Artists, died from alcoholism

Alcoholism is a terrible disease, from which no one is immune. Every year it kills millions of people across the planet. And this applies to absolutely everyone – ordinary people, and stars of show business, politicians, great scientists. Even a long-term research could not give the exact answer, where there is dependency, to overcome which is almost impossible.


Some people have been able to make a huge contribution to the development of culture, art, science, but could not resist from the action of the green snake, which forever took away the world famous personalities. Artists, died from alcoholism, max lived to 55 years.

Popular women, dead from alcohol dependence

Even knowing about the harm this harmful habit, many people are convinced, that the trouble will pass them by. That's just hope for a miracle and play with your own life "Russian roulette" is quite reckless. A good example will be the tragic fate of world-famous beauties, which killed a bad habit:

  1. Elena Mayorova – the girl is loved by many due to the well-known Russian film "Lonely the hostel". His alcoholic addiction it justifies a hard life, unrequited love, the constant loneliness. Reaching 39 years, actress, being under the influence of alcohol, doused himself with gasoline and set on fire. To save her from the injuries failed. Artists, died from alcoholism, later realized about your problem.Elena Mayorova
  2. Amy Winehouse – despite his young age, often he was recovering from his fatal habit. That's only a positive trend was carried short-term, soon she again took up the bottle. Reaching, 28 years British actress died due to massive alcohol poisoning.Amy Winehouse
  3. Whitney Houston – could easily be called legendary singer, but even this high title did not save her from the sad death. A woman is often seen with a bottle of spirits, but 2012 year became for it fatal. 11 February her body was found in a hotel. After the autopsy, it was concluded, the star died because of drinking habits.Whitney Houston
  4. Edith Piaf – another star, whose days were over due to addiction. French singer for many years struggled with his drinking bouts. After all, they became the cause of many conflicts. However, the alcohol was stronger, and that ruined the woman.Edith Piaf

This is only a small part of those of the fairer sex, made a great contribution to the development of culture, whose lives have been disrupted through the fault of the destructive habit. They left too early, but remain forever in the hearts of their fans. Artists, died from alcoholism, was really talented, but the craving for alcohol is all ruined.

Famous men, deaths from alcohol

Many are convinced, that the female body is not able to deal with addiction, so it rapidly become incurable. However, some representatives of the strong part of humanity, the same is not passed sad to consider.

Terrible disease – alcoholism, was fatal to many of them. Such great people, recognized genius of his craft are unable to overcome the "green snake". But even after his death they continue to delight fans of his work, constantly reviving screens:

  1. Nikolay Eremenko – in 2001 year became a victim of alcoholism. However, the press has long masked the true cause of the death of a star "Pirates of the twentieth century". Only after a while it became known, that incident stroke was caused by prolonged abuse of alcohol. Artists, died from alcoholism, often go away quickly.Nikolai Eremenko
  2. Vladimir Vysotsky – thanks to its versatility was able to win the love of millions. Fans and relatives knew about his terrible addiction, but change nothing. The dependence with each passing year it becomes stronger, and soon the singer even stopped to hide it. Reaching 42 year terrible disease took man.
  3. Vladislav Galkin – even despite their problems with the pancreas, the man continued to drink alcohol. This habit has not gone unnoticed, in 38 years the actor died.Vladislav Galkin
  4. Andrey Krasko is believed alcohol is the main ally for relieving stress after a hard day. Gradually it grew into a habit, and soon became a real addiction. The actor's picture "72 metres" died before the age of 49 years.
  5. Nikolay Rubtsov – brilliant poet, who suffered at the hands of his wife. The reason for this was customary for families juggling in a drunken stupor, the consequence of which was the death of men. Artists, died from alcoholism, should be an example for those, but not quitting the habit.Nikolay Rubtsov
  6. John Barrymore – made alcohol his constant companion day. His binges could last a long time. One such period has been fatal.
  7. Richard Burton is so fond of strong drinks, that passion has grown, became chronic alcoholism. Another hangover was stronger, than usual, cost Swiss actor of his own life.Richard Burton
  8. Oleg Dal – men strong shock was the public expulsion from the theater. After all, he had devoted his life to. To cope with the trauma could only alcohol, who killed 39 year old actor.
  9. Georgi Burkov – during his offscreen life succumbed to the pernicious habit. But once habitual drinking has been poor – torn heart clot took forever actor.Georgi Burkov
  10. Elvis Presley – we all know about the passion of the king of pop to alcohol. His sudden death was linked to concurrent use of sleeping pills and alcohol.

Alcoholism is a serious disease, which mercilessly. He still, any status, income, social status. Anyone can be at risk, only a strong character, can help avoid the temptation. Artists, died from alcoholism, rarely live to old age. They went young, and ahead could be bright life.

Modern celebrity.

Many famous people have died because of the habit to abuse alcohol. However, how many still have those, who, even realizing all the responsibility, does not stop abusing alcoholic beverages:

  1. Yuri Nikolaev – known presenter of the program "Morning star" was admitted to, what is alcohol addiction. A man trying to fight his habit, but often keeps coming back to it. Today it is escape from the wife and work, possible, they helped him to keep himself in hand.. Artists, died from alcoholism, must be an example of, the consequences of alcohol abuse.Yuri Nikolaev
  2. Valery Nikolaev – a famous actor without hesitation appears in public in a drunken state. And while under the influence of alcohol, a man is quite dangerous for society. That only is his latest trick – hitting a pedestrian. Today Valery is under investigation.Valery Nikolaev
  3. Alexander Domogarov – around this person there are a lot of scandals, most of them tied to alcohol. Because while drunk, he is able to commit rash acts, which repeatedly become a cause for administrative sanctions. That's just the events are completely indifferent actor. Even today, he continues to commit immoral actions. Artists, died from alcoholism, it does not care about. It is not excluded, that talented person will completely lose the respect of your audience.Domogarov

However, not all are negligent to their own health. There are those, who taught good lessons, by changing their life Outlook. One of such is Alexey Nilov, for which became decisive clinical death in alcoholic intoxication. This case helped the man to abandon bad habits, be on the right path. Today it can be attributed to people, leading a sober lifestyle. Artists, died from alcoholism, should be an example, which will force to refuse from alcoholic drinks.

Give up bad habits is quite difficult, you must have a strong desire, incentives. Everyone decides for himself, what is really important to him and has the value. Artists, died from alcoholism, could be a happy family man and role models. But they chose a different path, in which there is always a bottle of alcohol.

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