All about Smoking in trains

Since February 2013 year, State Duma deputies were carefully considered with respect to harm from tobacco products. It was decided to impose a ban on its use in public areas. Smoking is banned in the train! However, many people continue to prove their rights. The time had come to raise the issue, learn, can I smoke in trains.

Smoking in trains

Smoking in trains of distant following

Since 2014 from made laws, seriously injured persons, experiencing cravings for tobacco products. Now that Smoking in trains is forbidden. The exception is the use of electronic cigarettes. The reason was the lack of appropriate data about injury while using the device.

If you wish to smoke, you must wait until the stop. To enjoy a cigarette have to walk the minimum distance of the smoker from the station should not be less than 15 meters.

Commuter trains, trains

Find out, can I smoke in the train of people care about the topic, how things are with other similar types of transport. The answer is the same. Complete ban on use of tobacco products. Passengers must endure up to the nearest station. Rules are similar to the Peregrine Falcon.

Does the ban on the territory of the vestibule? Many people are well-known cases, when smokers met in this small area. However, to implement today, such meetings will not work. Under the ban are all part of the rolling stock, so, the platform is not an exception.

Possible, in a short time for long-distance trains will be created a special "Smoking room", relevant fire protection requirements. However, their number will not exceed 2 things on the whole composition. Although today, this topic remains open.

Smoking on the train

Representatives of the Railways categorically against such innovation. So long as the dependent remains temporarily enjoy electronic cigarettes. To use device no sanctions. Although it is important to observe, to their fillers does not bring harm to others.

If the traveler has no, possible, in advance to buy this device, do not despair. Recently disposable electronic cigarette appeared in the conductors car.. However, it is understood, call will & just will not work. The price is much higher.

How to avoid the penalty?

Many conductors in favour of a healthy lifestyle, therefore, be, fundamental. To avoid conflicts, should resort to the following solutions to the problem:

  • to use nicotine spray;
  • nicotine lozenges;
  • special inhalers;
  • chewing gum, containing nicotine;
  • special plasters.

Everyone can choose the most comfortable way.

can I smoke on the train

The situation in practice

Smoking in trains is forbidden, that's just really, passengers are always trying to cheat the law. To convert a cigarette they use:

  • vestibule, although the conduits are paying verified special attention;
  • period, share the cars – even the risk are not afraid of desperate;
  • toilet, delivering a serious inconvenience to other members of the crew.

There is always the risk of being caught, but you can see fine, component 1500 rubles, it turns out small.

Where to complain

Face, leading a healthy lifestyle, always categorical to the illegal antics of the dependent. Therefore, in the event of violation must be report to the senior conductor or train. Then the responsible person must report the incident to law enforcement, who will be able to prescribe the appropriate penalty.

Usually the first warning of the costs of the sum of the par value of 500 rubles, in case of repeated violation the amount is increased to 1500 rubles.

The situation in other countries

Speaking about the extent of the law, should know, you can smoke in trains or not in the territory of other countries. So, in Belarus, the ban on tobacco products imposed with 2013 year. In Ukraine the situation is also similar. Passengers countries of Kazakhstan also have limitations.

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