Drugs incompatible with alcohol

Some people don't realize all the responsibility and without the slightest hesitation drink alcohol during drug treatment. They do not think about the terrible consequences. After all, some tablets is strictly not compatible with alcohol, and able cause serious complications. Thus, instead of presumptive treatment, they only even more aggravate the situation.

Drugs incompatible with alcohol

Causes incompatibilities of drugs and alcohol

We all know, that alcohol can lead to serious diseases. And prolonged use can even cause lethal outcome. So, thinking logically, it should be understood, to be treated and to combine this with the use of intoxicating drinks is not. This is especially worth knowing, through the rehabilitation of the following medications:

  1. Hypnotics, anti-inflammatory. Alcohol in combination with these pills are capable of unpredictable actions. This can lower or increase their effectiveness several times. After some research it was revealed, that the alcohol can completely change the composition of medicinal products. And guess what will be reaction to them, it is simply impossible. Side effects of this unusual mix will be very sleepy, disturbed coordination and the overall state change.drug and alcohol
  2. Antibiotics. It is very dangerous to use this combination. The tablets have a strong effect on humans. And when combined with alcohol, they change their property, and become toxic, capable of inflicting lethal harm to the body. The consequences of this Union can become headaches, sudden dizziness, pressure drops, nausea and sensation of heat.
  3. Antihistamines. Strong drinks jointly with the funds of an allergic reaction can lead to the appearance of mirages or strong motor excitation.
  4. Antidepressants. Mutual application of them is able to neutralize the effect of the medicine. But this opposition will not end – member of pulse, get your blood pressure up. In severe cases there can come a hypertensive crisis, which may last two weeks.
  5. Antipyretic drugs. This combination may aggravate the adverse effects on the liver. And this is the right step to development of inflammation or serious diseases of the body and the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Diuretics. No matter what the therapy – drugs or special herbs, the consequences will be equally dangerous. This can lead to the occurrence of indigestion, the appearance of vomiting and decompression. In particularly dangerous cases, it can cause the development of pancreatitis.
  7. Analgesics. Side effects will be headaches, tinnitus, a tachycardia, may develop vomiting, nausea.
  8. Cardiovascular drugs. To this category belong all the drugs, which expand vessels. We all know, the alcohol can expand blood vessels, thus, when interacting with drugs, this action may increase. A chance to earn large vascular insufficiency, and it can cause the occurrence of dizziness, high blood pressure and even death.
  9. Drugs, lowering blood clotting. Reckless combination of these two substances can cause excessive bleeding. And it can cause serious threat to human life.
  10. Hormones. Alcohol can trigger the production of hormones, and when people in addition, use an additional hormonal agent, this can lead to oversupply.

Alcohol and medications – a dangerous combination, can cause death.

the danger of drugs and alcohol

The use of certain drugs with alcohol

Needing medical treatment, it is best to avoid any drinks with high degrees. Of course, there are some medications, which have no negative impact, but better not to risk it. Should take note of the list of especially dangerous drugs, able to cause person death threat. Their joint consumption of alcohol can lead to the following consequences:

  • "Aspirin". Irritation of the intestinal mucosa, the education of burns and ulcers;
  • “Analgin”. Strengthen its effect, what could cause overdose;
  • “But-shpa”. Has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles;
  • “Paracetamol” and all its counterparts. Have a toxic effect;
  • “Trykhopol”. Even the use of small doses of alcohol can cause serious intoxication, can cause a lethal outcome;
  • “Amitriptyline”. The minimum consequence is a loss of consciousness, and the ultimate outcome will be death;
  • “Benzogeksony”. Side effects of such a Union are manifested in a sharp decrease in pressure, is able to end human life;
  • “Dimedrol”. The onset of severe intoxication even when drinking small amounts of alcohol;
  • “Indomethacin”. The development of inflammatory processes in the stomach;
  • “Ketotifen”. The chance to earn serious poisoning;
  • “Clonidine”. Can reduce the pressure, bring to loss of consciousness and even death;
  • “Suprastin”, “Tazepam”. Severe intoxication accompanied by lethargy, oppressed breathing;
  • “Fenazepam”. One of the most dangerous combinations can lead to instant death.

Human health is the most important. It is impossible to buy and very difficult to recover, therefore it is very dangerous during treatment to consume any drinks with high degrees. Not worth risking your life for a moment of weakness. Therefore, the patient receiving treatment before the onset of the holidays it is best to consult with your treating physician, he will be able to tell, how best to carry themselves well, so as not to exacerbate the feeling.

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