10 reasons to quit Smoking

So, have you been thinking about, to quit addiction, but still can not start the implementation of the plan. Possible, you just hindered by the lack of a comprehensive motivation. After that- what to do, you should know what you're doing it, and where you will reach the goal.

Smoking gives us a certain pleasure. If you follow the figure, one cigarette can reduce your hunger and replace a meal. In addition, cigarette relaxes and soothes, relieves stress and is a hands. Yes, you just like to smoke, – why leave this habit?

Why motivation is important?

Reasons to quit Smoking is obvious to many. That's just the smokers don't notice these benefits, choosing to ignore the statistics and medical advice of knowledgeable specialists. Let's think, you will be able to, giving up Smoking.

  1. You want to heal the body. You're tired of panting when walking, to use the creams, to cover grey leather with mesh vessels and to hide discolored teeth. Are you tired to chew mint gum for, to mask bad breath.
    Without a good reason you'll never get rid of Smoking!

    Without a good reason you'll never get rid of Smoking!

  2. You want to live longer. Known, few smokers live to sixty, because cigarettes speed up the aging process.
  3. You want to stop being addicted. Hour without a cigarette – and you start breaking. How can you be chained dependency to cigarettes!
  4. You want to free your family from its own dependencies. Passive Smoking is much more harmful than active, and together with you forced to "smoke" your kid, loved one or parents.
  5. You want to save money on cigarettes. Tobacco products are constantly becoming more expensive, and sometimes you buy yourself a cigarette instead, to buy a sweet for your baby or to please your body with fruits.
  6. You want to feel better. It is no secret, that abandoning cigarettes, you first days will feel relieved.
  7. You want to improve the quality of their lives.

How to quit Smoking, if there is no desire? You can just say, in this case, get rid of pernicious habits simply impossible. To consider the benefits of quitting nicotine, should believe in themselves and much want.

What happens to the body after quitting cigarettes?

After each smoked cigarette, your body begins the process of self-healing. Here are the main 10 reasons to give up cigarettes:

  1. Through 20 minutes starts to decrease the pressure.
  2. Through 8 hours you will be relieved from bad breath, and the blood will begin to be cleansed of carbon dioxide, received cigarette.
  3. A day decreases the chance of heart attack.
  4. Two days later decrease the desire to smoke, worsen the sense of touch.
  5. In three days you will feel, what you breathe more easily.
  6. After three months you will increase lung capacity, and sleep will become more healthy.
  7. After nine months you stop coughing, and your immune system will become stronger.
  8. Will take a year ... possible problems with the cardiovascular system.
  9. Through 3 year the body will feel relief.
  10. In five years your body will work the same, as in non-smokers.

In addition, you will look better, your skin will have a healthy hue, you will become a better taste and smell, to improve the potency, you will sleep even for a short amount of time, devoted to sleep.

Just throwing Smoking, you have a chance to live to old age?

What “techniques” will help ease you into quitting Smoking?

If you've decided to quit Smoking, it you can use the following manipulation:

  1. Make yourself a list of reasons, most important to you, and carry it with you. If you start experiencing a strong desire to smoke, immediately go back to your list – if the reasons are truly compelling, this will keep you from cigarette.
  2. Think, do not use if you AIDS, help the, who is struggling with Smoking. It can be pills, gum, the patch, electronic cigarette.
  3. To quit the habit is best "for the company" with someone. Go for it with a friend, a parent or your partner.
  4. Determine a day "X", when you get rid of Smoking. It could be tomorrow or in a week. Start preparing for this day – throw away lighters, ashtrays and most importantly, – cigarette.
  5. Ask your family about the support and don't let him smoke with you and not calling you the old habit.
  6. To avoid breakdowns, in the first weeks after, as you gave up Smoking, do not drink alcohol, reduce the volumes absorbed by the coffee. Also try not to worry and not to get too excited, to the old habit not to grab a cigarette.
  7. Try to drink a day not less 2 liters of pure mineral water, and exercise.

The withdrawal from nicotine – this is a serious step in life of each person. Why deprive yourself of a happy future without coughing and cancer? Of course, many believe, what because of the rejection of cigarettes can be better, but this tendency only those people, changing tobacco for dessert. Harder to cope with stress, but this is possible!

How to reduce stress to the body?

Of course, in the first days after quitting you will have hard times. To minimize those unpleasant sensations, you will survive without tobacco, drink vitamin C, eat citrus

Change cigarette fruit!

Change cigarette fruit!

What is a tobacco smoke at all? It is made of gas, steam and particles of heavy metals and solids mixture, which can be up to four thousand compounds. The third part of these compounds is carcinogenic, which can cause the development of cancerous tumors.

In addition, you will be interested to know, what plants are good to purify the air from cigarette smoke:

Absorbs heavy metals, in the air, asparagus. Geranium makes the air fresh, fills the space with a pleasant aroma.

To destroy disease-causing microbes or bacteria, put in a pot with rosemary or Myrtle. In order to make the air cleaner, purchase aloe, ivy or chrysanthemum.

In order, to make it easier to quit Smoking, you can watch this video:


Each person has different reasons to quit Smoking! Find your, to abandon bad habits, which poisons not only your air, but also the air your family. Take a step towards a healthy and happy future, where no shortness of breath, cancer, cough, unpleasant smell and rotting bodies!

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