Why I want a beer: what is missing

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Many are fully convinced, that it is not harmful, therefore, actively abusing them. That's only intoxicating drink was able to gather a lot of differences. Some data confirm, his long-term usage can quickly become addictive, the severity of which may be stronger than, than the vodka. But there are significant contradictions, because it contains a large number of useful minerals. Therefore, to answer difficult.

Some people wonder – why you always want beer. Cold drink beckons. So why do I want a beer what's missing body, or maybe it's the first alarm about, what begins to develop a dependence. It is time to find the right answers, on the much asked question. Because this drink is always desirable in the hot season and many people can not deny myself the pleasure.

Why I want a beer:

History of the popularity of the beer

Based on historical data, it is worth noting the beer appeared relatively recently. It was home to Flanders, where it was first created Gambrinus. If you believe the legend, lovely recipe man received from his wife – goddess of fertility. Even today, the most famous brand of Czech Khmelita has the name "Gambrinus" in honor of its discoverer.

However, scientists are convinced, intoxicating brew originated much earlier. A great proof of that were the traces of excavation. Relying on them, you can confirm this fact. And in composition it was similar to modern.

Recorded data, that during the middle Ages, cooking the foam was allowed only to the monks. For all other this occupation was considered illegal. And for violation of it was punished by executions. Fortunately, for many harsh days are gone. The beer has received wide popularity. Today it is the most popular among other drinks. Drink it millions, but is it all harmless?

Beer: the drink

Before you find out, why you want to drink beer, should learn, what it consists of. Initially, its main components were malt, hops. But modern technology allows to completely eliminate these, important components. To replace them came the recipes, including alcohol, flavors, a large number of preservatives. To taste, composition, appearance this is absolutely not the El, created in the old days.


Asking the question – why want to drink beer, scientists were able to figure out. Often the desire to appear in people deficient vitamin. Why I want a beer, sometimes the answer has a simple. It turns out the whole thing in short supply of special components, participating in the functioning of ports. Now many people know, why want to drink beer. Blame the lack of basic substances, which do not come from food. They are in a drunken swill, that provokes a strong desire to drink it.

And it can even appear in those, who is against alcohol, adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Why I want a beer? just the body lacks one of the substances. To find out what, you need to consider the composition, usually it includes:

  • hops;
  • vitamins;
  • malt;
  • photoestrogens;
  • protein compounds;
  • acid;
  • macronutrients.

The lack of any of the foregoing for a person becomes very dangerous, this can lead to serious health problems:

  • shortage of silicon affects the joints;
  • iron deficiency will cause anemia. It often occurs due to the reduction of water quality;
  • acid – involved in the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • lack of vitamin b, affects the mood, nervous system, the quality of the hair, nail.

However, this does not mean, what to drink you just need. It is worth remembering, here there is ethyl alcohol. And even a small dose can harm human health.

Other doctors believe, that's just a signal to the body to obtain the euphoria of beer, that is, the dependence. Why I want a beer, it's not about the deficit. Blame brain structure, giving the man a signal – alcohol is a good sedative. So after a hard hard day, so drawn to drink a glass of cold, to relieve stress. That's just frequent use can cause serious addiction. Unhappy just can not give up the pleasant pleasure.

Benefit or harm of beer

Benefit or harm of beer

Any drink containing alcohol, is bad for health. Therefore, it is best to refuse it completely. However, the situation of the beer is quite contradictory. This stems from a number of proven factors:

  1. Hops relieves anxiety.
  2. Relaxes the bodies Central nervous system.
  3. The malt contains a large number of nutrients, needed by the body.
  4. Intoxicating buds and stimulate the appetite.
  5. Phenolic compounds in preventing cancer diseases.

But we must not forget about the negative impacts:

  1. A large number of female hormone, able to provoke endocrine disruption.
  2. Bad influence on the cardiovascular system.
  3. High risk of development of kidney disease.

Thus, there are benefits, but to ignore the damage can not. Therefore consider it useful is not worth it. Especially beer-dependence develops rapidly, often under its power to get teenagers.

Why I want a beer and kidney problems

We all know, this product has a serious diuretic effect. The kidneys are forced to work in accelerated mode, and frequent urination can lead to the excretion of nutrients:

  • potassium is necessary for strengthening of bones, normal functioning of the heart, muscles and joints;
  • magnesium – the lack of it can provoke irrational irritability, tearfulness;
  • vitamin C – actively affects the immune system.

So, even after getting all the necessary nutrients, after drinking hops, the effect will not be. After all, they after a time leave of a person, bringing serious damage to health. That only is a blow to the heart and liver, which causes alcohol.

Why I want a beer

The people there is even a special term "beer heart". The fact, regular use of alcohol can increase heart. To remain unnoticed, this phenomenon can not. Gradually vital organ begins to fade, lose necessary performance. The outer wall is covered with a layer of fat. If you don't stop drinking, may develop arrhythmia, which will for a:

  • a heart attack;
  • pulmonary edema;
  • heart failure.

Even the most gentle exercise be not able to do. The man is weakening. In the extreme stage is fatal, and often the sad result happens with young people.

Violation of a hormonal background and beer

Why I want beer women, men is difficult to answer unambiguously. Reasons for this may be many. That's just the consequences are undesirable. What is beer belly. He has almost every fan of hops. The reason for its development is high in phytoestrogens. It is able to inhibit the production of male hormones. Against this background, representatives of a strong part of humanity there are serious violations:

  • the timbre of the voice becomes lower;
  • muscle mass decreases;
  • problems in intimate life;
  • the loss of male libido;
  • increase breast;
  • hair growth is reduced;
  • the accumulation of fat.

It's all unnatural guys. Therefore, it is important to understand, what an innocent hobby can lead to irreversible consequences. Many wonder, why pregnant wants beer, and most importantly is it worth it to satisfy that desire. The answer is clear, beer – alcohol, therefore, even a small amount can harm the mother, her child. Such situations arise often, to solve them you should think about replacing, instead of the malicious beer, to enjoy something useful.


What can replace beer?

With a strong desire to enjoy the hops, it is not necessary to run to the beer store. Better to take care of their own health, to give preference to useful products. Fortunately, to find the desired trace elements can easily in other foods. For example, the necessary vitamins are contained in the number of available products:

  • sour cream;
  • buckwheat;
  • peas;
  • the cabbage;
  • liver beef.

Breast, fruit acid rich:

  • honey;
  • dill;
  • tomatoes;
  • raisins;
  • cherry;
  • currants;
  • raspberry;
  • strawberry.

And polyphenols include the following products:

  • tea;
  • garnet;
  • chocolate black;
  • blueberries;
  • grape red;
  • apples.

If you want beer, you should select something from the suggested products. Then the desire to consume beer will be gone.

Useful tips, how to give up beer

Each person can visit a strong desire to drink. To avoid this, should be attentive to your daily diet. The daily menu should consist of:

  • rye bread;
  • meat;
  • fruit;
  • rice germinated;
  • jelly;
  • vegetables;
  • eggs;
  • Kashi.

Good nutrition will replenish the necessary supplies. Backyard of a man from seductive thoughts. Wanting to be healthy, drinking any alcohol is contraindicated. Caused them harm is several times stronger than the use. Preference is only really quality products. And severe cases, to the aid will always come vitamins, which can be purchased without a blow to the pocket.

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