The new law on alcohol

In the Duma regularly held meetings, which are actively considering the most popular topics. What are the only offer here is not disclosed, many of them enter into execution. Most recently, he was considered a new law on the sale of alcohol. Therefore, citizens must learn about it in more detail.

The new law on alcohol

The new law about alcohol – reduced levels of vodka

Three famous men – E. Bushmin, With. Ryabukhin and. Shuba made his proposal about reducing ethanol. According to their calculations it the norm for vodka must not exceed 37,5 %. It is worth noting, that vodka drink, where in accordance with GOST quantity of ethanol must range from 38-56%. The new law on alcohol will lead to, this figure will be reduced significantly.

In addition, men spoke on another occasion. They are against the sale of strong drinks in plastic containers. According to Sergei ryabukhina most poisonings by alcohol is due to the huge number of fakes. Thus, if you enter a special marked container, to control the quality of the poured will be much easier, so, victims will be much less.

Joined a new law on the sale of alcohol with 2017. When the violation will be assigned to a serious penalty. For example, if for legal entities will be noticed the manufacture and sale of strong liquor in the plastic packaging they will have to pay – 300-500 thousand rubles. With regard to official, for them the punishment a little less 100-200 thousand rubles.

The new law on alcohol

The new law about alcohol and its strength will not affect price changes. Thus, the cost of one liter of vodka will remain the same, even slightly reduced. If you rely on proven data, price drops to seven rubles, the reason is the decrease in the number of alcohol composition.

Today vodka is recognized as the most popular alcoholic beverage in Russia. Therefore, the new law on the sale of alcohol may alter the usual data. Possible, the reduction degree will result in a decrease in demand for this product. It is worth noting, at the end of last year, experts undertook quality assurance 49 famous brands of the drink. And the examination was sent as a domestic, and foreign companies. The survey results pleasantly surprised – more 60% products were of good quality.

the ban on advertising

The new law about alcohol – advertising bans

Approaching the world Cup. But the closer the event, the more concerned the Council on changes in legislation. In the country actively there is a hidden promotion of the sale of alcohol. And it grows stronger every day. The reason is the combined efforts of media owners and advertisers. Recently, the patience of the deputies, was, on the verge, without further thinking, they suggested to impose a strict barrier to show ads during any sporting events. The new law on the sale of alcohol 2018 year – to-date problem, and most importantly serious reason to think.

Mikhail Emelyanov noticed an unpleasant pattern – while covering all sports in the lens of the camera constantly fall banners of popular companies, engaged in the sale of alcoholic beverages. Thus, unwittingly, young people are constantly watching it, then they come up with different ideas. Such hidden advertising has a negative impact not only on people, and society as a whole. Therefore, at the time of the football championship it is necessary to impose a strict ban on such actions.

It is worth noting, that any advertising of alcohol products was banned in 2008 year. That's only a movie, programs and sports activities a new law on alcohol 2018 not touched. And should carefully review, by making adjustments.

While we can only speak one, members of the media will surely be disappointed with new introductions. Because of them, they will lose quite a large amount of money. A healthy nation is good for them, but personal gain is always better. So you should just wait, what decision the deputies will come.

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