The spice addiction — the disease, breaking from the inside

Today the spice is widespread among young people. The spice addiction in the course of illness is often not inferior to the drug. The reason for all the contents of the mixture, including hazardous components, close with marijuana. The drug first appeared in China, as a vegetable fertilizer. Then he started to act in CIS countries, where merchants impregnated with the solution of a variety of plants and offer a product as Smoking mixtures.

The spice addiction

The spice addiction

Plant base is not the main component, it has an additional role. Desired, the narcotic effect is due to the addiction, caused by smoke inhalation.

The original vegetable-based spice used blue Lotus, Hawaiian rose, but soon these solutions were banned. So today many traders based often take chamomile, the leaves of St. John's wort and even mushrooms. Most plants, added to existing special effect symptoms, amplifying the effect and causing the development of dependence.

Smoking blends could instantly capture the market, the reason for this success was a series of weighty arguments:

  • false advertising, guaranteeing the security of the use of a mixture of;
  • quickly emerging dependence;
  • availability;
  • low price.

Every year, the spice addiction covers more people, forever ruining their lives.

treatment for spice addiction

The development of addiction from the spice mixture

In humans, there is a group of receptors, which are beginning to produce during the use of hazardous components. Therefore, during the cessation of intake of drugs, bodies, structure like receptors, begin to suffer. The most severe consequence of becoming serious violations in the cerebral cortex. The cells begin to rapidly die, moreover, the process is irreversible.

Experts identify three stages of the spice addiction:

  1. Mental motivation – a person uses a narcotic drug with the purpose of pleasure, relaxation.
  2. Narcotic begins to form a physical dependence.
  3. Somatic pathology is complete without a drug is simply impossible. There is a strong breaking, so the spice helps combat the awful symptoms.

To better understand, how to get rid of the spice addiction is thoroughly acquainted with every phase.

Psychological dependence on spice

Usually the duration of this stage is very small. One quickly acquires the habit of. The reason for all addictive. The former dose is insufficient, I want to continually increase the dose, to get more effect.

When you lack to obtain the desired powder irritability occurs, aggression, the mood begins to change rapidly. All these thoughts lead to sleep disturbance, poor appetite, the decrease in the level of health. Health drug starts to deteriorate.

Addiction to spice

The simple desire to relax starts to feed the physical need to smoke a cigarette. The patient can not give up the habit. His body perceives deadly toxins as a natural phenomenon. Dependent feels weak, sleep problems.

withdrawal from spice addiction

Somatic pathology

Begin to happen visceral, mental disorders. An accident cannot exist without the Smoking mixture. If this is possible already using 12 hours begin to appear disturbing withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes it is so strong, the dependent commits suicide.

Breaking from the spice addiction is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • vomiting;
  • constant feeling of nausea;
  • muscle pain;
  • the increase in pressure;
  • convulsions;
  • profuse salivation;
  • dilated pupils;
  • loss of appetite.

The first three days are critical. Often the patient dies from cardiac arrest. However, having lived through this period, it is possible to hope for recovery. Breaking from the spice addiction is a dangerous phenomenon, to deal with that yourself is difficult.

rehabilitation from spice addiction

Symptoms of spice addiction

Its symptoms of poisoning are similar to alcohol intoxication. Consume feels mood elevation, bouts of fun, excessive sociability. Also there are other symptoms:

  • loss of coordination;
  • the lack of concentration;
  • delayed reaction;
  • distraction.

Appear pleasant hallucinations, which is quickly replaced by terrible visions. Dependent feels the fear, a sense of persecution. This state blends in with aggression. The patient is a danger to other people, even for his own family.

Rehabilitation from spice addiction requires mandatory medical intervention. Otherwise, the patient may commit a crime or harm himself.

how to get rid of the spice addiction

An overdose of spice

Most often the victims of spice becoming teenagers, dreams to assert themselves in this way. However, due to the lack of proper knowledge, an innocent hobby often ends in overdose. Young people, combining Smoking with alcohol, risking their own lives.

The first signs of an overdose becomes abdominal pain, heart. Appear frightening visual and auditory hallucinations. A person acquires a red tint, the pressure increases. Often an accident may lose consciousness.

How to recognize dependent

At risk are usually adolescents, therefore, for a speedy recovery they need professional help. Here are just a late appeal to the professionals is often a serious obstacle. Therefore, parents should be especially vigilant to the behavior of their children. Due to the lack of characteristic signs – smell, injection marks, most parents do not realize the development of the disease.

To help in this difficult case can indirect signs:

  • suspicious friends;
  • truancy school;
  • bad grades;
  • the emergence in the lexicon of new terms;
  • later walks;
  • loss of interest in what is happening around;
  • stealth;
  • behavior change.

In addition to the changes in behavior there are other alarming symptoms:

  • increased appetite;
  • dilated pupils;
  • profuse sweating, especially at night;
  • cough;
  • pressure.

Treatment for spice addiction should be started without delay. So parents have time to react to the development of addiction, and to exert maximum effort to fight it.

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