Allergic to hookah

Smoking addiction, annually taking the lives of millions of people. To get rid of her, some people are looking for alternative substitutes. One of these is the use of the hookah. However, many people underestimate the harm of this drug. Besides using it in large volumes, you can easily get an overdose. To avoid this, you need to find out, what to do in such situations, and most importantly can be allergic to hookah.

allergic to hookah

Smoke harm and how to develop an Allergy to hookah

Hookah is not a safe replacement. Because excessive consumption can be felt strong deterioration of state of health.

The main reasons for this becomes:

  • the weakening of the immune system. Smoke contains components, negatively affecting the well-being;
  • carbon monoxide. During the Smoking process actively produced the substance, can provoke headaches, fainting. Especially under the threat of personality, consume low-quality Smoking blends;
  • the coal is of poor quality. Therefore, it is important to purchase products in the checked stores;
  • allergic to hookah, resulting from the individual characteristics of smokers.

The smoke from Shisha causes serious harm to a person, therefore, wanting to stay healthy, should completely abandon the addiction. Allergies can occur at any age.

Overdose hookah

Poisoning hookah, frequent phenomenon occurring on a background of the following ailments:

  • severe headaches;
  • the feeling of vertigo;
  • palpitations;
  • discomfort in the chest area;
  • weakness;
  • the loss of power;
  • nausea;
  • numbness;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • violation of movement coordination;
  • the appearance of hallucinations.

The appearance of one or more symptoms of a serious reason to seek help. It is not excluded, that can develop a strong Allergy to hookah.

Assist in the administration of hookah

To minimise risks it is necessary to provide medical care. Most effective to do this in the first hours of poisoning, this requires:

  1. Stop Smoking, to ensure the flow of fresh air.
  2. To remove uncomfortable, inhibit movement, clothes.
  3. On the forehead put a cold compress.
  4. To improve blood flow carefully massage the temples, earlobes, wrist;
  5. Give the victim to smell the cotton wool with ammonia.
  6. If the person is unconscious, need to call health workers and prior to their arrival to monitor the pulse and breathing. If necessary, make artificial respiration.

If intoxication weak, it is necessary to refuse from Smoking, ventilate the room. With strong allergies may develop laryngeal edema.

can be allergic to hookah

To avoid possible health problems, to abandon the use of hookah it is recommended:

  • persons, those with chronic disease;
  • minors;
  • pregnant women, nursing mothers;
  • persons, being on a strict diet.

Smokers should consume more liquids, eat vegetables, not to eat greasy food. Also to abandon long burner installation, the maximum time should not exceed half an hour. If this is not done, you can develop an Allergy to hookah.

It is important to understand, this machine accumulates a huge amount of bacteria, to limit yourself from possible diseases, before use, thoroughly wash fixture. This item is especially necessary to take note of, fans of the respective institutions. Implementation of the wash here is definitely not at the highest level, and visitors are very different. Therefore, it is best to use your personal mouthpiece. A burner should be as ventilated.

Poisoning can be acute or chronic. However, it is understood, there are situations, when the consequences take poor. Therefore, you should seriously consider whether their own lives such pleasures.

Allergic to hookah

Many tormented by the question, is there an Allergy to hookah. Unfortunately, the answer is positive. It can appear quite suddenly. The reason the response of the body to certain substances. Wanting to get rid of them, it includes your reaction. Allergic to hookah has unpredictable symptoms. It can be completely unnoticed, or with severe consequences.

Usually it is characterized by a cough, the emergence of shortness of breath or trouble breathing. Far more dangerous development of edema, rolling in the head – throat. A seemingly innocent action can trigger fatal. Therefore, it is crucial to seek medical help.

Electronic cigarettes are composed of many chemical additives, can provoke an allergic reaction. Their composition contains:

  • lead;
  • benzene;
  • arsenic;
  • ammonia;
  • nicotine;
  • cadmium.

And this is just a small list of components, each of which has a devastating impact.

is there an Allergy to hookah

Treatment of Allergy to hookah

Find out, can be allergic to hookah it is important to learn about the treatment of disease. The most important rule to improve well-being will be quitting Smoking. And will also have to abandon any alternatives, because each of them has its negative sides.

