that really quit Smoking for 1 hour?

Last 5 years you wore like a good rabbit, money in the tobacco stall, spoiled lungs, cardiac system, the potency, appearance, and then, just for an hour all the way over! Quitting bad habits – it is a long process, require desire and enormous willpower.

If this method really acted, man, what he invented, became famous to the whole world, not attracted attention with nawadih banners. Please note, these banners are always trying to impose on the consumers some kind of dubious stuff.

Also can you explain, why do not affected electronic cigarettes, the patch, and why are you, most likely, will not work any other way. Because you don't want to quit! Yes, don't be surprised.For 1 time to give up cigarettes impossible, the more, if you have to pay a large sum of money!

You like this process, even though you are not happy with the consequences. And do you agree to stop Smoking just in case, if you have something to work. Are you waiting for "lightning effect" from the different wisdoms, are willing to pay money for it, but it's just assistants, not the main characters "face" in the fight against Smoking. To quit Smoking only you can, and fight with addiction, too, will have you.

Summarizing, say, to quit Smoking for 1 hour is impossible in principle. Or rather, you can quit Smoking for 1 second – when you decide to do it. But none you will not make and will not help you in the fight against Smoking. This is your personal battle, so take it gracefully and come out a winner. We wish you good luck!

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