Get rid of bad habits

Essentially habits – a person's behavior model plus his preferences, repetitive action system. All this is firmly anchored in the cerebral cortex.. Everything is fine, if these habits do not harm either the owner himself, neither to others. But it's about those, that destroy health - alcohol addiction, drugs, tobacco, overeating. They are fixed much stronger., because the brain centers are involved in the formation, producing pleasure hormones. Craving arises, dependence, which is very difficult to get rid of.

An active way to break habits

There are many ways to break bad habits.: with medication, hypnosis, different procedures. Relying only on them and not making personal efforts, cravings reappear at the end of treatment, the result goes down the drain.

Only active behavior change can lead to success.. At the heart of every habit is the so-called trigger - the moment of launch. In fact, it is a strong motivating factor., as, for example, stressful situation, feeling of frustration, daily routine, boredom. This is where triggers come in., and often there are several, they make you take a glass of beer or a cigarette, have a hearty meal, it is with them that you need to actively work.

Define your trigger

It's not hard to find out, what pushes you to unreasonable actions. For example, delicious grilled meat on the counter, immediately beer, friend treats elite cigarettes, or a noisy company beckons. Define, what kind of trigger do you have?, and this will be the beginning of success.

How to work with triggers?

Just exclude those, which your trigger fires. For example, don't buy fast food or liquor, refuse to participate in the binge, replacing it with another occupation.

How to develop a replacement plan?

Find a more interesting and useful activity, than participating in sabantui. Even if you got there, you can always replace alcohol with soft drinks. Be persistent, and no one will "pour" you alcohol.

Change the general trend

Answer yourself the question, why do you eat and drink beer, looking at tv? Finding out the reason, you must find another place and time to eat. Or why are you going to drink with a friend again, if there are more interesting things to do?

Organize reminders for yourself

In order not to break your plan, invent visual reminders. For example, bike or sneakers, waiting in the hallway, leaflets laid out or glued in prominent places, can be with humor, about the dangers of smoking, alcohol.

Find a companion

One cannot always solve the problem of habits.. Surely there are people around, leading a healthy lifestyle, communicate with them. Find a companion with the same plans, together it will be easier to implement them.

Remember to encourage yourself

If work on yourself has already begun, then the first results will surely appear soon. Rejoice in them, praise yourself, make yourself a pleasant surprise.

Show patience and perseverance.

Don't back down, if everything goes wrong at first, how to. Even having broken, start over. Albeit not soon, but everything will definitely work out, because it's in your hands.

Do not refuse medical attention

If you feel sick, and you know, that you will not overcome the problem yourself, see a doctor. Trust only a specialist, working in a medical institution.

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