The composition of nasvai

Unfortunately, the amount of harmful agents is growing. In the world there are new substances, can negatively affect health. One of these is nasvay. This drug is not a narcotic, but the consequences of its use can cause serious harm. Nasvay consumed by the laying mixtures on the cheek. The effect is strong. However, most of use guys, no idea, what is included in the composition of nasvai and what the consequences can be a field of friendship with him.

The composition of nasvai

General information

Nasvay – popular in Central Asia tobacco product. The basis of the drug is taken finely ground tobacco. In many countries its use is permitted. To buy it can anyone, regardless of age. Buy a substance not, it is used by laying under her cheek, the lip or tongue.

What is the composition of nasvai

Also in the preparation of a slaked lime, ash plants, spices, seasoning. The latter are added to achieve a pleasant taste. For easy rolling water is added, oil and lime.

Because of the different color components of the final product may be different. Usually grey, but may acquire a brownish tinge or greenish.

the composition of nasvai and its consequences

The composition of nasvai and its consequences for many be a significant info in order, to forever stop using it. Although there are situations, when the addiction is too strong. In such cases, to heal yourself without professional help can be difficult.

Often a question, does it include nasvay chicken manure, that's just to answer it clearly impossible. Today there is indeed such a practice, but to apply litter for production not always, often it is not.

The consequences

The chemical composition of nasvai is able to trigger unwanted effects after a few minutes after the first use. Typically these include:

  • dizziness;
  • dizziness;
  • tingling in the extremities.

With the introduction of even small quantities of the mixture inside can appear burning. The reason is the presence of alkaline components. Even when used infrequently in the oral cavity can develop ulcers, will begin to break down teeth. In advanced cases, the innocent hobby can provoke cancer of the mouth and stomach.

what is included in the composition of nasvai

Harm to the body

The composition of nasvai and its effects constantly runs a thorough study. The obtained results are not the most favorable. Soaked in the blood of dangerous substances, spread throughout the body, causing irreversible consequences. Prolonged use of the drug can provoke the following deviations:

  • the destruction of the integrity of the teeth;
  • inflammation of the mucous;
  • diseases of the esophagus;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • disruption of the nervous system;
  • reduced potency.

The most serious consequence is the development of malignant tumors. Many people begin to use this substance with the purpose of getting rid of Smoking habits. Here only in practice this doesn't happen. Moreover, it is important to note, Smoking does less harm, than nasvay.

the composition of nasvai in Russia

Unfortunately even severe consequences were not a reason for applying the product to the restricted list. The composition of nasvai in Russia is not a threat. Therefore, you can purchase it without difficulties from sellers, punishment for not follow it. The big drawback is the cheap price, what seriously attracts teenagers. You can buy it cheaper and easier, than cigarette products. In the end, without knowing it, teenagers fall into a dangerous addiction, price which may be his own life.

In order to avoid accidents, parents should be particularly vigilant. The first sign of the use becomes frequent spitting, having a greenish hue. Then begins to appear accompanying symptoms – bad breath, excessive tiredness, loss of interest in the surrounding world.

Teenagers are in the stage of physical and mental development. So, harmful substance able to interfere with the natural formation of the personality and affect the health of. Noticing suspicious bells, parents should exercise maximum attention. It is important to become child friend, not push him away, so the screaming and punishment will not be the best solution in this situation.


To get rid of dependence can be using alternative means – plasters, pills and sprays against Smoking. It is important to observe, to avoid breakdowns. It is necessary to destroy all stocks. The most important thing to endure the first days, they are considered the most severe. To do this is to distract the teenager Hobbies, the trip or activity they can enjoy. Relief will come in a few weeks.

Any harmful chemicals affect health. The momentary pleasure robs people of years of health, and sometimes life. Therefore, the true existence is forever to give up all addictions.

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