Smoking in the entrance of a house

Smoking in the stairwell is a dangerous habit seriously threatens the health. However, many dependent ignore such statements. That's only cause damage not only to them, but the people around them. All those, who are forced involuntarily to inhale the smell of smoke become passive smokers. The main problem of this title is becoming a huge harm, not inferior to the real habit. In addition the smoke in the hallways of residential buildings is equivalent to public places, so, smoke here is officially banned.

The smoke in the hallways

The smoke in the hallways

Today, the Federal law is a separate item, involving addiction. Smoking in the house entrances, restaurants, cafe, movie, parks and other public areas is prohibited. The main purpose of laws is to maximize the protection of the population from harmful habits.

People experiencing limitations, have less likely to get a cigarette. The thrust is gradually reduced, so, the chances of quit increases. The government wants to see a healthy nation. But in fact, it is much neglected, than expected.

If you go into more detail in a ban. You can find out, that administrative responsibility should be held as violators, and those, who is allowed to do it. For example, cafe owners, store. Here are just Smoking in the entrance of a house or other, such places are rarely punished. Most often, the actions and get away with.

Smoking in the house entrances

The penalty for Smoking in the entrance of a house

The exact size of the penalty has a fixed size. For legal entities and individuals they vary considerably. For a more visual example, should study it more.

Penalties individuals:

  • succumbing to addiction in a public place, will have to pay 1000 to 51 000 rubles;
  • demonstration of tobacco products – 2000 – 5000 rubles;
  • sale to minors – 3000 – 5000 rubles.

For legal entities, more serious sanctions:

  • sale to minors – 80000 – 90000 rubles;
  • demonstration – 80000 – 100000 rubles;
  • violation of rules of advertising of tobacco containing products 100000 – 500000 rubles.

Officials also imposed the payment of.

the penalty for Smoking in the entrance of a house

Who can impose sanctions?

To designate the payment of fines can only police officer. With regard to legal organizations, get the right fire services and the organization of the CPS. To avoid embarrassment we recommend that you read the Federal law of the Russian Federation.

Where there is a ban?

To succumb to addiction is impossible in areas with large concentrations of population, namely:

  • educational institutions;
  • airports;
  • stations, aprons;
  • medical institutions;
  • Playground;
  • stores, wounds, pharmacies;
  • Smoking in the stairwell, the Elevator;
  • beaches, open areas;
  • parkland, rides, playgrounds;
  • office building;
  • hotel facilities;
  • camping.

People should not spoil their health.

Smoking in the stairwell is forbidden

Where the prohibition is not valid?

After the law, dependent not diminished. People continue to ruin his own health. So they are seriously concerned, where you can enjoy a cigarette without violating the established rules. Such places really exist:

  • public places with a specially equipped Smoking area;
  • own house, machine;
  • before building underground;
  • on the street, where there are concentrations of people.

You can smoke in the entrance of a house, but only if equipped exhaust system. Often tenants together define one flight of stairs under the Smoking. If such is not present, all violators face a fine. Its size, for each caught event is 500 -1500 rubles.

How to prosecute?

Smoking in the entrance brings a lot of trouble, citizens. Leading a healthy lifestyle. Due to the negligence of neighbors, they are forced to endure the hated smell of smoke. To punish the violator needs to make a simple manipulation:

  1. To remove the violation on camera.
  2. Find real witnesses, able to confirm the accusation.
  3. To contact the police for writing applications.

The complaint will be necessarily considered. However, we recommend that you first understand yourself. To spoil relations always possible, and better to start with peace talks.

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