The degradation of alcohol

Long-term use of beverages, contains ethyl alcohol, people at risk to deteriorate, as a person. Deteriorating not only the tissues of the internal organs, not to avoid the sad fate and brain. In this the human "processor" are separate parts, each of which is assigned a specific task to control the behavior, work memory, the development of intellectual abilities.

The degradation of alcohol

The "efforts" of alcohol information to the centers arrives defective. In the presence of alcoholic degradation of personality surrounding reality not normally perceived. People indifferent, in addition to a relaxing drink it don't care. Simultaneously with the changes of the external appearance, the subject becomes aggressive, limp, constantly cheating, loses the ability to think normally.

The degradation of alcohol – the verdict, can destroy the normal life of a person. Such people are not happy at work, and friends avoid them.

The degradation of alcohol: signs

Alcohol does the job, dependent person ceases to notice the reality. In the event he goes, if there is bottled alcoholic drinks.

Observed indifference to events in the workplace and the family business. At the early stages of pathology a person listens to criticism, colleagues and relatives. He is still ashamed of his behavior. But the farther, the more you want to avoid contact with strong supporters and promoters of a healthy lifestyle.

An alcoholic slipping into immorality, doesn't care about his wife, children and parents, actions can hardly be called decent. Man nothing to be ashamed of, almost nothing he will not be intimidated. Criticism of him does not touch the soul, errors in behavior are not seen. The alcoholic denies all and seeks to spend time in the company of addicts.

The degradation of alcohol signs

False directs the actions. The alcoholic easily Dodge the charges. Degradation dulls the mind. Work becomes unbearable, dependent the person is asked to write a statement on their own. Angrily responds to criticisms, ready for him to use physical force in an argument. In most cases, degrading people tend not to trust people, assuming that, those downplaying his abilities and underestimate dignity.

For the alcoholic with degrading the brain doesn't matter, how neatly he is dressed, good looks. Passivity is also manifested in the attitude of the people. Consciousness becomes unclear, and it is a set of words, basically, nouns, between which there is no logical connection

The person is unable to solve more or less complex tasks and normal to think, performs actions, no sense. Prevails an inadequate response to the events, a witness or a party to whom he has to be. Some points fall out of memory. In particular, does not remember all that, what was before the booze, what you did during it. With whom sat and drank at the table? And maybe even misbehave? How he got home?

When alcohol enters naturally in drunken stage, degradation causes a reduction of mental activity to almost zero. So comes the degradation of alcohol, not hard to miss.

Causes of alcohol degradation

If the human brain over a long period of time constantly expose to alcohol, such mockery must inevitably end in the degradation of alcohol. Because of its nerve cells in this case are one of the targets.

In the body, almost no such authority, cells which would not suffer irreparable harm ethanol. Of course, the liver tries to neutralize the toxic effect of a given organic compound, and then connect the kidneys, efforts which toxins leave the body. The degradation of alcohol is not only a lower level of intelligence, but the change in appearance for the worse. Dependent people even stop to observe elementary rules of hygiene.

Causes of alcohol degradation

Poor liver most of all goes to. And all because of that, she prepared for a responsible role and at the same time, an impossible task – the salvation of the body. Cells deprived of their protective shell, after that they are useless almost no, as stops the production of enzymes degrading toxins. Thus, the alcohol gets the ability to freely concentrate in the liver and enter the bloodstream.

The termination of functioning of liver affects the blood circulation, in particular, erythrocytes, envelope which, a thin layer of fat, soluble in alcohol. This in turn leads to, the blood becomes thick, and, therefore, blood coagulation – increased. Changes in the structure of vessels for the worse soon. The brain lacks blood, and, so, there is a lack of oxygen, supply which occurs due to blood.

Understanding human speech, the ability to reproduce articulate sounds, words and sentences, the presence of mind, ability to behave in society, we owe the presence in the cerebral hemispheres of the relevant sections. The degradation of alcohol makes talking and feeling disoriented.

