Nausea after alcohol: how to deal with it

Cause nausea after consuming large amounts of alcohol is a normal phenomenon. This is an indication, our body works normally and sees drinking as a toxic substance, trying to get rid of it. Here only the sense is rather difficult to be pleasant, and many people are trying to find a way to get rid of it.

Nausea after alcohol

What causes nausea?

To give the right answer to the question, first we need to consider in detail the mechanism of its occurrence. It does not matter nausea after alcohol the next day or a few hours.

Nausea can develop because of irritation of the vomiting center. It turns out, there is a special group of sensitive cells, able to make unpleasant signals in the case of increasing the concentration of toxins in the blood. Alcohol is a strong neurotoxin to the human body. The nausea can be considered a sure sign of poisoning. Namely, it occurs, when a person drinks large amounts of alcohol.

Sometimes the unfortunate can drink small amounts of alcohol, and the emergence of vomit reflex to avoid. In this situation, do not blame the alcohol, and its quality. This especially happens, when it comes to the drink with a large number of aldehydes or of impurities methyl alcohol.

nausea and vomiting after alcohol

How to overcome emerging nausea?

Many people believe, what is the best way to overcome the unpleasant feeling to go to bed. That's only really, easier this will be. Suppression of symptoms, only aggravate the situation. Therefore it is best to help to rid the body of toxins by malware.

To do this is to run 3 action:

  1. The Bank diluted in two liters of water, with one teaspoon of baking soda. Carefully mix the solution and get him near the bathtub or toilet. Then you need to drink half of the mixture and to induce vomiting – to make clicking on the root of the tongue. The procedure should be repeated one more time.
  2. That was really easy, it is necessary to clean the intestines. So a good solution would be to use an enema – it will take a large amount of toxins.
  3. To use the adsorbents, they can help relieve nausea and improve health.

It is understood that procedures are carried out must after cessation of alcohol, otherwise, you increase the possibility of relapse with serious consequences, to overcome alone which will not work. How to remove nausea after alcohol? This question interests many people, who regularly experience discomfort during the holidays.

The appearance of vomiting bile or blood

Sometimes there are cases, when after a party drinker overcomes uncontrollable vomiting. It doesn't stop, even after gastric lavage. Often her companions is the feeling of bitterness in the mouth, vomit yellow color and unpleasant odor. The occurrence of this phenomenon may be a sign of liver damage.

The appearance of vomiting

In such situation it is necessary by all means to stop the gag reflex. The best way to move the victim to fresh air and to drink mint tea in small SIPS. If you are not able to stop her, need to go to the hospital. And if to these symptoms is added the appearance of blood in vomit – you need to immediately call an ambulance. Because this symptom is characteristic of open internal bleeding.

For some people, the nausea is typical for the following morning. And along with it comes the headache, dry mouth and the sweats. All this means one thing – hangovers, which can occur in a weak, and strong degree.

If a drunk man has nausea in the morning after a party, so, it comes from severe intoxication. And the reason for the poisoning were the decomposition products of ethyl alcohol. This happens due to the overdose of booze, enzyme system simply are unable to cope with it.

How to get rid of a hangover?

The best way to get rid of this nasty sickness is to give it a clean. It is best to perform gastric lavage, it will help to get rid of food debris and liquids. After that you should take any adsorbent. A good helper will be well-known each activated angle.

In practice, there are many folk remedies, which help to get rid of the hangover. The people are of the opinion, the best way to get rid of it would help alcohol, in practice, however, this is a silly delusion. The extra dose of alcohol can only aggravate the situation, increasing the level of toxins.

How to get rid of a hangover

The best means to overcome the nausea becomes:

  • kvass, cucumber pickle – these two products contain in their composition a large number of trace elements, vitamins C and b. The drinks have a special effect – a diuretic;
  • dairy products. They are able to restore intestinal flora, to normalize digestion, to get rid of the not comfortable sensations.

After cleaning the stomach need to recover lost fluid. This recommends that you eat something light, for example, a hot broth or fruit jelly.

Nausea after alcohol and drugs

In medicine also there are drugs able to normalize the condition of man after the active evening. To overcome hangover help for the following tablets:

  • "Motilium" – able to eliminate all the painful symptoms. It is recommended to put the medicine under the tongue;
  • "Reglan" – relieves nausea, restores digestion, eliminates vomiting. The pill should be taken with water, for 30 minutes before meals;
  • Zofran – stops the gag reflex, eliminates nausea. The drug should drink half an hour before meals.

Consumption of alcohol causes serious damage to the liver. To restore its function, it is recommended to use certain medications: Essentiale Forte, Karsil, Gepabene. These drugs can relieve the spasm of the biliary tract, to improve the flow of bile and normalize the digestive system.

The preservation of their own health is an important task. Therefore, it is best to limit large doses of alcohol. Nausea and vomiting after drinking warning signs, best not to ignore, and to listen to their own body. And if nausea becomes gradually negative effects, it is best to consult a doctor.

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