Poisoning cigarettes is not a myth

One of the most popular bad habits is Smoking. Many people, even knowing all the harm caused by cigarettes, continue dangerous hobby. Tobacco appeared for a long time. Already 19 century known for its active use. Its not just Smoking with pipes, but even chewed. Therefore, the poisoning cigarettes a very common phenomenon, leading to tragic consequences.

Poisoning cigarettes

A bit of historical facts

According to historical sources the tobacco was invented by Indians. To get an odd feeling they are actively chewed tobacco leaves. Gradually unusual hobby interested in other peoples, so tobacco products have gained popularity among the people of Europe.

In tobacco leaves contains over 4000 the various elements. And more 100 of them inflict serious damage to human health. Small doses of nicotine contained in the potatoes, pepper, tomatoes, but the dosage of harmful substances is too small, to harm the health.

To get poisoning cigarette is enough to smoke more than 10 cigarettes. However, to make such necessary in a short period of time. The rational use of poisoning cigarettes can be avoided. Although there are situations, when toxicity occurred at a passive smokers. The individual characteristics of the organism must be taken into account.

The effect of nicotine on human

poisoning from e-cigarettesOnly a couple of puffs to get the nicotine into the body. Getting through the lungs, it spreads easily through blood on other parts of the body. First and foremost dangerous substance affects the Central nervous system. Where he began actively to address special phenomenon, responsible for pleasure. Gradually the number decreases, what the smoker again there is a desire to undertake a cigarette.

The main danger of addiction is a gradual effect. Harmful ingredients can accumulate over many years, then begin to actively destroy the internal organs and vital systems. At particular risk are:

  • the liver, it is necessary to recycle excessive amounts of harmful substances. From the load may develop a serious disease – hepatitis, cirrhosis;
  • the heart is pumping blood difficult, muscles weaken. It can cause stroke and heart attack;
  • lungs with each breath gets them half harmful toxins. Common disease of smokers getting lung cancer or chronic bronchitis;
  • reproductive function – excessive love addiction has a serious impact on sexual activity. Men develop impotence, the spermatozoa lose their activity, risking infertility. As for women, Smoking can also affect. Especially at risk pregnant girls. During this period, any habits can negatively affect the health of the crumbs;
  • diseases of the visual apparatus;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract – pancreatitis, gastritis, ulcer;
  • circulation – cigarettes can provoke pressure surges, and they cause disturbances in cerebral circulation;
  • larynx – the original tobacco components fall into the mouth. So to protect yourself it also will not work. Hence chronic sinusitis, angina, hoarseness of voice and throat cancer.

Poisoning cigarettes gradually. Often receive violations are irreversible.

Signs of poisoning cigarettes

Signs of poisoning cigarettes

Experts distinguish two forms of intoxication:

  1. Sharp.
  2. Chronic.

Signs of acute poisoning by nicotine when Smoking cigarettes is usually arise from those, who decided to try for the first time. It is characterized mild block, headache, pressure drop. This condition can last for several days. A lot depends on individual to individual.

Haunts chronic smokers, smoke over 10 of cigarettes daily. The main signs are:

  • dizziness;
  • vomiting;
  • profuse sweating;
  • shortness of breath;
  • cramps;
  • diarrhea.

Signs of poisoning cigarettes can be more serious consequences:

  • pressure surges;
  • vasospasm;
  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • problems with the nervous system;
  • weight loss;
  • lethargy.

Poisoning cigarettes lead to serious diseases. Therefore, it is important to know about, how to get assistance to the affected.

signs of acute poisoning by nicotine from Smoking a cigarette

First aid at a poisoning with nicotine

The first step will be a call for medical workers. Before their arrival we need to reassure the patient. If the person lost consciousness you need to put him on his side and watch then, so he not poisoned vomit.

While retaining consciousness in order to maximize the flow of fresh air. Then to wash out the stomach of the patient, to give absorbent medicines. To prevent dehydration you must give the victim more water.

Treatment of intoxication should be carried out in a hospital. Only experienced specialists are able to normalize the dependent well-being and prevent relapses.

Many people wonder, can this lead to poisoning electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, for many, the answer is positive. In these products also contains harmful nicotine. Therefore, in order to avoid negative impacts is to completely abandon bad habits.

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