Non-alcoholic beer: characteristics of a drink and harm

Non-alcoholic beer in modern society is very popular. Although unlike many foreign countries on the territory of Russia it has appeared relatively recently. That's only true fans of intoxicating drink trying to get non-alcoholic beer party. According to them, the drink has a bad taste.

But there is a certain category of people, convinced that, what can you drink non-alcoholic beer without the slightest fear, like a regular soda. It's time to consider in detail the foam without a degree and to answer a lot of concerns about it.

non-alcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer: what is

Non-alcoholic beer is a type of drink made from malt with low percentage of alcohol. Therefore, to assure, that ethanol is not here, not. It is included in, but only in small amounts. As for the other components, they are completely identical to standard go with beer: malt, water, hops, yeast culture, special natural culture. The main difference between the ethanol percentage.

First introduction of a product and people occurred in 1970 year. But then it took on a note only drivers, love to drink beer, but do not have the opportunity. A little later he became interested in other members of the society, including persons leading a healthy lifestyle, pregnant, patients, limitations to the use of alcohol. For them it has become a real salvation, but is it all harmless non-alcoholic beer, as many believe?

The process of creating a non-alcoholic beer

can non-alcoholic beerFor many will seem incredible, but both drinks are prepared equally. For them to use the overall composition, the production process. However, at the final stage it is necessary to make dealcoholization. Usually, this is done using one of three possible ways:

  • the exception of fermentation. You can use a special yeast to make or stop fermentation. This liquid is subjected to cooling dramatically, what triggers the death of yeast cultures;
  • the second method does not interrupt fermentation, and the ethanol removed from the finished product. For this it is necessary to strongly heat the liquid, that will help to achieve evaporation. The only similar method can adversely affect the taste of intoxicating. Therefore, a more reasonable use of vacuum evaporation, produced by low temperatures;
  • membrane. Its feature is the use of special filtration film, help to bring malicious molecules of ethanol. Today it is the modern way.

Often the resulting product is very different from the degree of a fellow. Therefore, to achieve maximum similarity using the essential flavours, supplements. They betray their scent, taste, but at the same time significantly increase the cost. That's why non-alcoholic beer is considered expensive. For the drink will have to pay 2-3 more, than the same product with the addition of alcohol.

The exact content of alcohol in non-alcoholic beverage

After understanding the, even here there is alcohol, it is important to determine its amount. The exact figure depends on the brand and method of preparation. Usually, it ranges 0.002 – 1.5%.

Therefore, this figure must be taken into account. Because a large amount of this drink can provoke weak alcohol poisoning and a hangover from the fumes. Especially should know about people, drinkers behind the wheel.

The main danger of non-alcoholic beer

Can I drink non-alcoholic beer without interruption, of course not. Long studies were able to prove, even seemingly innocuous beer, can cause damage to health. The biggest nuisance is the development of dependence. It contains a special substance, causing surge of joy. This feeling compels a person to take a bottle. So get alcoholism easy, need only a little to carried away.

you can drink non-alcoholic beer

In addition, do not forget the risk, applied health. Even without a huge amount of ethanol may develop varicose veins, hormonal disruption or enlargement of the heart. Each of the above violations, can provoke tragic consequences.

So can non-alcoholic beer consumed daily, it is necessary to answer categorically, no. Otherwise, the trouble with health is inevitable.

Rules for the selection of non-alcoholic beer

Minimal doses of intoxicating drink will not harm. However, it is worth to get a really high-quality non-alcoholic beer. Today in any shop a wide selection of choice. From the amount proposed just dizzy. Make the right choice is extremely difficult. It is therefore necessary to be able to choose the right drink.

Today, many companies got success and recognition of a huge number of buyers. If recently the best in this area is perceived to be a German company, today the number of favorites increased significantly.

To facilitate the selection is to make the top 10 best. Then each person will be able to purchase a quality product.

  1. The best of its kind German brewer – Jever Fun. It has great taste and has justifiably received the title of quality and flawless.
  2. The Australian non-alcoholic beer Schloss Eggenberg has an incomparable sour taste, combined with light notes of pine sawdust.
  3. Bavaria Malt holds its position due to the Golden hue and the unusual fullness of taste. Contains Apple and notes, which is especially noticeable when drinking it cold.
  4. Another German product – Bavaria MaltMaisel''s Weisse. Its main highlight is a pleasant fruity floral flavor.
  5. Belgian Stella Artois non alconolic able to pleasantly befuddle the head.
  6. Buckler – Non-Alcoholic have been able to succeed due to the latest production technologies.
  7. In Russia also have their favorites – Baltika No. 0. The basis for its creation is taken wheat malt, allowing you to achieve incredible taste.
  8. Non-alcoholic beer Clausthaler Classic perfect proof, not even the high price is able to vary elegant finish.
  9. Known from 17 century, the German company, produces a great product – Hefe-Weißbier Non-Alcoholic. Over the years, they were able to fully meet all expectations.
  10. Barnaul brewers also among the best – BesserBesser.

