Smoking with asthma

Smoking addiction, affecting millions of people. Effect of Smoking cigarettes the harm is much worse, than many people think. However, even realizing the danger, some individuals do not decide to part with addiction. Smoking with asthma is one of the most dangerous phenomena.

Smoking with asthma

All known, what is the harm cigarettes cause to human health. Even a perfectly healthy person begin to experience the emergence of adverse effects. So what to say about those, who really has health problems. Smoking in bronchial asthma can in a short amount of time is the patient's own life. So, give up bad habits at the first suspicious symptoms just need. Nicotine addiction is a terrible problem.

For those, who knows, bronchial asthma is a chronic disease, accompanied by attacks of breathlessness and suffocation. The reason for development is the narrowing of the bronchi, that leads to their defective work. In the end, the person receives an inadequate amount of oxygen. Experts distinguish several varieties of the disease. It can be of three types:

  • bronchial;
  • heart;
  • gastric.

Each of them represents a serious threat to health and is accompanied by similar signs. The only difference is the mechanism of origin.

Smoking in bronchial asthma

Smoking in bronchial asthmaStudies have been able to say unequivocally, that cigarettes cause the body serious damage. Even passive Smoking does not go unnoticed. Therefore Smoking a cigarette, it is understood, that it will not pass unnoticed. In the first place, negative consequences will affect the respiratory system. The tobacco smoke passes through it.

Addicted to the pernicious habit dangerous, but if we are talking about Smoking in asthma, the situation is seriously deteriorating. Usually the culprit is not the nicotine, as many believe, and other harmful compounds, formed in the combustion process.

To better understand, how harmful are cigarettes, should be considered made for this purpose, the list:

  • the lungs lose their elasticity, which leads to a decrease of their volumes. Consequences of such deformation becomes short of breath, cough, shortness of breath;
  • bronchi constrict;
  • the weakening of the protective functions, which causes frequent diseases of the bronchi;
  • asthma tracheitis bronchitis is often caused by Smoking;
  • in the lungs begins to accumulate a large amount of sputum;
  • developing asthma.

Thus, Smoking in bronchial asthma, the consequences could be disastrous. Cigarettes can aggravate the already serious condition.

Replacement cigarette

Often, even realizing the damage danger, smokers continue to smoke. Even the confirmation of sad diagnosis does not add them to motivation, in order, to return to a healthy lifestyle.

Although often the reason for this behavior becomes weak will power or a strong relationship. After all, to abandon habits independently capable units only. Therefore, some asthmatics decide to resort to alternative options. To this end, they acquire a hookah or electronic cigarettes. Here is this the correct output, or the situation is more acute?

Smoking with asthma effects

After careful study, the health organization said, electronic cigarettes more harmless, than normal. But to say, their Smoking in bronchial asthma safely impossible. As for the hookah, the damage harms them not much inferior to conventional cigarettes.

Thus, it can be concluded, Smoking in bronchial asthma, the consequences are always dangerous, regardless, what used patient. The process of Smoking itself causes serious damage to the respiratory system, so, having problems with it, the risk becomes too unreasonable.

Smoking in asthma by electronic cigarettes is especially dangerous. Proven – even healthy people, after the first puff of smoke, experiencing severe coughing. And what about those, who has serious breathing problems. A similar experiment can easily be fatal.

Smoking with asthma how to stop

Smoking with asthma: how to stop

The main reason to stop Smoking is the fact, what most people perceive this act as a terrible loss. They had better life in constant fear, smoked cigar may be the last, than ever to give up the addiction. But the refusal of dependence will lead to some positive changes:

  • improve sleep. People will fall asleep faster, easier to Wake up, get rid of insomnia. And all thanks, what bad habit negatively affects the nervous system;
  • improving the quality of sexual life;
  • the restoration of taste buds. Proven, that cigarettes dulls the flavors, smells and tastes;
  • increasing mental abilities. Nicotine significantly slows brain activity;
  • memory improvement, attention and concentration.

To get on the path to a healthy lifestyle much easier, it seems. And if you handle yourself does not work, you can always ask for professional help. Knowledgeable specialists will offer the most suitable techniques, due to which even longstanding smokers will forever refuse from harmful habits.

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