Alcoholism treatment with hypnosis

Not long ago, hypnosis was seen as something unusual, mysterious. To him resorted wizards, to achieve from the man of truth. Today, however,, it is not strange tales, a proven fact. This procedure is used for medicinal purposes, to overcome psychosis, depression, and most importantly to get rid of bad habits. Main, of which is alcoholism.

Alcoholism treatment with hypnosis

Hypnosis vs dependence: myth or reality

Sometimes a single session, but in advanced situations it is necessary to conduct a course of treatment. It all depends on the health of the patient, his alcoholic experience, and most importantly own desire to get rid of the disease. Alcoholism treatment hypnosis gives positive results, which is confirmed by many former addicts.

The greatest success is guaranteed with global impact, when at the same time help the patient to recover physically and mentally. Studies have been able to prove that important information is responsible for the preservation of a person located in the subcortical center of the brain. And with a strong alcohol addiction, this site is, blocked, the alcoholic has only one dream – to find and drink alcohol.

Hypnosis helps a person, on a subconscious level will return to normal, sober life. Years of research this method were not in vain, it was the most effective. The authors of some of them became Zhdanov, Semenov, Zaitsev. Each of them has its own quirks, features.

this hypnosis treatment of alcoholism in Moscow

Preparing for the therapy and procedure

Specialist before treatment it is necessary to hold a conversation with the victim, his family. This will help to more deeply study the problem. That all went well, the dependent is required two weeks prior to the procedure to refrain from intoxicating drinks. It is advisable not to leave the poor alone. The patient is vulnerable, and needs strong support.

It would seem the procedure is quite simple, kadrovaya long preparation. However, it should be more careful, not to rush things. Best in advance to get acquainted well with the doctor, trust relationship is half the battle. Going to therapy, you should wear comfortable clothing, in which people will feel comfortable, cozy. Even the little things play an important role.

The essence of the procedure lies in the fact, the hypnotist slowly plunges in the hypnotic dependent sleep. In this condition, gradually opened his mind – the doctor a few times inspires the alcoholic about the dangers of drinking, about, it is possible to live a full. After waking up it just feels like setting. If done correctly, he will feel an aversion even to the smell of an alcoholic beverage. However, do not worry, if the long-awaited result is not coming. Every body is different, may need a little more time.

It is understood, the hypnotist does not give 100% warranty. There are people, which are not amenable to suggestion. Daring to such a method of treatment, should look for reliable experts, with appropriate practice. Should beware of charlatans, unknown promising results.

alcoholism treatment with hypnosis

Alcoholism treatment with hypnosis: contraindications

Hypnosis is a kind of treatment, so, it has particular contraindications, these include:

  • unwillingness to return to a sober life;
  • distrust of the expert, his technique;
  • the presence of alcohol in the body;
  • psychological disorder;
  • pregnancy;
  • elderly people;
  • infectious diseases.

In the presence of such factors, is to abandon or postpone the session until better times. It is necessary to understand the most important thing in the success of hypnosis is the desire of the patient. PI doubt, expect miracles is not worth it. It is best to send dependent on reception to the psychologist. An experienced specialist will be able to set the right mood, and only after that to go to a hypnotist.

Methods of coding

There are several proven techniques. Examination, specialists, which one you should choose:

  • gipnosuggestevna psychotherapy is to maintain the patient in a state of hypnotic sleep;
  • anchor hypnosis – the patient is awake, the only condition is the voluntary consent to treatment;
  • autogenic training specialist relaxes the patient and helps him to find inner harmony.

Methods of coding

This hypnosis treatment of alcoholism in Moscow practiced long ago. The results are positive.

When hypnosis treat alcoholism

Through a number of surveys, it was revealed, what hypnosis helps 75% alcoholics get rid of their disease. Positive dynamics is not going to happen, if the patient:

  • a small level of concentration;
  • weak willpower;
  • strong hangover, mental illness.

The treatment of alcoholism through hypnosis is a real technique, allowing the dependent person to abandon bad habits. The main thing, to find a good specialist.

Dangerous hypnosis for alcoholism

Even despite the numerous practice of hypnosis, experts are unable to answer fully, to what consequences can lead the hypnosis. It is understood, a depends on the doctor, who agrees to this procedure.

The most important thing at the time treatment is to provide patient attention, care and love. Very soon he will be back to normal, the alcohol in which there is no place!

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