Quit Smoking: the consequences

Most of the materials, designed to help smokers realize the harm his addiction, relish describing the devastating effects of cigarettes on the body. Agree, you need to be in some degree a masochist, to smoke and a pleasure to read about the possibility of getting heart attack, lung cancer or impotence.

Do not throw Smoking, because they fear the consequences?

Do not throw Smoking, because they fear the consequences?

Quit Smoking? The consequences are bound to be! Just do not need to hear about, the withdrawal from nicotine will affect health in a negative way. It would be unusual, but it will directly benefit every cell in your own body.

Do not be sad about

In this article, we decided to take a course on it, what you get smoker, if you refuse their addiction. Not going to write about the bad, you already aware enough, and it is better to discuss the pros of getting rid of Smoking!

First of all, let's debunk the myth, that throwing Smoking almost harm to your body, causing toxins. This story was invented by the manufacturers of cigarettes, to you it was more difficult to get rid of your favorite bad habits. In fact, I think you, and suddenly it's bad – stop Smoking, still poisoned from it and die? Try to understand.

Quitting Smoking will not harm your health!

Quitting Smoking will not harm your health!

The process of Smoking causes addiction to your body from nicotine. But, if you compare it with dependence on other drugs of chemical and herbal origin, the nicotine is very rapidly excreted from your body. It never takes forty minutes after smoked cigarettes, as you want to smoke again – it means, that decreased the concentration of nicotine in the blood.

Agree, you do not smoke every forty minutes, and all that while experiencing in between your cigarettes is the sensation, similar to the thirst. It looks as if it is on "breaking" from the heroin or the desire of an alcoholic to drink? No, not seem to is aware of even those, who have never tried drugs.

And, however, even considering the toxicity of alcohol and heroin, you will not hear, there's no need to stop "using drugs" or drink vodka, so how can you harm the body. Nicotine (like alcohol or other drugs) is poison, to which you tamed the body. It will be hard only the first few days (from the first to the third day, if you do not allow auto-suggestion), and then a noticeable relief.

But then you need to say about people, who want to quit Smoking only for the mind – you can convince yourself, that you are very sick and you almost die, if you do not smoke. Most likely, you are just not yet ready to abandon their addiction.

What you get, throwing cigarette?

Now let's talk about those "bonuses", that gets people, decided to give up Smoking:

Give up Smoking and regain your beauty!

Give up Smoking and regain your beauty!

  1. You improve the condition of your cardiovascular system. Equalized pressure, vessels will take their normal state, and the blood fully oxygenated. Due to this improvement in well-being occurs in the first days of quitting cigarettes.
  2. Return the touch and smell, will be able to enjoy the taste of dishes and flavors, now feel not fully.
  3. Get rid of a permanent companion in the form of the stench from your hair, clothes, skin, fingers. Normal color of your wood, brighten the whites of the eyes. Wrinkles are immediately smoothed, especially, if your smoke for more than five years, but a year later you will look much better, it is now.
  4. Recover from the constant coughing and expectoration, to breathe. Will be able to engage in active sports, without suffering from shortness of breath. Athletics, Cycling, long walks and even simple stairs will now become an affordable pleasure.
    Spend energy on the sport!

    Spend energy on the sport!

  5. Lost syndrome constant fatigue, you will sleep more and stronger. Will appear "out of nowhere" with strength and courage.
  6. You will become more calm, will cease to be nervous and irritated over nothing. Cheerfulness and positive attitude to life will change the negative attitude.
  7. You moved away from likely to die from lung cancer or coronary heart disease.
  8. Improve memory and speed of performing mental processes.
  9. Will get extra time, which previously went to "smoke". This time bonus can be up to two hours a day.
  10. Get profit in the form of the funds, who used to spend on smokes. You will be astonished at, calculating the increase to your income for the month or quarter. The money saved in a couple of years will be able to go abroad to rest, and ten – to buy a car.

Many are concerned about – you can abruptly quit Smoking. The consequences in this case will also be good, while feeling “breaking” will point to a different! It is important not to give in to their bad desires and to exercise willpower.

In order, to learn, what will quitting Smoking, also you can watch this video:


The author – a smoker for fifteen years. I started Smoking at fifteen, and get rid of this habit for thirty years. There was no compelling reason to do so, I just realized, as far as I'm stopping my addiction. A week after that, how I quit Smoking (exactly left to win the temptations to go back to my weakness), I felt an incredible freedom.

It turns out, I was tied up by his habit of hands and feet, and like a heaviness, bore dependence fifteen years of life. I have not smoked for six years and ready to subscribe to the, not Smoking is many times nicer, than to be weak-willed smoker. I wish you all good luck!

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