Acupuncture against Smoking

Today wanting to get rid of addiction, people are willing to take on the most unusual ways. One of them is acupuncture Smoking. This method has been around and very popular. However, before its implementation is necessary to review certain subtleties, contraindications.

acupuncture Smoking

The principle of action of the method

Acupuncture is a unique treatment method, emerged in China. Fans of alternative medicine are convinced, that way you can affect the vital energy. It is enough to know the exact place, are worth focus.

Encoding from Smoking by acupuncture is widely practiced, giving positive results. It is possible to overcome even longstanding dependence. This is due to the particular impact on the receptors. It turns out, to achieve the desired euphoria without the use of cigarettes. The impact on specific accurate provokes a reduction of the withdrawal syndrome. Psychological dependence is reduced, dependent easily tolerate failure. Thoughts again take up the cigarette rarely. Gradually the habit completely disappears from life.

Acupuncture Smoking does not guarantee accurate recovery. A lot depends on personal desires. So going to quit addiction, you should carefully consider your decision. Treatment for Smoking acupuncture in 90% cases gives a positive result. However, there is 10%, not managed to overcome the habit.

Conduct coding

acupuncture against SmokingThe procedure of acupuncture can, only be carried out by specialist of this case. Otherwise there is a high risk to cause the patient harm. For ego, you need to purchase a special disposable needles. Their length usually reaches 3-6 cm. Then thoroughly sterilized needles are introduced into certain areas, located on the palms, the feet and ears. The most important thing you need to realize the impact on point, but it does not harm the patient.

Acupuncture against Smoking can give the desired result. However, certain rules must be followed for the procedure. It is important to introduce a needle to the desired point. So, in one of the ear contains 8 sensitive points.

Treatment for Smoking acupuncture cannot be called a pleasant procedure. It is understood, data manipulation is able to apply light pain. After only a few seconds after entering the smoker to feel a slight tingling, burning, pain. This is a natural reaction of the body, you need to be patient. Session duration depends on a number of factors: the neglect of the situation, the sensitivity of the customer, individual preferences. Usually it takes 15- 60 minutes.

After the course of therapy, the smoker feels more comfortable. There is a lightness, vigor. The reason only becomes a conclusion of harmful toxins, resin from the body. Many clients feel rejuvenated, and most importantly refuse addictions without stress, voltage.

Acupuncture against Smoking should be done only by qualified and experienced professionals. After the procedure is not recommended to smoke and drink alcohol. To achieve the desired effect is enough 3-10 sessions. Though there are cases, when had one and.

encoding from Smoking with acupuncture

Benefits of acupuncture

This procedure is actively used for the treatment of many ailments. Acupuncture Smoking was developed relatively recently, but have been able to get a large number of positive reviews. Therapy helps to cure the disease, to relieve symptoms cancel, to help return to a healthy lifestyle.

However, despite a number of significant advantages one should not forget the reverse side. The procedure can not be performed in the following cases:

  • the presence of oncological diseases;
  • alcohol intoxication;
  • inflammation;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy, occur with complications;
  • face, under 70 years.

Ignoring the limitations of the disease can worsen. Also impossible to hold a session on an empty or full stomach.

treatment for Smoking acupuncture

Acupuncture Smoking: efficiency

To say exactly what the result is worth the wait difficult. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. However, acupuncture anti-Smoking reviews collected only positive. Many addicts have been able to overcome his long habit without complications. Acupuncture Smoking can help to cure, but only those individuals, who really wants. After the first session you can feel the improvement of health.

Today, there are many ways to quit Smoking. Among them is hypnosis, coding, patches, gum and much more. Each person needs to decide, which method is most suitable to him.

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