As a pregnant woman to quit Smoking

Any doctor will advise you to quit Smoking at least six months before planning a baby. But what to do, if you find out, that pregnant and Smoking at the same? Is it possible to stop Smoking abruptly or to continue to indulge in the bad habit during pregnancy, but only a little? These questions torment many moms-to-be. It's time to deal, as a pregnant woman to quit Smoking and whether it is possible to do it.

Smoking pregnant or quitting?

Smoking pregnant or quitting?

Why pregnant best to get rid of Smoking?

Let's look at, what problems can arise from Smoking pregnant women:

  1. Very high risk of premature birth. Smoking women on 55% most children born premature, than non-smokers.
  2. Those women, who smoke, children are born with a heart defect for 68% more often, than those, who does not smoke.
  3. In children, born from women smokers, on 42% more common mental disorders, than non-smokers.
  4. The sudden infant death syndrome occurs twice as often in children, born to women smokers, than non-smokers.
  5. The fetus during development receives little oxygen, if his mom smokes, but because the weight of these kids critically low.
    If you find out, getting pregnant, then immediately drop the Smoking

    If you find out, getting pregnant, then immediately drop the Smoking

Frankly, what if you smoke (and, and smoke long), your chance of getting pregnant is very small. Unfortunately, with the deteriorating environmental conditions on Earth perfectly healthy girls of childbearing age are not always able to get pregnant.

"Infertility for unknown reasons" – that's what the diagnosis is 26 percent of our compatriots.

If you smoke, the fertilized egg will not be easy to attach to the uterine wall. If smokes and your partner, there is a high probability, that his sperm can't fertilize your egg. If you find two strips on the test to determine pregnancy, then consider it a gift of fate, and know, that second such event in your life may not be.

Bad habits need to be abandoned, if they can have a negative give up on the health of the future baby. How to quit Smoking pregnant safely and correctly can be found below.

Quit Smoking right away or gradually?

It is worth noting, that Smoking women need to abandon the use of nicotine – this substance is the greatest harm to unborn yet baby. For this reason, pregnant is not recommended to use nicotine patches, gum, electronic cigarette. Though they can help to resist the thrust, but contain a small dose of nicotine, which will harm the normal development of the child.

And, of course, before you even should not question to give up Smoking at once or gradually. You should stop Smoking immediately, as soon as you are pregnant. This advice we give is only to those women, who want to have a healthy baby with no physical and mental abnormalities.

Ladies in the position often ask their gynecologists – can pregnant women quit Smoking. Normal doctor always reply, only after withdrawal from nicotine can hope for the birth of a healthy baby.

Useful tips for pregnant women: what is the easiest way to quit Smoking

You can't blame a pregnant woman in that, that makes it hard to abandon their habit. Understanding, under the heart develops new desirable life, do not reduce thrust to smoke a cigarette. So take note of the following advice of doctors.

Gynecologists give the following recommendations:

  1. Survive the first two days. It was during this period of time, the most challenging Smoking feel the most discomfort, and then it will be easier.
    Smoking pregnant woman - this poisoned vessel, of whom have children with chronic diseases of internal organs.

    Smoking pregnant woman – this poisoned vessel, of whom have children with chronic diseases of internal organs.

  2. Eat in the first five days of broccoli and root and celery greens, they reduce the craving for nicotine. But when reduced the urge to smoke, indulge in these healthy green vegetables.
  3. If you really want to smoke, eat oranges and black currants. Vitamin C will kill the desire to smoke.
  4. Eat at least one green Apple in the morning and the grapefruit in the evening, instead of afternoon tea.
  5. Try to take chewy candy, if experiencing strong cravings to smoke. But don't eat a lot of sweets. There is another danger, – the sweetness causes the brain to work even more fun, and you will want to smoke, as cigarette you still strongly associated with pleasure.
  6. Drink milk before and after cigarette, and even better – instead. This method is good for all, to quit Smoking, as milk spoils the taste of cigarettes. You can also soak cigarettes in milk and dry. Those cigarettes you simply will not be able to smoke, so unbearable is the bitterness from them.
  7. Spend more time outdoors, ideally try to be in nature outside the city. While walking do this exercise. You need to sit down, straighten your back and do 15 deep breaths, and exhale sharply and rhythmically. The saturation of the body with oxygen will reduce the desire to smoke.

Once again we will remind you about that, what really difficult you will only have the first two or three days of quitting cigarettes, and then you will feel considerable relief.

Do not damage the unborn baby quitting?

There is a common belief about, dramatically quitting Smoking during pregnancy it is impossible for the reason, that the fruit has got used to coming nicotine. Because the woman smoked before, how to get pregnant, smoked in the first days after conception. Maybe, it is better to unlearn from cigarettes gradually?

Do not believe those, who says, what can Smoking during pregnancy

Do not believe those, who says, what can Smoking during pregnancy

Not so long ago there was a bike in the vastness of the women's forums (supposedly, the authoritative opinion of some well-known gynecologist), the baby in the first trimester the nervous system is formed, and if a pregnant stop Smoking, it will cause irreparable damage to the nervous system of the baby.

This view is fundamentally wrong. Follower of such theories, indulging my weakness, poison nicotine the baby the whole time, and then wonder, why their baby is born unhealthy. What to do in this case, only you can decide. It's your life and your baby's health is at stake. Smoking – harm, and no matter the situation a woman or not.


If the Smoking woman managed to get pregnant, the first, she needs to do – quit Smoking. How pregnant it is better to quit Smoking is an individual matter. Someone will help green fruit, vegetables, milk and candy, but for someone two strips on the test will be the best incentive for, in order not to touch the cigarettes. We wish health to you and your future child!

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