Each of the presented products was able to get the highest reviews. Therefore, they can safely give the preference to the. However, before buying you must understand, harm is always there.

can I drink non-alcoholic beer

The harm of non-alcoholic beer

Even small doses of ethanol can have a negative effect on the body men and women. So you can not safely consume this drink, despite the promising ads. This is especially true of individuals, having medical contra-indications. To risk their own lives, for a fleeting weakness not. Non-alcoholic beer behind the wheel can lead to serious consequences. Because the content 0,02 to 1-1,5% ethanol can be reflected in blood.

The harm of non-alcoholic beer for men can be huge. In their body begins to decrease the level of male hormone, instead, it will actively spread female. The representative of the strengths of humanity are sure to notice changes, which usually are accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • extension of the pelvis;
  • the appearance of fat;
  • voice changing;
  • breast augmentation.

As for women, then they come back on violation changes the timbre of the voice, and antennae appear. Most often, the changes are irreversible. To completely get rid of them should undergo a thorough medical examination, after which the doctor will prescribe the necessary hormones.

It is important to know, the harm of non-alcoholic beer especially increases when taking antibiotics. You can't combine the pills with alcohol. Even non-alcoholic beer can negatively affect the medication. This should be remembered by every sane person.

non-alcoholic beer behind the wheel

If plenty of beer: the consequences for the organism

The liver is the filter of the human body. It passes through many different substances. So it is constantly vulnerable. You need to apply to body with caution, try to avoid serious loads. Drinking non-alcoholic beer-like drinks, the liver receives a heavy blow, this is definitely to remember.

With regard to other diseases, for them such actions also leave the print:

  • pancreatitis – even a tiny dose of alcohol can lead to serious consequences. Because the pancreas is already in a dangerous situation;
  • prostatitis. You should avoid any intoxicating, especially in the use of antibiotics;
  • hemorrhoids – the heady drink has a negative impact on the mucous membrane of the anus. That can seriously complicate the disease;
  • diabetes is a serious risk. Therefore, experiments can be life-threatening;
  • epilepsy – increased load on kidney is able to provoke the emergence of another attack;
  • gout – beer can provoke the formation of lactic acid;
  • gastritis – a disease of the stomach makes serious approach to the diet. Therefore, all addictions you want to exclude;
  • cystitis – the bladder is inflammation, so, increased urination could seriously aggravate the situation.

Thus, health plays a significant role. Ignore it it is impossible.

Is it possible to get fat from non-alcoholic beer?

There is a perception, that intoxicating seriously fattening. Of course, this is the truth. But considering it harmless analog, risk gain weight is significantly reduced. The only condition is the rejection of bad snacks. Often a glass of chilled combine with croutons, chips, smoked. They contribute unnecessary calories.

And what do people, encoded from alcoholic drinks. Can I drink non-alcoholic beer? Drink will not harm, but it is important to consider the psychological factor. Such a ban causes a person to gradually adapt to the dry lifestyle. And getting such a temptation, occurs too big a risk to break. Therefore, all especially individually.

nonalcoholic beer pregnant

Non-alcoholic beer behind the wheel

One of the most raise the. Every drinker wants, without prejudice to their rights to consume intoxicating. However, to implement such it is impossible. So you have to buy a drink without ethanol. That's just drinking it right behind the wheel of a car can not. Should wait at least half an hour.

In addition, you can not underestimate the inspectors, able to smell the characteristic smell and require verification. The results can be normal, but the time spent will not return.

Nonalcoholic beer pregnant

As mentioned above the presence of alcohol there is a. So non-alcoholic beer during pregnancy is not, especially if we are talking about the first trimester. In this period there is a formation of the fetus. Any negative disorders which may impact the baby. In addition we should not forget about malware-carrying your supplements negative effect.

The same applies to lactation. Any mom wants, that her child was healthy, so, not worth the risk. Because together with the milk the baby get a huge amount of harmful components and a small dose of ethanol.

You should not believe the advertisements, promising complete safety. Better to give preference to a healthy lifestyle, then good health will be the best reward. The more we can not allow children to drink non-alcoholic beer. It can cause addiction is a scientifically proven fact.

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