How many weathered cognac

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Today, everyone is aware of the fact, through, how many weathered cognac or any other alcoholic beverage. It is only necessary to drive the program relevant data, then the system will calculate all without crashing. Such information has important. Thanks to her, anyone has an idea, when can drive or to perform other important activity. Therefore to know, how much time erode alcohol, obliged every citizen drinking.

How many weathered cognac

The experts

Research doctors, definitely surprise many. It turns out, what 100% getting rid of alcohol from the body takes place only after 28 days. Almost a month needed by the body, for complete removal of harmful toxins. However, this does not mean, what consume after a meal may drive a car only after 4 weeks. Back to driving, he can immediately after, as ethanol will be reduced to the required number of ppm.

Before you find out this information is to learn about the General characteristics. Proven, the rate of excretion of any intoxicating drink for men is 0,10-0,15 ppm per hour, and for the ladies, this figure reaches 0,09-,010 ppm.

The experts

However, before to undertake calculations, you need to remember the following:

  • age, for sure the necessary time to obtain to the basis of this indicator;
  • weight;
  • physical condition;
  • drunk fortress;
  • ambient condition: temperature, ventilation of the premises, the humidity level;
  • quality snacks.

Only a careful diagnosis of all the items, can help to calculate the exact time – how much time weathered cognac, beer or vodka.

The speed of excretion

Many wonder – 100 grams of alcohol disappears in many, that's just quickly to get an answer impossible. One thing is for sure – the more weight, the faster process elimination.

You need to understand, every body is different. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences you should refrain from driving for at least a day. In fact, besides the clouding of the attention, alcohol can trigger a headache, difficulties with coordination.

The speed of excretion

Express care

Sometimes there are situations, when the man used only 50 grams, and he needs to sober up. Then you can try to speed up the process. It is recommended to make use of simple tips:

  1. To take a contrasting spirit. Alcohol consumed quickly will come, people to cheer up.
  2. To drink activated charcoal. We all know, medication is a proven sorbent, helps remove toxins. The number of tablets should be consumed based on body mass.
  3. Brew green tea with mint or lemon. A great tool for quick normalizemime body, after a small dose of alcohol.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids. She speed up urination.
  5. Good sweat, to do this, cover with a warm blanket, sleep.
  6. Take vitamins, for the body they are great for charging.

However, it is understood, these methods can help only at a weak intoxication.

Everyone should know the sobering, depends on several important factors. Sometimes two equally drinking companion are normalized at different times. So many weathered cognac, complex calculation, requiring an individual approach.

Instead of trying to figure out how much cognac is recommended to think in advance about the consequences, to try to reduce them. To do this, experts recommend a few hours before the meal to drink activated charcoal, good food. It is important during the holiday is good to eat. You also cannot mix drinks. Then various questions will no longer worry about, allowing can enjoy a quiet holiday.

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