Can harm alcoholic cordials?

People from time immemorial has been using herbs for treatment of various diseases. Until today, there are numerous recipes of medicinal tinctures and healing balms. They are prepared from herbs with infusion on alcohol or vodka. The greatest use of these medicines received in the treatment of colds, winter avitaminosis, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, reduced potency and stress.

Some skeptics argue, what tinctures, as well as balms, prepared on alcohol, ineffective. According to them, this is just an excuse for fans to "warm up" with alcohol.

Alcoholic cordials

Tinctures and balms: differences

Tinctures balms differ from the percentage of alcohol (within 15 % – 70 %) and taste. The preparation of tinctures requires compliance with certain requirements:

  • necessary pure alcohol;
  • raw material can be fresh or dried;
  • must be followed cold cooking mode;
  • should observe the mode and timing of infusion (from 2 to 7 weeks).

If tinctures are prepared in large industries, the slight heating of the mixture. This speeds up the process. Quality tincture will be higher, if you are using dried components. Fresh herbs can give the liqueur an unpleasant taste and smell.

Fortress of such medicines depends on their degree of razbavlenii. The alcohol content in them is usually from 30 % to 40 %. Taste characteristics, as tinctures, and balms depend on the used components. A good combination of herbs and additional ingredients that are crucial to creating the unique properties of medicinal drinks.

homemade alcoholic cordials

Alternative medicine is often practiced by the older generation. The paradox is, what a treat spending one on, have a negative impact on the other. If a person has problems with high blood pressure or with heart, we need to refuse from alcohol drugs, who actively create folk sorceress.

The secret of popularity

Healing balms and tinctures have become trends in some countries. Very popular "Riga black balsam". No less famous:

  • the German "Jägermeister";
  • French "Chartreuse";
  • Campari from Italy;
  • "Belarusian balm".

These marks became famous through the art and skill of cooking. Tinctures are different flavor characteristics. Some of them have sweet taste and are reminiscent of liqueur products. Others are more bitter, but have a great healing effect.

a tincture is a herbal alcoholic

A skillful combination of herbs gives the tinctures and balms are a unique taste and aroma. The necessary therapeutic effect is achieved by proper formulation of the drink. There are herbs, the combination of which enhances their effect, while others diminish it.

Save recipes included, that the drug will not harm. You should not purchase strange liquid with hands. In beautiful bottles often contain mixtures, created from inferior ingredients.

But is there any benefit?

Research scientists do not give a clear answer to the question about the use of herbs for the human body. Undoubtedly, treatment of alcoholic liquors has a positive effect. It is due to the action of ethanol and herbal extracts. There is a temporary vasodilation. Due to this, the patient is experiencing a burst of energy, becomes more cheerful and calm.

Everyone is familiar with the fact. If the person is very cold, you should take a few alcoholic remedies, as his health improves. This effect is temporary and its duration does not exceed half an hour. In some situations it is necessary, as during this period of time the person is able come back to normal. In the future, in such situations, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Harm alcohol drugs

Harm alcohol drugs

Whatever the curative properties not possessed tinctures and healing balms, but the presence in their composition of alcohol can significantly affect the health. Alcoholic beverages in any, even a small amount, harmful to the body. Therefore, the medication on alcohol it is recommended to perform strictly according to the recipe, do not exceed prescribed dose:

  • for the female body a daily dose of ethanol is 20 ml;
  • for men a daily dose of ethanol should not exceed 30 ml.

Overdose can happen quickly. For example, when 40 % the ethanol dose for the beautiful half of humanity must not exceed 50 ml, and for men 75 ml. Practically this can be done by drinking 3 St. l. balm, adding it to tea. Such a small number, according to many, can cause alcoholism. But in this lies the danger of small doses.

The body gradually gets used to alcohol, whether it's a remedy or a simple alcohol. The use of liqueurs is less harmful compared to beer alcoholism.

Use of herbal tinctures can have another negative impact. The danger lies in the high concentration of herbal extracts. The body of each person is individual. A specific combination of herbs has a different effect on. Presence in the balsam or tincture of even one wrong component can significantly harm your health. Especially sensitive to this liver, The gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.

People prone to breakdowns it is impossible to offer such drugs, created on the basis of alcohol. In this case, even the slightest alcohol content will lead to the beginning of the binge. To talk about the benefits then don't have. Amazing, dependent that people are willing without hesitation to drink it is unclear received flammable liquids, drinking them in the prescribed dosages, and glasses.

It should be understood, what is the benefit of receiving medicinal tinctures and salves will be the maximum, if you do not exceed the limits of acceptance. Herbs have a pleasant taste and aroma, but their therapeutic effect is not fully understood. The effect can be positive, and negative. Therefore, you should strictly adhere to the permitted limit and not be worn on the, the more, the better.

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