The most effective sorbents for alcohol poisoning

Poisoning is rather unpleasant phenomenon, but it gives a man to understand, his organisms did something happen. The good news is, today the pharmacy has a huge range of sorbents, help deal with an unpleasant disease. However, before you run for purchasing, you need to decide what kind of medication fit better in a particular situation. And for this it is best to review their classification and to understand, what poisoning prevent them from receiving.

sorbents in case of poisoning with alcohol

What is the sorbent?

A sorbent is a substance consisting of solid bodies. They are involved in the absorption of gases and dissolved elements. A similar effect they have not on everything, and lead thorough job.

The most famous modern sorbents are:

  • activated corner of the popular for many since childhood;
  • polifepan;
  • enterosgel;
  • smectite;

They are usually divided into sections qualified:

  1. Adsorbents. Binding harmful substances, associated with them to form a liquid or solid consistency. He soon leaves the body through excretory system.
  2. Absorbents. Act by thickening of hazardous substances, so soon leave the body.
  3. Ionity. Ions are able to absorb poisonous substances, replacing them with valuable nutrients.

The first two categories are very similar to each other, but the last group carries completely different actions. However, they all have a beneficial effect in cases of poisoning. They are able in a short period of time to help people to improve their health. Their use can be in different forms – liquid, gel or powdered. Its way of action the drug resembles a sponge, able to absorb all harmful toxins.

What is the sorbent

Sorbents in case of poisoning with alcohol

Many people like to drink, here only to calculate the position of the norm comes not always. The outcome of the party can become strong intoxication. But there is an option to prevent this, and the best way here will act as sorbents. Here only it is necessary to understand, molecules of ethanol have incredible speed. After its hit, they almost instantly absorbed into the bloodstream. And rescue and from there with the help of medicines can't. Therefore, taking appropriate medication, this is worth remembering.

Also an important point will be, not all drugs will be equally effective. So, the usual activated carbon, is not exactly the best way to use. The exception would be its use after the holiday. In other cases it is better to resort to Enterosgelyu or Polisorb. But wait chudodeistvenno effect is not worth it. So do not experience the unpleasant "hangover", it is best to be safe and take the necessary medication half an hour before the feast. But if the alcohol was not planned, and prepare failed, the best recommendation would be to not abuse alcoholic beverages. Your own health is more important than any momentary euphoria.

Sorbents in case of poisoning

Sorbents in case of poisoning pills

Poison pills are also common nuisance. Of course, unlike alcohol, such situations arise less often, but still worth to know, what to do in such cases. The best solution would be the use of appropriate medications. It will help to flush from the stomach all the poisons. However, time is not the best Advisor, it is important to use prints tool as soon as possible. Otherwise, the harmful substances will have time to be absorbed into the circulatory system.

Intoxicated with drugs it is best to use Cabalonga. Usually it comes in a variety of strengths – small and big bags. To drink they must 5-10 grams 3 times a day.

Sorbents in case of poisoning pills

Intoxication pills can be hazardous to health. So to self-medicate is not recommended. At the first suspicious symptoms should go to the hospital. Only an experienced specialist, without examination, will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment. You can drink about 10 grams anyone who withdraws the funds, then still seek medical help.

Sorbents of natural origin

Cleansing the body after the serious poisoning of any period. For any toxicity to become stress, which causes your negative consequences. Very often in such situations people resort to the use of natural sorbents. The most famous are:

  • chitin;
  • cellulose;
  • bran;
  • fiber;
  • pectin.

Many of these substances in the vegetables and fruits. So, fiber can be found in the cabbage, algae. The source of cellulose will be flour, and chitin is contained in the mushrooms.

Thus, the use of these products will help slightly to alleviate their condition. Any poisoning can be relieved by gastric lavage and the use of appropriate drugs.

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