Teenager drinking beer: what to do?

The is unnoticed, but surely screwed us in the head with the stereotype, what to drink fashionably, correctly and almost useful. And if not useful, once you don't drink – you're not cool. Teenagers like no other trying to find themselves, your way, and therefore gladly accept such tips. And that in the end? The gene pool of the country is sliding downhill, being fond of Smoking, alcohol and drug. In this post we will talk about, how to stop drinking teen.

Why Teens drink beer?

Teenagers drinking beer destructive processes just appear on the face

Teenagers drinking beer destructive processes just appear on the face

The reasons for the universal fascination with a few Beers. The advertising is doing its job, but also beer available, is inexpensive and released the youth without any problems.

But the main reason most people, including youth, don't think beer is harmful drink. Alcoholism is in most cases associated with the consumption of vodka, but not beer. Meanwhile, it adolescents run the highest risk of becoming alcoholics.

Almost all parents fear the worst. "Smokes? Let him smoke, not pot main, and will not a drug addict". "Beer drinkers? Well, beer is slaboalkogol, nothing wrong, better beer than vodka". Parent just uncomfortable berating teenager, if that after walking is detected by the light fume. "Yes, we had a bottle of beer". And honestly, and again, beer is the same as, nonsense.. It turns out, choosing the lesser of two evils, the parent just gives the child for beer alcoholism.

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How to get rid of bad habits?

Very well, if the young person asks the question attached to it. But that may not happen. In this case, it will help some motivational factors, which we will discuss below.

  1. A good example is contagious. Not to say, and the parents will always be a role model for a child. So, if you smoke and drink, and do not expect to valmarith to mind their kindred blood, what is harmful.But I would think your child, if you play sports and give up all their bad habits? You may not even read homilies and sermons, since your behavior is all I will say for you. You will see after two or three weeks, what your child will begin to imitate you.
  2. Love, love.. It is impossible to adjust, but if your child will fall in love (especially unrequited), he starts to change before our eyes. Love causes a person to show his best qualities, and because this light feeling can help the teenager to quit drinking beer. True, possible, to this idea the child will need to push – but because that's what parents, isn't it?
  3. New toy. Wants your child? New computer, bike, the iPad? It all can be a very strong motive for, to a teenager, stopped eating a drink.
    Save your child, until it is too late

    Save your child, until it is too late

  4. The doctrine – light! Possible, what teenager uses beer just from ignorance. Why not hold explanatory (but not boring) the conversation. Tell your child, what he faces thanks to the beer. Who wants to heart problems, stomach, kidney or liver? In Vogue slim and fit young men, but because to grow a beer belly – the prospect is not alluring.
  5. In addition to adolescents it is important to be "normal" sexually. Explain, what is the impact of drinking beer on potency and fertility. Possible, this information will open your eyes to what is happening with his body and forced to give up the habit.
  6. Treatment in a special institution. If the teen is severely addicted, it is necessary to call in a special medical institution, where he will help. However, remember, the child himself will never ask about it and will seriously give up, if he offered you this. But beer drinking is not a joke, in and of itself will not pass. The teenager experiences a very real withdrawal, need a serious medical approach, if you can't quit this addiction on their own.


Teenagers – people complex, because they do their best to grow, to look older and hipper. These reasons often push children into the clutches of beer dependence. If your child began to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, you need to act!


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