Therapy alcoholism work

Psychotherapy of alcoholism – a natural complex of measures aimed at elimination of dependence. It is understood, the problem is always in the head. It is not enough just to want to overcome the habit, you need to muster the determination, patience, forces. Today there are many clinics, where every needy spend psychological treatment. The quality of therapy, the likelihood of recurrence is reduced to a minimum.

Psychotherapy of alcoholism

Psychotherapy of alcoholism: testimony

The goal of alcoholism treatment therapy is to explain to the patient the need for it. An experienced specialist is required to rebuild the worldview of the patient, to get to understand, the glass with alcohol is the main enemy. The dependent must have is a quality motivation to achieve goals.

Psychotherapy of alcoholism will be considered successful in the presence of certain supporting factors:

  • the desire of the patient;
  • the awareness of an existing problem;
  • consent to counseling.

Usually this method is used by those, who is not ready for coding.

Contraindications to treatment

Psychotherapy does not guarantee the success of the event, especially if there are the following aspects:

  • the imposition of treatment against the will of the patient;
  • a strong dependence, which man don't want to get rid of;
  • the lack of desire to go on a healthy lifestyle;
  • the appearance of dementia on the background of the action of alcohol.

In such situations it is better to choose another method of deliverance.

Alcoholism treatment

Possible complications

Even the most inveterate alcoholic can light up the goal, to get rid of his illness. Here only the psychotherapy of alcoholism implies a time complexity. To afford the treatment you need to have enough money.

It is understood, this therapy is expensive, therefore, to afford it can selected. The second important aspect is the presence of motivation. To be successful, it is best to start treatment in the early stages of the disease, so increases the chance of more likely to abandon bad habits.

Methods of psychotherapy of alcoholism

Psychotherapy of alcoholism involves multiple forms.


One of the most popular techniques. For the implementation of its, the patient is immersed into TRANS, then instill the right values of life. The main points for the implementation of the therapy is:

  • the consent of the patient;
  • trust a professional;
  • giving up alcohol for 5 days before the start of therapy.

Being in a hypnotic sleep, the patient hears the sermons of the doctor, the meaning of which is to inspire, all drinks that harm. Usually a session lasts one hour. To form disgust, after said, to bring the nose cotton wool, vodka-soaked. With the right approach should be formed disgust.

The number of sessions depends on the individual characteristics of the patient, his alcoholic experience.


Method Dovzhenko

Based on the simultaneous combination of hypnosis with therapeutic conversation. The patient decides, what time is needed for treatment, but usually the period must not be less than a year. Wide popularity was able to get due to the large number of positive reviews.

Abstaining from alcohol for 5 days before the visit, the patient can begin their treatment. For this purpose, it is introduced into a light hypnosis, then give the installation on the prohibition of harmful habits. One course may last for several hours.

Method Shichko

Was designed by Gennady Shichko, they had their particular views on the treatment of any addiction. He was convinced, it is important to self-discipline man, the only way to get back on track.

Quality-designed methodology includes 6 steps:

  1. Photography. To explain to the person, what harm does alcohol not enough, better to show it. The patient ask to be photographed on the first day of treatment, then repeat this procedure every 10 days. Made images you can visually see a positive trend.
  2. Autonames. You must write what are the problems in personal life, work, studies, brought him alcohol.
  3. Start a diary. It will need to record all the sensations, experiences, important events. For success, it is recommended to do it before bed;
  4. It is necessary to determine the degree of suggestibility, find out, how the accident influenced others.
  5. Self-hypnosis. You need to set yourself on the right way, describe in detail what the pros will bring a healthy life. The composed items is to read every day.
  6. To read useful books, where is talking about the benefits of healthy. You can also communicate with those, who was able to overcome his addiction. Illustrative examples will be great motivation.

To perform all the steps, will have to try. To spend enough time, forces. However, its main advantage is that the, what to try it independently, home, without costs money.

Method Shichko

Family therapy in alcoholism

The most important thing for every person – his family. Therefore, to deal with the problem, it is recommended together. Husband and wife, one of the, well, if they always support each other. Today, there are enough techniques, aimed at joint struggle with addiction.

Autogenic training

By the therapy to do the treatment at home. This should be possible to relax, then convince himself the necessary recommendations.

Group psychotherapy

Sometimes to help get rid of the disease, not only can the doctors, but other alcoholics. With this purpose was created a real community. They first originated in 1935 year, people in the U.S.. Its success depends on 3 principles:

  • every member of society should realize their responsibility;
  • to support the audience, enjoy their achievements;
  • to create the necessary anti-alcohol environment.

Such therapy have been able to bring many positive results. Here only in Russia has not yet received due attention. Meet alcoholics anonymous can only in the big cities.

Creative, play therapy

Great for creative individuals, who because of illness has lost faith in herself, your potential. Its main task is a distraction from the cravings.

There are other proven methods, they have already helped hundreds of people to give up bad habits. Learn to live the other cares, Hobbies. In especially severe cases, is recommended in conjunction with medication treatment.

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