Convulsions when alcohol poisoning

The abuse of alcohol is fraught with sad consequences. One of them is alcohol poisoning after binge. This phenomenon should be considered quite dangerous. Indeed, in severe cases, alcohol poisoning can cause serious health problems. The occurrence of seizures during alcohol poisoning, common, but dangerous phenomenon.

Many people do not realize the seriousness of the problem. That's just occurring seizures can, is your own life. To avoid this, you should pay special attention, the victim, received alcohol poisoning.

Convulsions when alcohol poisoning

Signs of alcohol poisoning

Usually the alarm is a loss of consciousness. After that, the muscles affected start to decline rapidly, and the face acquires a pale shade of. Convulsions when alcohol poisoning can last just a few minutes, but even they are sufficient to serious consequences. After a series of studies, scientists were able to conclude, what epilepsy, provoked by the frequent poisoning of alcohol, can develop into chronic form.

At the first signs of convulsions when alcohol poisoning it can be recognized by a number of symptoms:

  • the person loses consciousness;
  • starts easy aching muscles;
  • limbs start to hurt;
  • there is an attack.

If the victim drank a lot, convulsions when alcohol poisoning can occur several times with a small interval of time. And they will have the specific features:

  • unpleasant symptoms may occur a few days after the feast;
  • can occur in combination with hallucinations;
  • the man is delusional, suffers from insomnia;
  • the degradation of personality.

It is worth noting aid when alcohol poisoning is quite difficult to provide. Rarely pinpoint the cause of discomfort. Even the head is not able to fix the deviation.

Causes of

Causes of

Convulsions when alcohol poisoning can be triggered by a number of factors:

  1. Brain damage. When people abuse intoxicating cells of the brain gradually begin to wither away. If you do not stop the process, nerve impulses will still lose its conductivity. And it is fraught with wanton muscle contraction, the disorder.
  2. A deficiency of potassium and magnesium. Intoxication often leads to dehydration. Along with a fluid derived nutrients, required for normal life support.
  3. The presence of psychological diseases.
  4. Damage to the skull.
  5. Vascular pathology. Ethyl alcohol has a detrimental effect on the operation of the vessels, causing crashes. Timely help during alcohol poisoning in this case may even save someone's life.

Many alcoholics do not even suspect, they have had a seizure, rather, the first symptoms. That's only if the next use of the consequences can be much more difficult. To prevent this, everyone should know, what to do when alcohol poisoning at home. Possible, having the appropriate knowledge, will be able even to save the life of the victim.

Possible complications

Possible complications

Before you find out, how to stop alcohol poisoning, worth learn what a complication this violation can bring:

  • psychological disorders;
  • mood swings;
  • irritability;
  • loss of interest in what is happening;
  • the patient does not want to go to work, chat with friends;
  • aggression;
  • depression, increasingly, head with thoughts of committing suicide;
  • the breaking of relations at work, home;
  • you start getting health problems;
  • degradation of the individual;
  • a complete lack of desire to return to commonplace.

Typically at risk are people under the age of 25-45 years. Often the, who consume alcohol regularly for several years in a row. Although there have been cases, when the disease appeared even later 2 years of alcoholism.

The nature of the seizure usually depends on the state of human health. In the presence of chronic diseases, epilepsy takes on a special hue, may even turn into a permanent.

What to do when alcohol poisoning?

The sad consequences are forced to think seriously, so everyone should know, what to do when alcohol poisoning. A seizure usually does not happen in an empty place, and occurs gradually. The first symptom is:

  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • feeling cold;
  • I want to eat;
  • the desire to drink;
  • mood swings.

What to do when alcohol poisoning

After the man falls, in the most severe cases loses consciousness. Being alone, is to listen carefully to yourself, at the first suspicious symptoms to do the following::

  1. Taking a position, lying, feet should be above your head.
  2. Make a light massage of the limbs.
  3. If the seizure, you can take a relaxing bath with herbs.

When you relapse you need to seek medical help.

After witnessing what is happening, to stay on the side anymore. Need to know, what to take in alcohol poisoning and how to behave correctly:

  • the victim put a pillow under his head;
  • during the seizure do not touch the victim;
  • do not try to move it to another location;
  • in order to avoid choking on vomit put his head to the side. You need to closely monitor, to poor swallowing or vomiting has not occurred ceasing language;
  • open Windows, remove tight clothing;

Usually everything comes back to normal later 5 minutes, if the seizures do not stop more 30 minutes, you need to seek medical help.

How to treat alcohol poisoning

Many are concerned about the issue, how to treat alcohol poisoning. The answer is quite simple, you must permanently quitting the habit. Therapy requires prolonged treatment, and most importantly the desire to restore. It is understood, need more than one day.

Usually the treatment involves several steps:

  1. Physiological procedures.
  2. Communication with therapists.
  3. Rehabilitation.
  4. Socialization.
  5. The use of drugs.

Usually specialist after personal study of your patient picks the most appropriate treatment. It typically involves multiple methods. The duration of treatment depends on many factors, the most important of which is the alcoholic experience, health, the desire and age of the patient.

The consequences of the attack can cause health, and sometimes life serious injury. So just ignore any unpleasant feelings cannot. Must ask for the advice of a specialist. Timely intervention will help avoid possible complications.

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