Alcoholic delusions of jealousy

Alcohol can provoke the development of various diseases. Most often complications are physical in nature, although there is always the possibility to get psychological spectrum deviation. Alcoholic delirium of jealousy known disease, arising on a background of chronic psychosis. The disease is the constant obsession with his wife.

Alcoholic delirium of jealousy is a serious danger because of their stealth. Often people don't even notice the first warning symptoms. The main essence of the disease consists in the occurrence of delusions. Often they completely lose touch with reality. The sick man becomes convinced his wife is cheating. Begins to follow her, to Express their suspicions, claims. It is worth noting alcoholic delusions of jealousy may persist for a long time, even after the complete rejection of addiction. Complete recovery occurs only after long-term treatment.

Alcoholic delusions of jealousy

Alcoholic delirium of jealousy is a serious deviation, able to cause the patient and his entourage serious problems. Many patients are not even aware, how dangerous is it.

General information

Alcoholic delirium of jealousy is a serious neurological disorder, arising on a background of chronic alcoholism. To meet him in real life is quite difficult, although in medicine there is this term, so, to exclude him is not worth it.

The disease affected the representatives of the stronger side of mankind. As for women, to diagnose this violation have occurred rarely. Typically at risk are men, under 40 years of life.

Most often, alcoholic delusions of jealousy, the symptoms which occur rarely, not occur in a vacuum. Usually, there must be certain preconditions. It can be domestic problems between lovers, quarrel. Based on them, gradually begins to develop paranoia. It is important to note, under the influence of alcohol, people become half so much, short-tempered.

So being on the second or third stage of alcoholism, persistent bouts of jealousy become a natural phenomenon. Being in constant stress seriously affects the psychological state. The patient begins to see the reasons there, where they do not exist. In every movement, the word their half, he sees the reason for the treason.

alcoholic delirium of jealousy symptoms

The reasons for the formation

Long-term consumption of alcohol provokes serious violations of human life. He has health problems, health, mood, there are conflicts at home, at work. Therefore, the development of psychoorganic syndrome, is also becoming not uncommon.

Often at risk are the person, suffering from paranoid accentuation. This is caused by constant excessive jealousy, distrust. Under a constant habit, things have escalated, taking a serious turn. At the same time with alcoholic jealousy arises delirium tremens, degradation of the individual.

Alcoholic delusions of jealousy: symptoms

alcoholic delusions of jealousy, alcoholic paranoiaPsychological deviation takes a long time in a latent form. Usually the symptoms of alcoholic delirium of jealousy following – manifests the appearance of a weak doubt, with regards to the infidelity of the second half. The sick gnawing feeling of anxiety. Gradually on this basis arise doubts.

The man ask a lot of questions, carefully considering the clothes, trying to find it suspicious traces, checks phone, controls calls. After sobering up, all the ambiguity disappears, sometimes even the spouse repents, ask for forgiveness.

With each new shot glass drinking, alcoholic delusions of jealousy, alcoholic paranoia begins to grow. The man is convinced is cheating on him right at home, in his own apartment. Begins to arrange regular inspections, wanting to confirm guesses. Often it ends up manhandling. And the suspicions persist even after sobering up. The beating becomes a norm, the most severe cases result in death of girls. After committing the crime, a lot of guys repent, then commit suicide.

Today alcoholic jealousy is about 3% of the total number of psychoses. So the treatment is acceptable only in specialized institutions. Usually it relates to the field of addiction medicine or psychiatry.

It is important to note, what to call this new disease, not. This has been known since ancient times. In the USSR met personality possessed by the imaginary suspicion. Wanting to save his own family, they even appealed to the relevant organizations. Unions have taken some steps, wanting to keep the cell companies. Today this practice is the loss of special relevance. All your family problems, citizens trying to solve, without the intervention of the public.

Although the diagnosis of this disease, keep calm hard. Many patients become like obsessed. Constant reproaches no longer be controlled. The man constantly accuses his beloved of infidelity. Often under attack even children. The unfortunate tries to find evidence, they are not from him.

Why it is important to go to the hospital

Alcoholic delusions of jealousy (alcoholic paranoia) enhanced, and all the crazy ideas become a reality. His aggressiveness, anger reaches critical levels. Aggrieved person, exhibits sadistic behavior. Acts of physical violence become a regular. The main danger lies in the fact, sometimes the danger reaches such levels, the patient begins to think carefully about the murder of his wife.

alcoholic delirium of jealousy treatment

Thus, the patient is a danger to others. Sharply arising, unfounded suspicions may serve as a motive for committing the crime. Therefore, it is important to be able to notice early warning signs, promptly seek professional help.

Alcoholic delusions of jealousy: treatment

symptoms of an alcoholic delusions of jealousy Treatment the disease is permitted in special narcological or psychological offices. Otherwise he can harm his loved ones. Initially treatment consists in the Commission of detoxification therapy. To this end, the patient is administered the required dose of vitamins. If the situation is too neglected, your doctor may prescribe insulin coma.

In addition, drug therapy combined with psychological impact. Without conversations with the psychologist is simply impossible.

Extract is possible only after the elimination of all signs of aggression. Often wanting to go home, the patient imitates the recovery, deceiving medical professionals, family members. Therefore, usually, the final decision to lie down on a special Commission, able to make a definitive conclusion..

However, even after returning home, therapy does not end. Over the next 3 years, the patient will stay on the control from the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist. If the disease begins to worsen again, man hospitalitynet. Voluntary consent, treatment is still, only for involuntary hospitalization.

To guarantee the exact recovery is quite difficult. Some are even abandoning bad habits, continue to doubt the loyalty of the wife, and other "infidels forgive" and continue to exist. About 30% patients, able to settle down, get on the right path.


Harmless at first glance, the disease can cause harm to the patient, his favorite people. So if any psychological deviations the use of alcohol is contraindicated. Usually cured completely impossible, the doctors only a temporary blunting outbursts of aggression. You need to realize the seriousness of the trouble, to learn to trust, and most importantly to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

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