The causes of the noise in my head, after alcohol and what to do with it

Alcohol can cause the development of serious diseases. However, if some appear immediately, others may be after a certain time. Noise in ears and head unpleasant phenomenon, diagnosed many people. Often complain about it to older people. As noted by experts – the noise in my head after the alcohol is the first sign of development of intolerance.

The noise in my head after alcohol

The noise in my head after alcohol

The main factor of the appearance of disease becomes age drinkers. However, this is not the only reason for its appearance. Many people are not even aware of it, that their body does not assimilate ethanol. Here are just annually natural processes start to slow down. Even the breakdown of ethanol is different. The human body is not able to efficiently neutralize all the toxic substances, what triggers the unpleasant symptoms.

There are cases, when the process of splitting of ethanol impaired since childhood, in these situations, the reasons lie much deeper:

  • ethnicity;
  • the presence of pathologies of the lymphatic system;
  • the use of medications that treatment of alcoholism;
  • antibiotics;
  • the use of certain types of fungi, plants.

There are cases of physiological intolerance, occur after a head injury, liver disease. Then noise in the ears and head becomes not only unpleasant symptom.

the noise in my head

The noise in my head: symptoms

Well notice individual intolerance of alcohol helps the redness of skin of face. This phenomenon even has its own medical term – flash syndrome. To get rid of it only after the cessation of the use. The reason for the development of redness becomes a vasodilatation under the action of a particular toxin acetaldehyde. In addition to changing the skin tone, there are other, related disorders:

  • burning;
  • the appearance of urticaria;
  • temperature rise;
  • cough;
  • headaches;
  • tachycardia;
  • the increase in pressure.

Idiosyncrasy an ulterior motive received the owl name. The symptoms can develop always different. For each person characterized by his particular condition.

noise in ears and head

The causes of the disease

Any violation of the natural state of health causes a number of feelings. Therefore, noise in the head after alcohol can be a serious reason to seek medical advice. The exception might be trauma to the head, able to manifest in this way.

The noise in my head after the alcohol is formed as a result of the movement of blood through the vessels of the ears. To get rid of it you need to wait until the back spasm of the vascular bed. It usually disappears completely after removing all the harmful toxins.

The noise in my head after alcohol can not be called harmless phenomenon. With a sharp extension can be severe headaches, bleeding from the nose and other severe consequences.

The treatment of the disease

The noise in my head after alcohol can not be taken care. The emergence of this illness means malfunction of the body, so, involves examination by a specialist. After a series of diagnostic procedures the doctor can figure out the exact cause of the condition.

Often there is alcohol intolerance, entails complete abandonment of the addiction. Buzzing in the ears treatment has a holistic approach. Initially, this rejection of the use of intoxicating beverages, therapy is able to normalize the blood flow to the brain, normalization of day. Proper diet is also has its value, it is therefore important to reconsider the menu.

Intolerance from birth, there is no cure. The only option to normalize their health is a complete rejection of alcohol consumption. If the deal itself does not work, you can always seek qualified help. Today there are many different institutions, where experienced professionals are able to heal even from years of alcoholism.

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