From a hangover to die for

By consuming alcohol, many people, seriously think, what harm caused to your body. Because ethyl alcohol, in the process of dissolution are capable of causing devastating action to destroy the liver, nerve cells, disrupts the work of all organs and causes disease, can lead to death. So what do we do, not to die during a hangover.

Death by hangover

Death by hangover

The main danger of a hangover, in fact, it hides the emergence of deadly diseases associated with alcohol use. People can be confident, he feels bad only because, on the eve overdone with hot drinks, but in fact he develops a life threatening disease. And therefore unable to seek timely help.

It is important to recognize the signs, associated with a hangover, the ability to quickly distinguish it from other complications can save lives. If the situation gets out of control, should immediately call an ambulance.

A severe hangover is dangerous, that may be due to the following reasons:

  1. Overdose alcohol. Lethal dose for humans may be the consumption of vodka in the amount of 750 ml for 5 hours. Moreover, many believe, if a good snack, unpleasant consequences can be avoided, but in fact it only exacerbates the situation. Abundant eating temporarily dulls the alcohol, people just don't feel that the uses of excess, and this is the right step towards the development of pancreatitis and liver failure.
  2. Aggravation of diseases. It is understood, each organism has its own characteristics. The same dose each is having its impact. Therefore, any amount of ethanol can have a serious impact on all internal organs, to most dangerous are: arrhythmia, stomach ulcer, liver failure and pneumonia.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause the development of serious disorders.

dying with a hangover

Disease, can cause death during a hangover

Can you die from a hangover? This question worries many people, who abuse alcohol. Here are the most popular reasons for admission to hospital after the holidays, every tenth case ends with death:

  1. Pneumonia. Ethanol can cause the development of pneumonia, its symptoms is: shortness of breath, raising the temperature, and lips take on a blue tint. To cure pneumonia will require a long amount of time, possible, the occurrence of complications.
  2. Acute pancreatitis. Ethyl alcohol causes its impact and pancreas. Because of the resulting failure, her juice begins to digest the organ itself, and this causes a lot of pain, inflammation. If you do not provide timely assistance, can appear complications, which will lead to diabetes.From a hangover to die for
  3. Bleeding the digestive tract. The excessive use of intoxicating drinks has a serious effect on the stomach, this leads to edema, erosion, heartburn and severe pain in the stomach. To recognize the development of the disease will help fatigue, black stool and headache.
  4. Renal colic. Particularly dangerous to drink alcohol with kidney stones. The reason is the increased movement of stone. Alcohol causes severe swelling, which narrows the urethra, and it amplifies painful sensations in the movement of stone, and it can be used throughout the body. The main symptoms of passing a stone are: urine with presence of blood, severe diarrhea and diarrhea.
  5. Angioedema. This files most often occurs in the presence of Allergy to any components contained in the consumed beverage. It manifests in the form of redness, rash, severe itching, urticaria, severe edema of the face. Angioedema is a serious disease, which in case of untimely care can lead to death. To cure it on their own not. Therefore, when the first suspicious symptoms should seek medical help. After all, can occur laryngeal edema, which can completely block the access of oxygen.
  6. Heart failure. Danger of death may have the disease, the reason for this delay in recognition. The man and his loved ones do not understand, it's about unusual hangover, so, not have time to assist. The main symptoms of heart failure are: severe shortness of breath even at rest, excessive sweating, with trembling hands, and restlessness. The reason for the development of illness is the stagnation of blood in the circulation. Accumulated in the alveoli fluid breaks the gas exchange of oxygen, if you do not raise the alarm, the patient may die from lack of oxygen.
  7. Cardiac arrhythmia. About 65% alcoholics suffer from impaired function of the myocardium. The danger lies in the fact, she can trigger the development of diseases and to cure it on their own not. Sick people are often unable even to recognize its symptoms. After all, to reveal the severity of the condition is possible only on the EKG.

From a hangover to die for, if a person suffers from these diseases.

Liver failure – the right way to the light

Unfortunately, the development of this disease is entirely independent of the experience of alcoholism. It can develop in any person. The cause of illness is the death of liver cells, but their rate of dying depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. In particularly critical situations, the destruction process may take just a few hours. However, the disease may also have chronic.

Liver failure

The main signs of liver failure are:

  • the wild feeling of fatigue;
  • gag reflex;
  • lack of air.

Ethyl alcohol can have a negative effect not only on the internal organs, but the blood, which is able to affect the brain, and this may lead to fainting, hallucinations, delirium and fatigue.

If you do not get prompt treatment may die due to the onset of hepatic coma, signs of which is:

  • yellowness of the skin;
  • urine darkens;
  • feces is bright;
  • the fear to die.

When the condition does not improve, and the victim disturbed coordination, the temperature rises, you need to call an ambulance.

How not to die from a hangover?

The appearance of any suspicious symptoms the next morning after the partying has become a serious reason to think. They should not be ignored, it is best to make an appointment to see the doctor.

With a heavy hangover is not:

  • take a hot bath;
  • drinking beverages containing coffee;
  • sober.

Can you die from a hangover? Yes, if you do not call the ambulance. Therefore, you should not self-medicate or hopes, it all goes away. Own life should be the most expensive, and it should always be remembered.

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