Sick pancreas after alcohol: what to do

Alcohol intake affects the condition of the pancreas. Organ damaged by ethanol, what causes pancreatitis or diabetes. The development of the disease depends largely on the physical condition and characteristics of the organism.

Among the many reasons, leading to disruption of the gland, alcohol takes the second position and diagnosed 35 % cases after gallstones (45 %).

Sick pancreas after alcohol: what to do

Sick pancreas after alcohol: reasons

The pancreas is a special organ of the gastrointestinal tract. It is located behind the stomach and takes a standing position. Iron breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Its function also includes production of insulin and glucagon, which normalize the blood sugar. Long-term use of alcohol impairs this function. In the end, the sugar content is greatly increased, and developing diabetes.

The pancreas of a person, abusing alcohol, susceptible to pathological changes. It contributes to the development of pancreatitis, as:

  • disrupts the function of the gland for the removal of formed in her juice. If the body is healthy, then during the day it allocates about 2 liters of juice. Ethanol, contained in the alcohol, an irritant on the intestinal wall. As a result, there is a spasm of the sphincter. The juice from the gland ceases to be displayed and stored in it. The fabric is affected and gradually begins to break down;
  • over time, damaged areas of tissue scars. But this process does not go unnoticed. After drinking alcohol, a person feels severe pain. Function ibruprofen tissue is broken, it is damaged and not able to fully function, what causes pain.

The acute form of pancreatitis is especially dangerous. The disease almost always ends in death.

Symptoms of problems with your pancreas

Symptoms of problems with your pancreas

When pancreatitis occurs admission of pancreatic enzymes (PIG) in the duodenum. Staying on, they ruin it. There is a sort of samoupravljanje body, which leads to, that formed the toxins are released into the bloodstream. It damages the whole body.

The pancreas begins the process of dying fabrics. One of the most serious consequences of pancreatitis is the formation of cancer tumors. This results in the removal of the prostate gland, sometimes partial, but most full. Later man has to take insulin and enzymes.

Among the first symptoms, characterizing the onset of the disease, there are such:

  • first constipation, and further diarrhea;
  • dryness (bitterness) mouth;
  • pain in the hypochondrium;
  • weakness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • the appearance on the skin is dark (cyanotic) spots;
  • fever.

In house conditions it is impossible to determine according to the presence of symptoms of pancreatitis. The diagnosis is confirmed only in a medical facility after all surveys. The patient should undergo ultrasound, to take a blood sample and conduct the procedure of gastroscopy. After identifying the disease of the alcoholic is placed on treatment, that helps prevent probable complications.

To reduce pain

To get rid of severe pain in the region of the pancreas will help the medication, among them:

  • painkillers (Acetamiophen);
  • medications to neutralize acidic gastric secretions (Omeprazol);
  • drugs, relieves spasms (No-Spa);
  • medicines, reducing the number produced by the gland enzymes (Lipito).

sick pancreas after alcohol

To facilitate the work of the pancreas can, using:

  • infusion, made from Rowan berries;
  • the solution is with the use of magnesium sulfate (consultation of doctor is required);
  • rosehip tea (dried fruits).

If a person is diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, the further use of alcohol threatens to relapse. In particularly difficult cases, developing type II diabetes, necrosis of the gland, or the patient is threatened with death.

Recovery on

To revive the affected with alcohol on with a special diet:

  1. For the first 2 days is recommended to use the minimum amount of food.
  2. In some cases it is useful to drink only purified non-carbonated water.
  3. The menu should be fruits or vegetables in boiled and mashed form.
  4. Allowed the use of low-calorie foods after a period of fasting (cheese, yogurt, yogurt).
  5. Gradually in the diet is allowed to enter the steam burgers (fish) with vegetable puree.
  6. Healthy fruit jelly, apples and pears baked.

This diet will facilitate the work of the pancreas and reduce the production of enzymes. Food must be fractional. It is recommended to take food in small portions to 8 times throughout the day. Should be deleted from the menu spicy and fatty foods. Harmful fried and smoked food, prohibited confectionery and chocolate.

Adherence to these recommendations will help to restore the gland. This is possible with a strict prohibition of alcohol during the recovery period. The alcohol will complicate the condition of the patient's body and make it impossible in the future, its proper functioning.


The recovery process is very long. The result depends on full refusal of alcohol and compliance with special diets. Failure to do so leads to increased production of gland enzymes, that leads to the death of cells of the organ.

It is important to diagnose the disease and follow the doctor's recommendations to avoid serious consequences. Statistics say, the number of alcoholics, deaths from pancreatitis, is 60 % of all recorded deaths.

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