From alcohol and hair — it's time to sound the alarm

Currently drinking at a dinner party a couple of three glasses, is the norm. But drinking alcohol in everyday life, we don't always think about how, how it affects our body in General and organs in particular. But sometimes not drinking that extra drink or drink heavily can save us health, and as a result our appearance and well-being.

No doubt, with age we all have some or other health problems whether it be a sore back, problems with vision or start to lose your hair. And people, which I dring alcohol often, the risk of such problems increases significantly.

Alcohol hair fall out

Properties of hair

Every woman and girl watching their appearance: healthy complexion, supple and taut skin, strong and healthy hair. And for this we have to exert a lot of efforts in the form of various shampoos, masks, and sometimes even folk remedies, what we do for beauty. But over time the hair loses its natural power, health, Shine, and most of us even realize it, what might be the alcohol.

Frequent abuse of alcohol leads to, the hair loses its vitality, elasticity, energy and become lifeless and brittle. In addition, this appearance and the structure of the hair depends also on the state of internal organs.

The abuse of fatty and sugary food, Smoking, and alcohol can lead to what, the hair begins to fall out, and the skin pale and covered with spots. All this is happening, because alcohol, itself is not able to excrete toxic substances. They gradually accumulate and settle, clog the walls of blood vessels, and as a consequence leads to oxygen starvation hairline, which leads to the baldness and the appearance of such holes are not desirable. If alcohol hair fall out, it's time to stop!

How alcohol affects hair

How alcohol affects hair?

Today, doctors unanimously with full confidence claim, what daily alcohol consumption leads to changes in the human body, especially in the nervous system. So close to depression, stress, excessive irritability, psychosis. Loss of hair also occurs.

Alcohol harms not only the drinker it to the man, as well as the people around him, confronted with difficult situations. In order to maintain your health, as well as good relationships with people, it is necessary to limit consumption of alcohol to certain rules. As you know every bad habit is injurious to health, as externally, and internally. And its complete neglect can lead to fatal and correctable effects.

In order to stay longer young and healthy, you should minimize interaction of external factors, which can have a negative impact and lead to poor health and to change the appearance. Therefore, we should not forget about the possible consequences.

Alcohol is harmful

The hair becomes less, as disturbed hormonal balance. It varies with the disorders of the liver, kidney and pancreas. But not only alcohol is responsible for hair loss, this is facilitated by a number of factors:

  • iron deficiency in food;
  • prolonged menstruation;
  • drugs;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • pregnancy;
  • therapy hormonal therapy;
  • pathology in the thyroid gland;
  • depression and stress;
  • excessive weight;
  • fasting;
  • bad habits.

Can hair falling out because of the alcohol? Doctors answer this question positively.

The effects of alcohol

List the factors affecting hair loss are very large, and in order to determine the exact cause, necessary for a complete diagnosis. Only under the supervision of a qualified physician, which will determine the right diagnosis and conduct quality and effective treatment.

With the problem of hair loss is mostly and often face adults. The problem is particularly acute among women, they are more critical of their appearance, because appearance is not the most important role in their lives. Although rare, falling hair is hardly- you can, like be, a woman or a man.

The effects of alcohol

While alcoholic intoxication is suffering the entire human body.

The negative impact:

  1. The first thing that suffers when drinking alcohol, this sex glands. In the normal state they produce hormones, in the alcohol condition, this process is disturbed, which leads to unwanted hair loss.
  2. The digestive system does get hit, suffer from liver, increasing in size. Since the cleansing process of the body passes through it, with time, it is poisoned by acetaldehyde.
  3. No small harm get kidneys together with the bladder and all urinary system. Pass through them the end product of processing of alcohol.
  4. Another negative impact can be attributed to dehydration, the common people called "dry trees" leading to hangover. This happens due to the fact that in the blood decreases the amount of oxygen, and the liquid becomes thick. Because of this, the body cells gradually die off without oxygen, in particular cells of the scalp, acting on this principle.

People, health conscious, always remember, what bad habits such as Smoking, eating fatty foods, and in particular, and the abuse of alcohol to good consequences do not result. And if the first signs of ill health, it's worth thinking about, that alcohol is necessary to quit and lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, with age, to combat the negative effects of alcohol and addictions in General, gets harder.

A healthy lifestyle is the key to well-being, good health, a long and happy sex life. Think now, and answer a question: "What for you is the priority, drink an extra glass of wine or the health of you and your loved ones?"

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