What alcohol to drink in China?

Alcohol is common in all countries of the world. Somewhere it appeared relatively recently, while in other States there is since ancient times. Alcohol in China deserves the title of one of the oldest in the world. Perfect proof of this are archeological finds.

However, many, who is not familiar with this nation believe, the use of alcohol and Chinese are two incompatible concepts. Here only in practice all absolutely differently. The national drink of China is much stronger than the Russian. In addition they have certain traditions and customs.

What alcohol to drink in China

How often do you drink?

Between the Chinese and alcohol very interesting relationship. Their drinking in public places is prohibited, therefore, to meet a good, a wide range of drinks in the cafe, the restaurant is difficult.

However, all of the feast, what is happening in the country, necessarily accompanied by the presence of alcohol. The same applies to shops, a wide range of choice, the cost of alcohol in China is different. It's easy to find cheap drinks or expensive, it all depends on the wallet of the buyer, its flavour, preference.

The sale of alcohol in China brings a good profit. After all, the reasons to acquire many stress relief, problems at work, the desire to relax, relax. There is a tradition, where to meet a guest must at the table. And to drink you have a lot of, so the respect, so, failure, can be, to perceive categorically. Similar situations are repeated at work. Head is able to force a subordinate to drink.

Drink the inhabitants of the country, a lot and often. Sometimes you do not even have to be important about. A great proof of this is sad statistics, confirming this. Today, the alcohol in China is a serious problem, annually taking the lives of thousands of innocent lives. However, it is understood, to force it is impossible to drink. Therefore, you can always refuse, the main thing to do is to feast, and not during it.

the national drink of China

How to drink?

The tradition depends on the specific occasion and celebration. For example, on the corporate parties each of participants is obliged to make a toast. Denial is equated to disrespect the presence of the team. Usually it lasts a few moments. Its length, should not be too large, since each party have to say.

If oratory alien, can be limited to immediate neighbors at the table. After all is said clink, but here there are subtleties – it is important to observe grades. So, shot of a subordinate must be below the, than his superiors. A similar situation occurs with the older generation. This gesture means respect.

what to drink in China

If the people of Russia are ready to toast with any drink, here are a few other rules. Drinking rice wine, you should be aware of other traditions. Usually the wine is bottled in special porcelain vessels, having a thin neck, then it decided to pour into cups, made of ceramic. To give it the desired taste, pre-drink is heated in a basin with boiling water. I subscribed to it, in both hands a bowl.

Alcohol in China should be consumed in one gulp. That's just excessive, the fortress allows you to do it to everybody. So, realizing his inability, please apologize to the audience and explain to them the reason for this thing. Otherwise the guest can laugh, to call him a softie.

What to drink in China?

The sale of alcohol always allows you to purchase any imported drinks. Everyone can choose for themselves more than usual. However, there is a national alcoholic drink of China. Only a few types of, each of which has its own flavor, taste. They are easy to distinguish from the usual.

the sale of alcohol in China

Usually the aroma of this drink is incredibly strong, many tourists even call it the nuclear – terrible. That's just the locals completely different opinion. It is made from rice, corn, sometimes used other cereal.

For making wine use fruit, berries, the use of grapes not particularly in demand. And for beer production using barley.

The national drink of China is divided into several categories, each of them has its own differences:

  1. Rice wine. Its strength does not exceed 20 degrees. The color is white or brown. Often purchased by tourists. With regard to the use of local, they usually drink it at family gatherings. There are several varieties.
  2. Rice wine. White liquid, the fortress which reaches 60 degrees. To call it accessible is difficult. The reason is the high cost, from 50 000 yuan.
  3. Spirits with low cost. The reason for low price is becoming the technology of manufacture and composition. The main ingredients becomes corn and millet. Strength reaches 60 degrees. Popular with local residents and tourists.
  4. Grape wine. If you compare the amount of release, the wine here is produced a lot more, than in France. Here should also include a variety of fruit infusions, in bottles which are placed snakes or tigers claws. This product is in great demand among tourists. Taste it is quite strange due to the presence of special spices.
  5. Beer. Local beer is not too different from import. The only exception is becoming a fortress, not exceeding 2,5 degrees. In all other respects, beverage similar.

The cost of alcohol in China varies from a number of reasons. So every buyer can find a drink based on your financial situation.

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