A popular disease from Smoking

Disease from Smoking – it's a proven fact! No wonder the government made it mandatory for tobacco manufacturers to specify on the consequences of bad habits in a scary pictures. In modern society Smoking is a dangerous habit, annually taking the lives of millions of people.

Long experience of dependency necessarily entails dire consequences. Some illnesses – you can try to cure, but there are those, the verdict which is final. Every year diseases caused by Smoking take the lives of poor people.

diseases from Smoking

Why is this happening?

Conducted statistical data are shocking. Approximately every 6 seconds one person dies, at fault is a dangerous addiction. And how many accidents have serious illnesses, caused by Smoking cigarettes.

A dependent write off deterioration of their health in a bad environment, stress and problems at work. But in fact diseases of the cigarette itself is a popular reason.

The culprit hazardous ingredients, present in cigarettes:

  • resin;
  • heavy metals;
  • toluene;
  • nicotine.

One cigarette contains over 600 various substances, most of which causes serious health damage. Gradually harmful components are deposited, developing disease from Smoking.

diseases caused by Smoking

What diseases Smoking can appear

A list of the effects of nicotinic friendship, huge. Diseases of cigarettes are often the cause of death, although usually they begin with minimal harm. Experts identify simple disease from Smoking cigarettes, that may not be the cause of death. This should include, the following violations:

  • darkening of tooth enamel;
  • problems with teeth;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • problems with the intestinal flora;
  • the appearance of stomatitis;
  • hair loss;
  • neuritis;
  • dry skin.

This list could be much longer. Usually smokers don't even pay attention to such troubles. Though, gradually accumulate, they can cause something dangerous. Therefore, when the first alarming symptoms should seek medical help.

Threat of illness from Smoking

Trouble with the mouth – minimal stuff, for a long period of dependence is able to provoke a really dreadful ailments. It's time to reveal the truth on that, what diseases Smoking causes.

disease from cigarettes

Cardiovascular system

The heart affects a person's life. Therefore, there should occur no failures. However, addiction can cause the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques, which are the first symptoms for the development of the following pathologies:

  • stroke. After the disease is dying a certain part of the brain. The reason for this becomes hemorrhage. A stroke can happen to anyone, but smokers to the likelihood of their occurrence is much higher. Consequences is disability, the loss of certain vital abilities;
  • a heart attack. Nicotine, provokes vasoconstriction, is their a spasm – thrombus formation. First signs is the appearance of severe dyspnea, sharp pain in the breast. If the first heart attack may end with minimal consequences, repeated usually provokes death;
  • atherosclerosis.

Each of the above diagnoses does the person's life terrible damage. Often after suffering his usual existence completely changes.


Lung disease from Smoking is most often diagnosed the diagnosis. The reason is the inhalation of dangerous smoke. This files most often have dependent diagnosed bronchitis. Irritation of the bronchial mucosa provokes the appearance of mucus, plugging light. Unfortunate suffer from severe shortness of breath, cough. In the overflow in the chronic form, the patient may become disabled.

Another common ailment is tuberculosis. Of course, get it can and ordinary people, but Smoking can increase the likelihood. In addition, treatment of smokers runs hard, 20% patients even die.

In case of positive dynamics of the minimum period of treatment reaches 8 months, moreover, all the organs due to prolonged use of antibiotics are in serious condition.

Gastrointestinal tract

After the oral cavity. Deadly substances move through the body. Together with saliva, a portion of the poison travels to the stomach, which causes another disease from Smoking.

Able nicotine enhances acid formation, which forms on the walls of stomach ulcers. The protective layer of the body is not able to fight the disease, the immune system weakens. The result is the development of ulcers nausea, burp, heartburn. In advanced cases there is bleeding, could provoke the death.

what diseases Smoking causes

Cancer from Smoking

Cancer is increasingly striking people. Smokers statistics even sadder!


Cigarette smoke contains many toxic compounds. Many of them can become the impetus for the emergence of Oncology. According to statistics 80% lung cancer patients – smokers. The culprit resin, accumulating in the lung tissue.

The first symptom becomes severe shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing up blood. The probability of a positive outcome – minimal, even with timely treatment.


A huge number of carcinogens in the mucosa of the stomach causes cancer. Usually the tumor develops gradually. The first warning symptoms becomes poor appetite, rapid weight loss, profuse salivation. Then there are other symptoms: nausea, burp, bloating, pain. Unfavorable prognosis.


The kidneys are filtering on, which is necessary to pass through all dangerous substances. So often in heavy smokers there is a tumor of the bladder.

The most common symptoms of long time completely absent. After that appears pain, discomfort during urination, the appearance of blood in the urine, frequent urge.

The cervix

Women, addicted tobacco products, seriously risk their reproductive ability. They have not only reduced the likelihood of pregnancy, but also increases the chance of developing cancer. The main danger of cancer of the cervix – absence of symptoms, and when they occur the treatment is not able to bring, the desired result.

The esophagus

The main symptoms of tumors of malignant character becomes strong salivation, unpleasant pain during swallowing and a burning sensation behind the breastbone. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the stage. It is therefore important to diagnose the disease in a timely manner.


Another terrible diagnosis, which usually ends with the death of the patient. Its main symptoms becomes abdominal tenderness, yellowing of the skin, weight reduction and a rise in blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, to diagnose the tumor at early stages is difficult.

what diseases from Smoking

Reproductive system and cigarettes

Disease Smoking can affect all areas of life. Therefore, fertility is also reduced. And it concerns not only women, but men. Male infertility is quite common, caused by nicotine, negatively reflecting on the vessels. Ongoing spasm provoke the potency, reduction of sperm quality.

Infertile women, it is also clear. Addiction reduces the chance of getting pregnant, but if this happens the chance to save the fetus is unlikely.

This is only a small part of the disease from Smoking, experts identify other diagnoses:

  • cataract;
  • diabetes;
  • hepatitis;
  • psoriasis.

Many people mistakenly believe, what Smoking blends cause less harm. But in fact, spice can provoke even more different now. The reason is the presence of the chemical liquid.

diseases from Smoking cigarettes

How to maintain health

The surest way to maintain health is to get rid of addictions. Of course, make it pretty hard, but if you want to save your own life, you should be willpower.

There are useful tips, allowing you to more quickly quit the habit:

  • try to avoid places, where smokers congregate;
  • to find the right motivation;
  • talk to former smokers, ask them for advice;
  • to buy soothing herbs, teas. They can be used to remove the tension;
  • sports;
  • find yourself an interesting hobby.

However, it is understood, most importantly, their own desire, to get rid of habits just will not work.

Find out, what diseases cause cigarette, you should seriously consider whether your own life like Hobbies. Because sometimes, even after timely diagnosis to avoid tragic consequences does not work.

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