The motivation of getting rid of the beer

If a person has a goal to get rid of a particular drug, he will certainly succeed. But in order to facilitate the fight, need to find an important motivational reasons, who answer questions: "Why do I want to do it?"Find answers to these questions, this will be the best motivation of getting rid of the beer.

Let's deal with the reasons

"Easy" drink also can easily cause serious dependence

“Easy” drink also can easily cause serious dependence

You need not go far – go back in time, when you began to drink beer regularly. That contributed to this, idleness or a more compelling reason? Sometimes people become "evagelical", wanting to drown out the stress – for example, at work a very tense situation, and want to relax at home.

It can also happen, that person hooked "on beer" friends, who are constantly going to the company and use "safe" alcohol.

The reason can also be expressed using the phrase "fats to drink nothing better to do". For example, we have not had any worthy and interesting hobby, Hobbies, and instead, to play sports or to learn to fire a crossbow, you prefer some time to sit in front of a TV with a jar-second beer.

If you find the cause, you will be much easier to identify a motive, help you quit a bad habit. But if the reasons are not found or it is not so good, to be the cause, you can directly jump to the definition of the motivating factors.

The motivation of getting rid of the beer

What's bothering you? Is there a reason, which is a serious reason to throw a beer immediately? It can be health problems, the desire to please the beautiful stranger, the reluctance to spend a lot of money on beer. Write down on a piece of paper, all, what you will get, abandoning the unwholesome beverage. Fill in this sheet in the form of a poster and place it in a prominent place. Here are the possible pros from the failure of intoxicating drink:

Health. Your health is the ticket to a long life. The more you are concerned about its preservation, the more you have the probability to meet an old age in good health. But, if you refuse beer, question about old age become very controversial for you. Favorite drink is incredibly bad for the heart, stomach, liver and kidney, and brain. Each of these organs can fail at any time already 3-4 years of alcoholism, and six years later the liver is no longer able to cope with their "work", but because the body is hopelessly clogged with toxins.

Appearance. There are men, which derives from a carelessly protruding hairs is, of course, extreme. But if you don't care about their own protruding belly, swollen Breasts or fat thighs, it is also not very good. Don't close your eyes to the problem, after all, to blame your passion for beer. You should abandon your favorite drink and substitute home evening on a visit to the hall, you get fit for a few months. Smooth tight stomach, strong legs, strong hands are you using 3-4 one month from today. Needless deprivation itself beer? Of course, Yes!

Female attention. The appearance is very close with the attention of the opposite sex. Women are not to blame, if they don't pay attention to the bloated beer lovers. After all, man is the successor of the family, a huge belly, Breasts and thighs show most of the feminine, what about masculinity. Will help you to get rid of the beer love. If you set out to win the heart of any lady, the refusal of your favorite beer will be the maximum seamless and painless.

The more beer you like, the more you ruin your health!

The more beer you like, the more you ruin your health!

Procreation. Doesn't matter, did you have as a father, or not yet. Man feels truly bravely only then, when his potency is in order. Alcohol, especially beer, very not reinforce male power. When you boil hops, in the drink is formed a great number of phytoestrogens, substances, which are very similar to female hormones.

The man does not need such supplements, as they not only make it looks feminine, but to completely nullify the normal operation of the reproductive system. Those, who drinks beer on a regular basis first year, knows, what initially weakens the interest in ladies and sex, and after 7-10 years comes impotence. The question of healing is highly controversial, because people purposefully for a long time been poisoning yourself not intended for the body.

On the other hand, many doctors-andrologists (specialists in male hormone) say, that the situation can be corrected by a course of male hormones and special means. Anyway, if you haven't killed your reproductive system, throw beer!

The opportunity to become someone else. Interesting, many people absolutely happy with my life, work? Most likely, if you are "sitting" on the beer, something in your way of life was not glued. And that's not a reason for disappointment! Think, once you read this article on the eye, it is not an accident. Today, now you can become someone else! Someone healthier, beautiful, sportier! All you need to do, to understand it, without beer you would be much better. Start a new life, change it for the better – why not?

Watch this video "Documentary "Euphoria", about the consequences of beer alcoholism


The motivation of getting rid of beer for each person is simple – it needs to answer the question: "What would it mean for my refusal to drink?"Bad answer can not be here (is that pain in the first days and head hangover pain), but the advantages are many. Don't be afraid to be in an uncomfortable position for you to live without beer. Not comfortable is only the first week, but later you will feel younger and healthier. Believe me, for what it's worth!

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