Therapy spanking bad habits – how it works

Speaking about the treatment of spanking, many remember the old days, when such methods were considered normal, current. Today, this perceived hostility. And for many it will be a shock, the treatment of alcoholism spanking acts and practiced, to this day.

Not so long ago this was considered a natural punishment, teachers had the right to beat the students with rods for any mistakes. There were even tragic cases, when all have been fatal. Whips and rods were present in many schools, families. Pornoterapia welcomed, it was considered the norm. It seemed all in the past, but the flogging has risen again, bringing new meaning.

Therapy spanking from bad habits

Treatment spanking: method Speransky

The second life of pornoterapia suddenly gave the famous doctor of biological Sciences Sergei Speransky. The man had developed a whole scheme, and tested it empirically for yourself. Its author's method has received wide popularity. Because the doctor personally proved, what can help to get rid of many ailments – bad habits, depression.

It is said Speransky, treatment for him flogging has become a second chance at a happy life. Initially this method he saw in an old book, but took it with hostility. Only many years later, he remembered read. Just at this time, the man suffered a severe depression, arose after the tragic death of son. Father's grief was so strong, what seemed to be salvation, no, but the doctor was able to find it. Sergei was daily caused a new shock, but with each swing felt, as it becomes stronger. Real insight, to save millions of lives.

Treatment spanking

A few years later, the method has been widely recognition. It took as a basis some clinics, to combat addiction, mental disorders patients. Especially a lot of followers emerged in the city of Novosibirsk. Today to practice such, you need to get permission. After all, the author of the idea has patented its project – No. 2329781. Treatment whipping for alcoholism is a special method, which 95% gives a positive result.

Treatment flogging in practice

After a series of experiments, it was found, in some cases, the flogging is particularly useful. So, there are a number of indications, in the treatment of:

  • alcoholism;
  • addiction;
  • depression;
  • suicidal thoughts;
  • crises.

There are clinics, where he actively practiced flogging women flogged for treatment of possible problems arising after marriage. But especially popular are cases to get rid of bad habits.

Treatment flogging in practice

If you believe the experts, treatment whipping from alcoholism, gives the effect of using 10 procedures, though there are cases, when 5 sessions gave a positive result. Speaking about the problems with the drug, it is necessary to assume a longer period of time, about six months. The desired effect is achieved faster if it is confined individuals. For them, pornoterapia becomes a perfect solution.

How is the treatment

Treatment whipping from Smoking or any other addiction should be done with the voluntary consent of the patient. The patient needs to perceive everything as a therapy to improve well-being, and not as a punishment.

Many people, by agreeing to these, mentally dream of getting erotic pleasure. However, the treatment of whipping, Smoking and BDSM are two completely different concepts. It is understood that, by signing the contract.

The desired effect is achieved through the production of endorphin – the hormone of happiness. Severe pain flow kills all programs, laid down in the brain. Ruptures of abnormal connections, what triggers a full stimulation of the nervous system. Beats tend to fall on the buttocks or thighs. It helps to get rid of all the accumulated negativity. Psychological blocks are destroyed, after which the patient feels relieved, the desire to breathe, to unsubscribe from addictions. Is a powerful release of emotional energy.

Treatment spanking Smoking

Practice at home

Recommended methods exclusively willow twigs. But from the whips and belts, you should give up. The reason is easily explained – the rod absorb all the negative energy, after the session they must be discarded. To do this the belt will not work, so, he'll stay home., due to their constant emergence of negative thoughts.

Before therapy is necessary to find out the pain threshold, to accurately calculate the force of the blows. Otherwise, you can cause serious damage to health. The most effective is the course, consisting of 30 procedures, including 60 bumps. To apply them it is necessary only on the buttocks.

There are some limitations, do not allow these methods of healing. This includes people, suffering from the following diseases:

  • epilepsy;
  • heart failure;
  • recent surgery;
  • problems with the outflow of lymph;
  • hernia;
  • the presence of pacemakers;
  • high blood pressure;
  • skin disease, the presence of warts.

Before, how to give the agreement to the treatment, you should consult with your therapist. He will hold a conversation, sent for ECG and test to determine pain sensitivity.. Only after receiving positive results, he will be able to appoint such.

To go to such methods., solve each independently. One man's perverted fantasies, and the other will be the only chance to return to happy, healthy life.

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