How to stop drinking beer man

Do you like beer? Why not, what's wrong with such "affection". Someone crazy about chocolate, someone appreciates expensive cognac, beer is no worse affection. However, only until, until you become dependent on him. Barely tasting drink will grow for you in a much stronger heartfelt affection and all, down the drain. If you topical issue how like a man to give up beer, then read this post.

The realization of their addiction

We congratulate you, if you do find yourself such a problem, as a dependency. Not all people reach this on their own – alas.

Male - king. And that's it, beer drinking

Male – king. And that's it, beer drinking

Sometimes a huge beer belly, red and puffy face, health problems can't stop a man, to say nothing of his relatives and close people. So if you understand, you want to stop drinking beer – it consider, half the battle. But it will be done just in case, if you want this very, very.

So, you understand and accept the fact, the dependent. The main problem of beer alcoholism in, what most people refuse to acknowledge him. Vodka alcoholism or dependence on other strong kind of alcohol – Yes of course. But light beer?

But this opinion is a huge mistake, that separates millions of people from recovery. And because man can suffer shortness of breath, pain in the liver and kidneys, indigestion, problems with potency, but never to admit, that depends.

What to do, when did you realize that excessive attachment to beer drink? One way out and very simple – to throw. As soon as you told yourself: "I'm addicted", we must direct all its efforts on the attainment of freedom. Some people do it immediately, some people don't. What, if you can't get rid of the harmful addiction overnight, can try the following ways to get rid of beer alcoholism.

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Get rid gradually

As a rule, those people, who are unable to get rid of bad habits at once, apparently decided for myself finally, I want to be free. In this case, you can help the phasing out of beer – but it may not help. For example, your "norm" – 1 a liter of the Golden liquid daily. Make it a goal tomorrow to drink a pint and keep the "dose" of the week.

Then cut in half. The secret of this method lies in the fact, you almost immediately, for 5-6 days will feel ease. You will be much easier to move around, to breathe and even think. Because, further refusal to drink will not be given already so painstakingly. But again – it is best to throw a beer once and for all, than this way.

Select the days, when you can afford beer - and no more

Select the days, when you can afford beer – and no more

Sometimes psychologically difficult to accept the idea, that will have to live without something. "Kaaak? I won't be able to drink beer, never, never?" – thinks in horror of the people, and trying to come to terms with this idea, but somehow it is not coming out.. This is not surprising, after all, nothing attracts, like the forbidden fruit.

Because, if you do not say to yourself the word "never", and just to impose reasonable restrictions, you will be much easier to live with the idea of the rejection of the beer. For example, you can say to yourself, from now on you will drink less beer on weekends. In a month you will want to take the next step, and to reduce the dose, eating once a drink only on holidays.

Again, less than two weeks, how you will feel lightness in the body, clarity of thought, which will allow you not to break and to continue the struggle with addiction.

And, actually, why are you drinking?

Let's consider the scheme, you are followed constantly before drinking beer. We may be wrong, but in most cases it looks like this – you come home from work, tired and exhausted. And you already made it a rule instead of an invigorating shower or a jog to do the following techniques to relax – open a bottle of cold beer, sit back in the chair and start watching TV.

Other scheme may be different. For example, you are an avid party-goer, and every day I see friends in cafes and clubs. Drinking alcohol is unhealthy, and because you have been consumed exclusively beer. So long, that being in a crowded place you think is just unnatural to have a coffee or tea – only beer.

Don't you think, that you are a prisoner of the ritual? You are no longer experiencing pleasure from every SIP of the drink, for you beer is just a habit, and very harmful. So why not replace it? The most effective replacement is considered a sport. You can buy a gym membership or just go out on a daily jog around the house. Let's not argue, to sit with a bottle of beer comfortably, than to run and sweat, but what you get in return? Sport will give you a beautiful body, healthy appearance and well-being, while beer is all it takes ruthlessly.

However, don't necessarily need to choose sports, after all, the replacement can be anything. Sign up for courses that, what long wanted to study Chinese language, cooking lessons or aircraft control. You can spend time with friends or try to find love for example, to make through Dating sites blind dates. Movie, walking, travel, photo, books – the mass of options, you need to choose only, what you like.

A gift to myself

There is something, what you have been dreaming? For example, t-shirt, which is, for example, 10 thousand rubles, and you can't afford. Let's calculate. You spend daily on beer around 100-200 rubles. Multiply this amount by 30 of days in the month and get 3000-6000 rubles. After two or three months you can afford to buy two t-shirts, what several sizes smaller than your current size.

Come up with something, what would you like to reward yourself, and wait for it's money. Yes, the money, you usually do not hesitate to spend on beer. You will be shocked, when you see how much you save by giving up bad habits! And the savings be sure to treat yourself to something, because you were so good!

Life without beer is great

We don't know, who is reading these lines now – how you look, how old are you, what is your status and who you work for. But even not knowing this, I can assume, what will be your future. The lives of people dependent entirely bleak. They are sick (heart, stomach, the kidneys and liver), look unattractive (huge belly-pillow, puffy face can not attract), alone (alcoholism lead to impotence, and impotence – to be alone).

Sad picture. Potentially it you. But you can break the vicious circle and become absolutely free. All you need to do is only to abandon the harmful drink. Come on, this evil thing and you will get a chance to a different future, where you sports, beautiful, passionate about things that matter and are behind a loving woman. Whether your addiction of your life? The answer is obvious, but the choice is yours.

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Throw the beer easily, but it does not return to the habit? If you want to be healthy, beautiful and attractive, it's not difficult. Motivate yourself daily, find a new hobby (or go back to the old), make friends or relationship. You are the master of your life and destiny, and you can change your life today.

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