Allergic to beer

Allergy is an individual reaction to a specific allergen. Is sensitivity to the sun or even on the water but these are very rare. Today, the most common allergic reaction to pollen, dust, animal fur. There are allergies to food. Is no exception and allergic to beer.

Why might it be an allergic reaction to beer?

Beer is a drink, obtained by mixing several components. An allergic reaction can cause each of them.

Hops and malt. Known, plants and pollen are often the allergens, but because of the fact, the hops and barley malt cause rejection by the body, not surprising. If you have an Allergy to plants, the probability, beer – the drink is not for you.


Beer preservatives – bottled or canned beer is "long lived" due to the substances, prolonging the storage time. Preservatives are not natural compounds, they can cause allergies.

Flavors, food coloring. Beer is beautiful, tasty not due to a natural process of cooking, and for the reason, that it contains a lot of flavorings and colorings. Chemically active substances can be a strong allergen.


Yeast important ingredient, which does not exclude an allergic reaction.

Ethyl alcohol. Beer – alcoholic drink! Despite a lot of myths about the magical effects on the body alcohol, alcohol is very hostile to the body element, adversely affecting the running processes of life. If you are allergic to beer, it is also possible, what you are allergic to other alcoholic beverages.

What reactions cause allergens?

Symptoms of Allergy depend on the product:

  1. Malt. Can cause a dry cough, a feeling of constriction in the chest, sometimes it can be pulmonary edema. More barley malt causes a reaction, similar to allergies to plants hives (spots on the skin) and swelling.
  2. Hops. First and foremost, an allergic reaction affects the organs of vision – eyes turn red, watery, a stinging sensation. Along with this nose to go transparent mucus, feels burning sensation. It is not excluded asthma.
  3. Preservatives, dyes, yeast. Most often cause stomach upset, diarrhea, diarrhea. Also the Allergy can manifest in the form of hives, runny nose and cough.

Allergic to beer – what to do?

Beer is not a necessary product for your life, and if you're not drinking it, nothing bad has happened. Modern beer is a mixture of many chemical elements, negatively affecting human. If the body refuses to assimilate drink, manifested allergic reaction, it is worth to give it.

The second option out of the situation – so-called antihistamines. They can be purchased at any pharmacy for a relatively reasonable price. The effect of these drugs based on the blocking of the active substances, allergenic. Side effects include drowsiness. Whether there are pills, then to drink beer?

If the manifestation of the reaction cannot be stopped with the pills, have to use stronger drugs hormones. But that's drastic measures, which are not worth receiving beer. Watch this informative video entitled: "What made the semis" and, possible, you will not want to drink more beer.


Our body is incredibly clever "machine", which is able to recognize friendly and harmful substances. Sometimes the body fails and reacts negatively to pollen or wool. But increasingly, people experience allergies to foods. This is not surprising, because modern food – chemical products, which have little to do with natural and natural food. If you are allergic to beer, it, most likely, not because you have failed, and because the beer wrong. In the old days, beer was being brewed, now it is actually produced in laboratories, mixing different chemicals. If you are allergic to beer, it is better not to drink it!

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