Varicose veins and alcohol – how to wear out the vein

Alcohol causes irreversible damage to the body, but, even being aware of it, to abandon it is quite difficult. People are constantly looking for a reason to use. If strong drinks are contraindicated for healthy people, what can you say about those, who suffers from various ailments. The big drawback is that, the population has different myths. They convince, what are varicose veins and alcohol compatible concepts. What to drink a little brandy will be useful even, it is time to dot.

Varicose veins and alcohol

We are not talking about the hardcore alcoholics. After all, ordinary people often wonder after surgery varicose veins can you drink alcohol. Or a nasty disease becomes an eternal sentence to a sober lifestyle?

Can I drink to prevent?

Cognac for many is an elite beverage, it is even recommended to drink daily for medical purposes, but is it really so harmless? We all know alcohol has a vasodilator effect. After eating it enters the bloodstream, dilates blood vessels. That's just impossible to forget about the opposite effect – narrowing. It occurs in the second stage of the action. And to call this effect positive exactly impossible even for a healthy person.

But varicose veins and alcohol is a different story. If patients vein gets drunk component, also is their extension. That's just to execute it normally does not work, the exception becomes nodes. That's just all it can cause damage. The resulting pot will lead to bleeding, stop which home pretty hard, you need to seek medical help.

varicose veins and alcohol

Varicose veins and alcohol can interact, but in small doses. For an adult male is acceptable 50 grams of cognac or vodka, but for women this figure drops significantly, making 15 grams.

Thus, the combination of varicose veins and alcohol can exist. Just do not need to neglect their own health. Any disease may begin to progress failure to comply with the recommended measures.

What happens when you abuse alcohol during varicose veins?

Everyone at least once faced with the man in the face, which had ugly blue and red streaks. They usually cover the cheeks, nose. The reason of the flaw of the skin is vascular injury.

Alcohol destroys the shell blood cells, after which the red blood cells begin to stick together. Appear clots, unable to penetrate into the capillaries. Such violation causes, what is the capillary network is deprived of the natural power, begins to die. The result is an unpleasant phenomenon gradually reflected on the face appear purple spots.

This cannot be disregarded, in fact, this situation occurs with all the vessels of the body. Are forming life-threatening clots. The existence of abuse is under threat. Therefore, the varicose veins and alcohol important point, you can not joke with him, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

after surgery varicose veins can you drink alcohol

Frequently asked questions for patients

Having examined in detail the problem, it is worth to pay a little attention to frequently asked questions:

  1. After surgery varicose veins can you drink alcohol?

Getting rid of the stupid disease again to provoke him. Therefore, it is better to keep a healthy lifestyle.

  1. In the diagnosis can I drink?

Completely eliminate alcohol no need, but you should pay special attention to the frequency of holidays, and most importantly, the dose of alcohol consumed.

  1. Is it permissible to drink coffee with cognac in the venous disease?

After receiving confirmation of the diagnosis, recommended even to give up coffee, therefore, there can be no question of the Union of these two drinks.

  1. Can rubbing alcohol?

Can, but only if there is no trophic skin lesions. Better to do without experiments, consult a doctor flebologia.

Venous disease – a chronic illness. He can calm down, to allow the patient to live happily. But any alcohol provokes sore, to avoid this it is recommended to refuse from its use.


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