Amnesia after alcohol

Often, many people after alcohol abuse can not recover the basic chronology of events. Some of the memory falls a few minutes, while others are not able to recall most of the evening or the way home. This phenomenon even has a medical term – alcoholic amnesia. So many jokes, fun talk going on this topic. That's just going into details, cause for joy is not enough. Harmless condition can be a serious cause for concern. Perhaps the blame for the aggravation of the terrible disease.

Amnesia after alcohol

Why is this happening?

Even the weakest alcoholic drink contains ethanol. This substance is the main culprit of disorders of the brain. The cells begin to slowly crumble, impaired clarity of mind, focus, the rate of reaction decreases. Drinkers often underestimate the damage. In particularly severe cases, the consequences are comparable with psychological diseases.

Amnesia during alcohol intoxication is quite common. With each drunk a glass, patient gets drunk faster, and most importantly longer is in similar condition. Slowly, the disease escalates, the consequences are becoming more severe consequences. Intermittent failures are replaced by development of dangerous diseases.

amnesia after alcohol

Alcoholic amnesia: symptoms

Any physical or psychological deviation requires medical attention, important to apply for it. It is therefore important to be vigilant. The first warning signs is:

  • people, increasingly aware of, what after parties are not able to restore the chronology of events;
  • forgotten people, the events.

If this happens rarely and is becoming the culprit of large amounts of alcohol, experience is not necessary. Typical alcohol poisoning has become a powerful about education failures. Usually the next morning the unfortunate suffer from headaches, a sense of shame, General malaise. Alcoholic amnesia is a serious disease, requiring medical intervention. It is necessary to realize constant bouts of failure can harm not only the drinker, but his entourage. Being in a forgotten state, an alcoholic can cause harm to loved ones, and in the morning do not even remember.

alcoholic amnesia, how to remember everything

Often alcoholic amnesia caused by a special safeguard mechanism. Wanting to save people from embarrassing moments, included a real lock on all the bad, negative memories. To restore it by a specific time is quite difficult. It is necessary to turn to professionals. After a special session of hypnosis, it's all coming back.

Alcoholic amnesia: additional causes of education

Amnesia after alcohol although common, but the main cause is not getting alcohol. Usually the fault can be special, additional factors. Alcoholic amnesia causes:

  • the use of large doses of alcohol. If you drink sensibly, fear for the appearance of failures is not necessary. The exception is the idiosyncrasy;
  • use of intoxicating drinks on an empty stomach. Going to the feast, you need a good bite to eat. Otherwise, the intoxication will come quickly, that favors the onset of amnesia;
  • the drink strength, their the wrong combination. It is reasonable to assume, that strong alcohol causes the body damage is much stronger, than weak. Often, however, the main trouble is getting the wrong combination of liquor. Wanting to get maximum relaxation, alcoholics are beginning to mix beer with vodka or cognac with whiskey;
  • the abuse of several bad habits or assimilation of medicines. Smoking can influence a person's combining cigarettes with vodka. And talk about taking pills and alcohol is not worth it. The consequences of such unions can lead to a catastrophe.

You cannot tell the exact amount of alcohol in order, come amnesia after alcohol. Each person is different, therefore, there is no single meaning unit limit. Should be able to listen to their own body. The only way you can avoid adverse consequences.

Varieties of amnesia

amnesia during alcohol intoxicationExperts distinguish two types of the disease:

  1. Lacunar – stored shared memory, but leaving out certain moments.
  2. Total – a complete loss of chronology.

To the victims tormented by the question – alcoholic amnesia, how to remember everything? For this the doctors recommend the use of special complexes of vitamins. Important to choose natural ingredients, able to improve cerebral circulation.

Lacunar amnesia is divided into two types:

  1. Anterograde. The unique form of the disease, full meaning not memorization of actual events, occurred after the onset of alcohol. The victim can easily recall his biography, interesting points, history, but does not remember it, what happened a few hours ago. Often an alcoholic can't even remember who spoke, what were you talking about, where did you go for the time partying. All other skills are fully preserved.
  2. Retrograde. Usually the reason is the development of a strong alcoholic poisoning. The person completely forgets, what happened before the drinking, but remembers the events of many years ago.

Today, total amnesia is considered the most serious breach in the functioning of the brain – memory. The person completely forgets all the information. In particularly severe cases, the patient does not remember his own name, names. Manifested in citizens, suffering third form of alcoholism. Presenting a serious danger to society, dependent need medical care. Usually these clients delivered in the hospital.

The concept of amnesia and alcoholism are closely interrelated. Often they occur together. Alcoholism develops gradually, bringing a heavy burden. The specialists identify three stages of development, for each of them characterized by a specific disruption of memory:

  1. Partial memory loss. The patient is able to recreate the big picture, losing small parts. Constant desire to drink becomes a cause of irritability, anxiety, only after passing a SIP of your favorite drink. At this stage, the disease acts most strongly, starts to progress. Prolonged exposure to binge slowly develops into alcoholism.
  2. Being in alcoholic intoxication becomes natural. Poor are increasingly drinking, completely forgets about the events, on the eve of the. Often this condition contributes to serious crimes, which the offender forgets the next day.
  3. Alcohol becomes the only meaning of existence. Sobriety remains in the distant past. There is a complete degradation of the individual, accompanying memory loss. To return to a normal existence, being at this stage quite difficult.

The only real chance to recover becomes awareness of their disease. The victim needs to accept that, the help is simply necessary. With the right approach, the chance to return to a normal existence is always there. Relatives must support the patient's, patience, care, love.

Treatment of alcoholic amnesia

Treatment of alcoholic amnesia

Dependent person in need of professional assistance. Therefore, when the first appeals to her, we should start to act. Initially it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis. After which the doctor, will be able to make a definitive conclusion.. Will be interviewed, compiled from a survey of. The patient should tell in detail about their complaints. Sure MRI, electroencephalography. Carried out diagnosis will help identify the mental aspects of the disease, and physical disruption in the brain tissue.

Hopes for a full recovery is possible, but regaining lost memories is not always possible. Even reaching a state of total sobriety to remember the past is impossible. Today there are special techniques, allowing to restore the functioning of the brain, avoiding adverse effects:

  • taking special medicines, normalizing vessels;
  • vitamin course, to improve the functioning of the brain;
  • a return to a healthy lifestyle, implying a complete rejection of the existing bad habits;
  • proper nutrition, including the use of necessary products promote an active work of the head;
  • frequent finding in the fresh air;
  • the minimum number of serious physical exercise.

The main cause of failures becomes alcoholic intoxication. Therefore, it is important to understand the whole responsibility of action. It should be possible to limit in taking alcohol. Then the adverse effects will disappear, ensuring good health, without defects.

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