If the end of nerve fibers (receptors) contact with ethanol, meaning spoken by the interlocutor of the words is not captured, despite the preserved ability to hear. The consequence of degradation sites in the region of the forehead is a violation of the behavior guided by emotions: people for no reason, sudden chuckles, or on eyes appear tears, there is no adequate reaction to the actions of other people.

The penchant for alcohol degradation

In the initial stages of an alcoholic in the depths of the mind understands, what can be the final abuse of alcohol, but at the same time refuses to admit it. It will take three or four years, and was finally dispelled doubts as to, in a swamp it sucked. The degradation of alcohol is often considered an irreversible process. About 80% the homeless, this former normal members of society, unable to abandon spirits.

The penchant for alcohol degradation in men and women

Men and women are equally prone to alcohol addiction. Degradation of the individual is the problem, requiring attention from the society. You need to carry out prevention of harmful habits in all educational institutions.

Students are encouraged to show, any bottom reach alcoholics. Bad habits makes it impossible to get a good job and build a family. Alcoholic degradation can occur in men and women. Age also doesn't matter.

Prevention of alcohol degradation is 80% success. Only then can we talk about the future generations, which will not be dependent on alcohol.

The degradation of alcohol and its types

The degradation of alcohol and its types

Asthenic-neurotic alcoholic degradation manifested by the following symptoms:

  • night hard to sleep;
  • frustrated psyche is accompanied by extraordinary bad state of mind;
  • all around makes very nervous;
  • quickly and unexpectedly changing mood;
  • sees all the danger;
  • complaints about lack of power;
  • heart is unstable;
  • there is pain throughout the body.

Alcoholics are people, need help of loved ones. The lack of timely therapy will lead to disastrous consequences.

Still stands degradation by alcohol type, it shows the following symptoms:

  • no hint of will power;
  • nothing around not interested;
  • relationships with other people too relaxed and free;
  • flouts the norms of public morality;
  • nothing to be ashamed of.

Alcohol degradation of the individual is the final stage of social disintegration. Such people society does not accept.

Alcohol-limited degradation occurs due to physical injury. Evident from the name, that alcohol is not the only reason. This type is found in those, who at one time had the temerity to head injury, or state have diseases of the brain and blood vessels of this organ.

In this case, having a fantasy involving unusual facts, which in reality was not. Man imagines, he had to perform heroic deeds, to meet with the famous personalities. All this is accompanied by a significant decrease in thinking and unsound memory.

Treatment of alcohol degradation

Psychopathic alcoholic degradation can occur in men and women. Trouble is characteristic of young people with low self-esteem or suffering from other complexes.

At the initial stage of alcohol consumption for them is considered a solution to the problem, makes more confident, allows you to be like other normal people. In the future, the young man sees no alternative to alcoholic beverages, as a panacea for mental discomfort. Developing alcoholism with disorders of the nervous system, irritability, bouts of hysteria. The situation is so aggravated, being an alcoholic at times beating his head on the wall, catches all, what caught him under the arms.

Treatment of alcohol degradation

To provide assistance to a loved person, suffering from degradation is not easy. Specialized clinics are open doors to such people, but forced treatment rarely gives the desired result. For the positive dynamics can not do without a psychologist.

The degradation of alcohol often appears on the background of nervous breakdowns. Alcoholic drinks are a panacea, which then in the habit. Alcohol abuse – the scourge of modern society. The sooner the native people will turn to the experts, the more likely to save relative from alcohol degradation. It is immediately clear, that rescuing the person, you can hear a lot of unpleasant phrases from the alcoholic. Aggression – a clear indication, the degradation occurs, dependent personality is not aware of the severity of their actions.

Alcoholics anonymous – a way of getting rid of the problem. Degradation of the individual is able to slow down, if the person would be in the company of other sufferers. Conversations with a psychologist allow you to see for yourself. An example of such a rehabilitation can be a show program "Tomboy". The main character was on the verge of drug addiction and alcoholic degradation.

The girls help the teachers and psychologists. The first project proved, the correction dependent women may. Even though everyone knows, that female alcoholism is considered an incurable. The project boldly compared with the rehabilitation center. Various competitions and the introduction into social life enable you to get rid of alcohol degradation.

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