Filters for cigarettes Customer

Today, Israeli companies offer humanity a unique filters for cigarettes Customer. The invention has been called nic out. Its main goal is not to help in giving up the habit, and the transition to safer Smoking. To find out, how true, it is worth to learn more about nic out.

The desire to quit Smoking is visited by many dependent individuals. However, in practice, to do it is much more difficult. Today there are many drugs can help in the fight, but sometimes even they are useless. Therefore, experts are trying to find a reliable way to deal with addiction.


Filter for cigarettes: what is

This element of cigarettes is considered necessary. Of course, in order to save you can cope without him, however, the harm from such use will be extremely high.

Developed by nic out customer, is a mechanical filter, allows you to hold the resin, nicotine. Through this process, their dosage is reduced, so, the body enters a low harmful elements. The cigarette filters help to minimize the damage.

Filter description

customer nic out In appearance customer nic out is a plastic filter. The drug has two forms, different diameters. Their selection depends on tobacco products. To create a nick out uses only high-quality plastic. Therefore, you can be sure of its safety.

Customer sold in pre-packaged bundles, containing 30 Smoking items. One filter can last for 3-5 cigarettes, it all depends on their quality, fortress. Color packaging is blue and pink. Preference is given to the product under suitable smoked tobacco products. The cost of a pack may be different, but typically ranges 500 – 650 rubles.

Filter for cigarettes nic out created from high-quality, resistant to heat plastic. Each mouthpiece has a built a special filtration system, allowing you to hold threat components, not allowing them to enter the human body.

The principle of operation

Customer allows the addict to gradually make the transition to a healthy lifestyle. And all because of the decrease coming nicotine. The body begins to do without it. After a certain amount of time from the habit it will be possible to completely give up.

The principle of operation can be seen already after the first Smoking process. The fixture is delayed a sufficient amount of resin, smoke. If you look at the mouthpiece after 4 smoked cigarettes, the result is really surprised. So it need to be changed regularly, otherwise efficiency will be lost.

filter for cigarettes

Actions and indications

Of course, this device does not guarantee an easy refusal addiction. But it is possible to significantly reduce the damage. Thus, gradually decreasing nicotine dependence. Smoker, of course, hurt herself, but comparing it from the normal process, the result is several times better.

If you believe the statistics on the website of the manufacturer, the filtration efficiency of tar reaches 95%. After prolonged use, customer makes it easier to move the abolition of the, and most importantly reduce the harm, applied health. A positive result appears already after a couple weeks of use.

Even a smoker, with years of experience starts to cough less, and his teeth are restored by termination of exposure to a large number of deadly tar.

filter for cigarettes nic out

Use the filters require only to certain cigarettes. Blue for standard, and pink – Or Slims SuperSlims. Moreover, it is important to monitor their pollution and if necessary make a replacement.

Today around drug there's a lot of diverse opinions. Some people admire his incredible efficiency, while others absolutely did not notice the result. Hence the importance of the psychological factor, it, himself dependent character perceives the events. As academic on the surface of the harmful components is a strong motivating signal.

Awareness, what harmful chemicals deposited in the lungs and other organs, clearly not encouraging. Occurs immediate desire to end this slow killing of their own health. So it's important to remember one thing – the desire to quit is essential. Only patience, you can get results. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain.

It is understood, the use of the new invention does not guarantee safety habits. The harm continues to be, so, the risk of developing fatal diseases, caused by Smoking, remains. Therefore, wishing to have good health, should completely abandon the addiction. Then the body will always reward your excellent work.

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