What drugs will help you to give up beer?

Beer alcoholism is not a joke, a serious disease! How to quit drinking beer? Contemporary pharmacy offers many medications, to fight addiction. It is about these miraculous tools we will discuss in this post.

What is the most effective in the rejection of the beer?

Before turning to "proven" drugs, try to get rid of their addiction alone.


The fact, what would you have purchased expensive pills or what would be the eminent doctor did not complain, in any case, it acts as a wheelchair for a healthy person. The cure is already in you, and you just need to want it "activate". Drugs from beer addiction will not help, if there is no desire to give up bad habits.

Teetotal athlete is different from an alcoholic with a beer belly just the way of thinking and desires. When you decide to drink, you want to be sick and dependent. You should want to be healthy, young and sober – please. But no medicine can not do this for you. Think about this before, than throw away money is not important, whether on beer or pills from beer addiction.

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Modern drugs from beer addiction

  1. "Esperal" and "torpedo" – Medicinal drugs can be purchased at the pharmacy, the price is quite feasible. The main advantage of these injections is rather that, they inspire the following thought dependent all, immediately after the injection of the bridges have been burned, not even a drop of beer. Minus "Esperal" or "torpedo" , once the course of injections ends, 90% all dependent begin to drink more and resemble a woman, off diet and running in a pastry shop. In any case, apart from the psychological effect, injection to reduce the craving for alcohol and help fight the physical addiction.
  2. Drop The "My Periodic Sharpening" – ethe drug should be consumed after two weeks of abstinence. It will help to fight the craving for beer at the physical level, and it will be much easier to abandon the once beloved beverage. However, if you soak for two weeks, physical addiction is considerably reduced, and you have to fight with only psychological dependence. In this case, "my periodic sharpening" will play the role of the placebo – taking drops according to the instructions, you will be able to restrain his desire to taste the beer.Joxi
  3. Acupuncture – ethe method was created in the late seventies of the last century doctor Semenov and called the acupuncture programming (AP). The method has no side effects, effects on mental state, is not a coding. For more than thirty years AP has been successfully used in cases of treatment of addiction to alcohol, scientifically substantiated, and is relatively inexpensive. But if you decide to use AP, to get rid of the craving for beer, still must first firmly decide for yourself to become truly free.
  4. Supplements from this beer alcoholism – in any pharmacy there is a stand called "dietary Supplements", which exhibits a number of drugs, which is not a drug, however, it promises to help get rid of alcoholism. You can experience any of these drugs, since it is unlikely they will harm you. And will it help? Most of them reduces the feeling of euphoria from making beer, but it, perhaps, and all. Possible, here more than trigger the placebo effect.
  5. Coding – tokodirovanie from beer alcoholism is in Moscow, starting from 3 000 rubles, that is not too expensive, if you have decided to become free and to start a new life. But if it will help? Says most people, experienced coding on it yourself, really very much holding back from taking beer, but, alas – as soon as the validity of the encoding, a large part is encoded starts to drink a lot. It is quite unpleasant, many people drink many times more, than drinking to encoding, going into the bout. In any case, you should not attempt to encode human, if he doesn't want. It is completely pointless, and only bring him pain.

A special diet from beer alcoholism

Recover from beer addiction is possible and not buying any funds, and using a special way of eating. So, for two or three days before the start of two weeks of the diet you need to stop drinking beer. On the same diet for fourteen days use such products – low-fat boiled meat, bird, fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of kefir and buttermilk, pure mineral water.

The forbidden roast meat, spices, onions and garlic, salt (that is, the food you eat without salt). Also consume vitamin complex (select any in the pharmacy). In the first days of the diet you may feel nausea from the toxins – harmful substances will rapidly leave your body. Recommended to ease the discomfort bath or sauna, aromatherapy (inhale oils of citrus, cedar), exercise. Don't have to go to the gym and break records. Is enough walking or Jogging. Very cool, if you have a bike, or other moving hobby.

Personal life, as a tablet from alcoholism

Another way to forget about your addiction to beer is in the building and modeling personal life. If you are alone, replace the beer with beer at the TV for the evening Proms in the parks and streets of the city, cafes, where ordering a salad and juice, you can meet a handsome stranger or a pretty young man. If you have a mate, the alcoholism can destroy even the strongest relationship, distancing you from your loved one.

Ask a loved one to help you to deal with any trouble, illness or addiction better together, so, who loves you wholeheartedly and is ready to support. Remember, what most people don't drink from living a happy life, and from loneliness or troubles in his personal life.

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Today there is a lot of money for treatment of beer based on. You can feel the effect of a variety of ways: injection, drops, Dietary supplements, acupuncuture, and even zakodirovatsia. If you have no desire to spend money, you can try to give up beer at home, sitting on a special anti-alcohol diet. However, all these methods can be powerless, if you do not want to deal with a bad habit.

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