Best treatment centers for alcoholism

Many people lightly connected his life with alcohol, the result of this Union was a terrible disease. Yourself to overcome your addiction is impossible. The only chance to normalize the existence of the contact to the relevant institution. That's just the question often arises – how to find a decent clinic. Because the best treatment centers for alcoholism presented in a wide range.

best treatment centers for alcoholism

I do not want to run into a fake, potravin significant amount, and don't get the desired result. Such was not the case, it is worth to go for help in the best treatment centers for alcoholism in Russia. Here you will find the true professionals, they have rescued hundreds of people, managed to permanently say "no" to alcohol.

Each clinic has its own special approach, but the result is always worth it. It's time to seriously consider the best treatment centers for alcoholism in Russia.

Rehabilitation center Next

The right to start the list of best treatment centers for alcoholism trust the clinic is located in the Sunny Krasnodar region. The city of Sochi is famous for its nature, climates, so undergo rehabilitation here is a pleasure. One of the main conditions is the anonymity. Peaceful setting allows for a more comfortable diagnosis. It can, is available in various options: hypnosis, coding, for known programs.

Usually it depends on the individual characteristics of the patients. Staff suitable special attention to each patient. The process has not oppressed, they are allowed to see relatives. Moreover, medical workers are practicing close contact with them, this allows us to provide a comprehensive influence on the received.

Rehabilitation center

Medical organization "the Family"

The most famous narcological hospital of Moscow city. Anonymity helps to treat different members of society, without fear of publicity. The main principle of treatment is considered the program "12 steps", allows you to return to the old existence. A big plus is the establishment of outpatient treatment.

People, not having the ability to lie on the hospital, can every day to come here. This is especially suitable for students, and employees, not able to leave the workplace for a long time. The staff consists of well trained professionals, have knowledge in various profiles.

Alcohol Is "Help"

Best treatment centers for alcoholism in Russia can not do without this organization, located in the city of Moscow. The institution helps to combat alcohol dependence and drug addiction. Here an check out the professionals at the home, which greatly simplifies the situation. Therapy includes detoxification, and psychological support.

Price category depends on the conditions of detention. It can single apartment or house for five people. Pre-testing is not required, everything necessary will be taken at the place.

Clinic 12 steps

Clinic 12 steps

The clinic is located in Saint Petersburg and has existed for 14 years. This whole period here was successfully treated alcohol-dependent, drug, and even gambling. The reason for the success is the special method, includes the following activities:

  • the conclusion of a long binge;
  • conducting the detoxification of the body;
  • therapy using medicines;
  • the creation of a special program which allows to avoid relapse;
  • psychological help;
  • social rehabilitation.

Thanks to the positive reviews, the clinic included in the list of best treatment centers for alcoholism.

The Centre Of The Bekhterev

The Centre Of The Bekhterev

Face, in need of skilled care should not forget about another institution of St. Petersburg. Therapy can, takes place in various forms, the customer chooses convenient conditions. Chamber different from the usual hospital facilities.

Here there is air conditioning, TV, shower, toilet. All in order, make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. Even food tailored to the requests of the dependent, for example, vegetarian can be calm, his diet will be to meet life priorities. Of course, this service will cost a decent amount, but the management offers its customer a loan on favorable terms. Now it can be treated with comfort.

Clinic "Nevsky"

Clinic "Nevsky"

Popular hospital of Krasnodar, allowing you to easily get rid of years of addiction. Range of treatment will involve several levels, starting from the deoxidation of, ending the normalization of the psychological state. Good efficiency is achieved thanks to highly skilled experts, with good knowledge.

On arrival at the institution, the client appears to be your own consultant curator, and the person, experienced these procedures. An illustrative example helps to achieve the desired goal. It is also worth noting the presence of a special community, consisting of former patients, their families. Group support, helps to tune into the right rhythm, and to avoid relapses.

The Establishment Of "Salvation"

The Establishment Of "Salvation"

Moscow firm, branches which is spread throughout the country. Rehabilitation takes place completely anonymously. Many long reviews, add institution advantages.

Sometimes the practice of leaving workers on the house, but greater success can be achieved after in-patient program "12 steps". Daring for all tie, it is understood, the average course lasts about 5 months.

Clinic Marshak

One of the oldest, but the best Moscow institutions. Here assist patients with different stages of addiction. Quality diagnostics allows you to permanently give up the addiction. The success of the therapy lies in the special techniques, includes:

  • physical therapy;
  • view special movies;
  • medication;
  • psychotherapy – individual or group;
  • selection of special treatment programs based on individual characteristics.

Comfortable environment, including one or three of the local chamber, food four times, and ongoing support of psychologists.

Hospital Isaeva

Hospital Isaeva

Popular organization, the 2005 year, branches which are located throughout the country. The main feature is a special approach – beginners are always populated with the patient, the last half of the course.

This helps to adequately interpret the situation. Psychological support is provided to the patient, and his family.

SSC SSP Serbian narcology Department

Collected here are a true professional. The Moscow branch has helped a huge number of victims. This is not surprising, because it exists with 1960 year. Different methods, program, the conditions of detention provide close supervision to each client. Received work with specialists in all areas, that allows to pass a comprehensive examination.

Here the best treatment centers for alcoholism each of them over the years managed to show excellent results. Conducted statistics is pleased, after all, the therapy was able to fully meet the expectations. Healthy people Express their gratitude and help others get on the right path.

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