Such actions can further aggravate the condition. Sometimes even a complete failure is not enough, have to avoid smoky places. Few people know, but passive Smoking is often even worse.

To permanently remove the pungent odor, you need to spend spring cleaning the house, and things, which especially strongly impregnated with the smoke of a good wash. Sometimes for the development of an attack quite a subtle smell.

Then you cannot ignore visiting specialists. Only an experienced doctor is able to identify the exact cause of the disease, and most importantly to appoint a quality treatment. The doctor usually prescribes special antihistamines, able to remove inflammation. If allergic to hookah is accompanied by severe itching, be done without visiting a dermatologist's office also will not work. After examination, the doctor will prescribe an ointment, relieves itching.

Thankfully, today has a lot of drugs, could seriously improve the patient's condition. However, it is necessary to buy them only as directed by your healthcare physician.

People's ways of getting rid of allergies on a hookah

Accurately making sure, can be allergic to hookah, some victims decide to use alternative medicine. However, it is understood, some folk remedies are able stronger to aggravate the situation. Therefore, in very advanced cases, it is not necessary to self-medicate.

One of the most effective becomes a decoction to cleanse the blood. For its production need to take 1 tablespoon of burdock and 1 tablespoon of dandelion roots. The plant is carefully crushed and mixed with half liter of water. Then the broth bring to a boil, cool and drink 100 ml before meals. The standard course of treatment lasts for 3 months.

Many herbs have the same effect. Therefore, we can use rosehip, lime or thyme. However, to collect them must. Herbs really can help, but hopes for a quick cure is not necessary.

The causes of allergies

Any disease appear due to certain reasons, and Allergy to hookah is no exception. In the process of Smoking, man nourishes your body with a lot of negative substances, which provoke undesirable consequences.

Any negative impact of tobacco, which sharply reacts to the immune system. For her it becomes a kind of external stimulus, on which appears an allergic reaction. In fact, besides tobacco, Smoking blends contain enough other hazardous substances.

The causes of allergies

Often provoke allergies and other factors:

  • the high sensitivity of olfactory receptors;
  • weak mucous membranes;
  • pneumonia.

In order to timely detect the disease, you should pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • the occurrence of hoarseness in the voice;
  • development of dry cough;
  • sneezing;
  • shortness of breath;
  • swelling on the skin;
  • itching;
  • watery eyes.

In particularly severe cases may develop swelling of the throat, provoking anaphylactic shock.

Often people, did not even realize the true source of their illness. It is therefore important to seek medical help. Only in lab conditions, taking the necessary tests, the doctor can identify the exact allergen.


The most correct decision to protect themselves will be full of rejection tobacco products. However, even forever saying no, addiction, fully restricted from him is almost impossible. The reason, vaping society. The only way to save yourself is to avoid Smoking company, and most importantly not to be present at the puffing of cigarettes friends.

The truth about hookah

The truth about hookah

Many are convinced, that this method of Smoking, much safer. That's just in practice such statements are, myths. The fashion for hookahs made many people, to switch to such a hobby. Often they are addicted to even non-smokers.

However, it is important to know, smoke from this method of Smoking is much more dangerous. Penetrating to the walls of the respiratory tract, he lingers here for longer. In addition the load on the heart system increases seriously. That one day could trigger dangerous diseases. In order to avoid unpleasant disease should be carefully monitor the cleanliness of the installation. It is impossible to give everything, but if we are talking about the collective puffing need to have an individual mouthpiece.

Many smokers combine the process with alcohol, what is especially dangerous. So be vigilant. Sometimes just one wrong step, to cause its deadly harm.

Is there an Allergy to hookah? After all, for example, with alcohol it's simple – don't drink, so safe. Only here everything is much more complicated. It is impossible to give an accurate. Passive Smoking has equally popular phenomenon. So allergic to hookah can develop even a person, which is just in the company of Smoking friends.

Thus, the only way to protect yourself is to try to avoid such gatherings and to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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