After alcohol body aches — what's the problem

Actively relaxing on the parties, few people think about the consequences. Indeed, the next morning have to appear hangover, accompanying a number of unpleasant symptoms. Usually it is characterized by General malaise, headache and nausea. Although there are cases, sore body after alcohol. The frequent occurrence of such phenomenon cannot be ignored. It is important to understand, why, after alcohol body aches, and most importantly how to deal with it.

After alcohol body aches

Why, after alcohol body aches

Appearance pain the next day after a fun event is a lot of hassle. Usually sore upper or lower limb. It seems, the previous day was too active. However, the true cause lies in the muscles, which is negatively affected by alcohol. The blame for the following events:

  • dehydration. Scientifically proven, what alcohol triggers dehydration. The cells do not get the required liquid, which affects their health;
  • the metabolic. Ethanol can have damaging effects on metabolic processes. Harmful substances are no longer displayed, their accumulation provokes pain;
  • disturbed blood circulation. Most often this happens in the legs. Small vessels are clogged, large and begin to expand;
  • worsening of the disease. Alcohol provokes exacerbation of chronic illnesses. Therefore, if you have such, drink contraindicated;
  • calcium. The deficit of necessary substances causing more pain.

If you regularly body aches after alcohol you should seriously think about abandoning bad habits. Otherwise there can be problems with health.

why, after alcohol body aches

The consequences of the abuse of alcoholic beverages

Every adult is aware of serious, what is the harm of intoxicating drinks. However, most often a refusal addiction not happening. Drinking sure, the troubles will pass by his side. That's just hopes for a miracle is not necessary.

Regular consumption of alcohol is fraught with sad consequences, especially if, after alcohol aching muscles of the body. One day there will be time, when the limb completely cease to function.

How to help, if it hurts the body after alcohol

body aches after alcoholSore body after alcohol, want to get rid of this feeling. Therefore, it is recommended to use proven methods:

  1. Drugs. Today there is enough medicine, able to facilitate health. However, instead of painkillers, it is better to give preference to ointment for the feet.
  2. Traditional methods. It is recommended to take 5 heads bow, grind them and put them in a bowl. Then to trample on the plant 20 minutes. Then rinse the limbs with cool water and RUB with vegetable oil. In addition, you can use crushed dandelions. The mixture of the colors applied on the painful areas. Leave overnight.
  3. Massage. The easiest, and most effective method. Knead the painful area should neat, circular motion. Blood circulation to normal quickly, and swelling will be.
  4. Bathroom. Will help you relax, to normalize health. The main thing is not to make water too hot. Warm water with the addition of herbs or bath salts will be a great help.

If after alcohol aching muscles of the body for a long time. To self-medicate is not. Should seek the advice of a specialist.

It is best to resolve any problem, instead of looking for ways to alleviate the pain. It is therefore recommended to abandon the addiction. A healthy lifestyle is the best solution to eliminate all problems. Proper nutrition, more sports, finding outdoors is the best solution.

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