How to sober up a drunken person

Some people mistakenly think, if the sobering contributes greatly to the frosty air: enough to go outside and having to breathe. However, from such a recommendation more harm, than good. The thing is, the body of the drunken person specifically reacts to external stimuli. And instead of sobering up, most likely, come fainting. It is difficult to predict its effects – can fail to fall and be severely injured. If at this point someone will be, this individual, we can say, lucky! First of all, during this kind of festivals need to control yourself and try not to touch too much.

How to sober up a drunken person

At the time, medical studies were conducted on the basis of, which is the maximum amount of vodka, per 1 kg of human body – just 6,5 ml. And that's assuming, that period of time, during which it can be used, should not be less than 3-4 hours. Therefore, each of us taking advantage of the proposed algorithm, deem himself safe dose. For example, when weight 80 kg, in order not to harm your body, it is permissible to ingest not more 520 ml. Unfortunately, many do not know the steps, therefore it is useful to understand, how to sober up a drunk man or woman.

This article focuses not on prevention, and the sobering question of techniques and recipes. How to sober up a drunken person should be aware of any, who often watches, as it is a friend or relative is looking for solace in the glass.

How to make alcoholic drinks?

How to sober up a drunken person – the question is relevant! But it's easier to avoid such moments. A drunk man is annoying, therefore it is better to prevent a sharp intoxication. Rules not so much, to remember them is not difficult:

  1. Avoid concurrent use of alcohol, different fortress. The end result is not much affected by the fact very high quality of their production. Sometimes circumstances do not allow you to use the recommendation. For such cases, provided the so-called "roller coaster rule". Its essence is, that "C" is gradually increased, according to the following scheme: start with very weak drinks, and finish the strongest. Fans of "pollinate" vodka beer can share their own experiences. The next morning they are usually tormented by the brutal hangover. In addition, the condition is very severe and prolonged.
  2. In the process of drinking of alcohol must tightly bite to eat. Intoxication will not be so painful, if you consume salads with vegetable oil or mayonnaise, any fatty fish, potatoes in any form, hot meat. Dump glasses should follow one after the other with almost a half-hour pauses. When you have to carry on a conversation at an intimate distance with a pretty drunk person, it exudes a characteristic smell, the source of which is alcohol. To suppress it by chewing parsley, lemon and coffee beans.How to make alcoholic drinks
  3. Many people like to savor alcoholic beverages, flowing through a straw. It does not guess, why intoxication comes quickly, even from innocuous cocktail or other alcoholic beverage. In the mouth concentrated a lot of blood vessels. Slowly drawing the liquid through the tube, and then holding it in your mouth, we thereby create the conditions for the intense absorption of ethanol in the blood at the initial stage. The alcohol spread with lightning speed in the circulatory system all the nooks and crannies of the body. That's why it's dangerous to get involved in such a method of delivery of alcohol in the body.

How to sober up a drunk person interested in a. Sometimes it is necessary and urgent to return the capacity of a specific individual.

Sobering up a drunk

Sobering up a drunk tincture of mint

All the discomfort, associated with intoxication, well-eliminated receiving infusions of mint. Literally put on its feet a drunken man can be very simple: fill the glass with cool water and dissolve a peppermint infusion in the amount of 20 drops of peppermint infusion. If you often think, how to sober up a drunk man at home, then this recipe should remember.

Often various events, after which comes the disgusting condition, happen not always in the summer, and life-saving medication should be at hand. So, about the procurement of raw materials, ie. dry mint, need ahead of time. This is a drawback of this method. But a drunk person can lead to feelings quickly.

how to sober up a drunk person

To cure as follows: to measure 1 a teaspoon of dried mint and pour in 200 ml vodka. To the time elapse seven days. A drunk person can use this recipe, to remove the dope and the veil.

If peppermint extract is not have time to stock up, then in the spring it is necessary to look for ammonia. Add 5-6 drops of this smelly liquid in a glass of cold water and try to drink it a drunk man.

To rescue a comrade from the clutches of alcohol, you can use a proven method: put your palms to the ears of a deranged person, and then intensely and vigorously RUB them. Blood in large numbers will head to head, people sober up. Even as sober a drunken person can tell the employees of the specialized methods, choosing a simple method of purification of the body gastric lavage.

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