Wine during pregnancy: what they say gynecologists

There are many opinions with regards to the use of wine during pregnancy. Some sources claim, that its use has a positive effect on health, others believe, even a small amount can cause serious damage to the health of the fetus. So the skin is worth to believe, regret later, it is time to find out more on this issue.

Wine during pregnancy

First weeks of pregnancy and wine

Any wine regardless of its color, manufacturer and prices contain in its composition ethyl alcohol. He makes the drink dangerous to the unborn child. Sometimes it is enough even a small dose, to strike the child a fatal threat. Especially dangerous is the consumption of alcohol on 5-6 week of pregnancy. After this period there are the most important processes in the embryo are formed bodies, vision, hearing, circulatory system.

Drinking future mother usually always ends with the development of pathologies of the child. Even if he is born outwardly healthy, it does not guarantee, that he has internal abnormalities, soon after birth will have an effect.

One glass not a sentence?

Many are convinced, what important role has the number of drunk and one drink, only a drop in the ocean, which plays no role. However, to ensure, that this statement is true, quite difficult. The thing is, scientists have not investigated and can't say for sure, as the wine in small doses can affect your baby's development. Although if you believe the medical practice, you can make the argument that alcohol has a negative impact on any term of pregnancy.

Red wine during pregnancy

Glass is a pretty large dose, especially if you use it often. You need to be able to correctly calculate the dose and frequency of consumption. So as not to harm, the girl in the situation you can drink one serving of wine, but not more often two times a month.

The damage to the dry wine

The wine contains not only ethyl alcohol, but its decay products. They also can have a negative impact. Alcoholic drinks are capable of forming spasms in the blood vessels of the umbilical cord and placenta. The consequence of these deviations may be the lack of oxygen, what will affect your baby's development.

If a woman drink wine when pregnant, you should drink plenty of water, this way you can quickly remove alcohol from the body.

Red wine during pregnancy

Many people know, in the USSR this drink was considered indispensable in the diet of many pregnant beauties. Thus, they are taken out harmful toxins, and it reduced the risk of thrombus formation.

Today, medicine is more suspicious, so allowed to drink Cahors after 17 weeks. However, it must be a drink of good quality, no dyes, sugar and chemical additives. The maximum dose should not exceed 100 ml.

Can pregnant homemade wine

Doctors may recommend a small dose of wine if you experience problems with low hemoglobin.

Can pregnant homemade wine?

We all know, that the stores can sell a variety of defective products. Even under the label of high-end beverage may contain cheap stuff with a huge amount of harmful additives. Therefore, in order to avoid fraud, it is best to use any wine beverage prepared at home.

He is considered useful, its use allowed. However, this does not mean, that you can drink it all 9 months. Otherwise avoid development of vices. This product is able to change the genetic structure of, DNA baby.

Non-alcoholic wine

When the desire to drink is very strong, the woman in "interesting position" it is best to drink non-alcoholic wine. It contains a small amount of alcohol. Also it retains all the vitamins, enzymes.

In special cases it can be called medicine, which are prescribed by doctors for the following diseases:

  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • problems with hypertension.

It can improve appetite, lowers blood pressure. But you should still be careful, vein that several factors:

  1. Poor composition, which contains a large number of chemicals, can harm.
  2. The appearance of Allergy.
  3. A huge number of fakes, for a really quality drink will have to pay a lot of money.

Alcohol in the later stages

To drink while waiting for a miracle or not, a purely personal matter. You must take into account its own state, the advice of a doctor, data analyses. Sometimes just a glass, then to regret his decision. Therefore, if you have the slightest of negative thoughts, should refrain and desist from all bad habits throughout the 9 months. After all, the health of the baby should be mother before their own moments of weakness.

Alcohol in the later stages

Many believe, most importantly, the rejection of bad habits during the first month, but really last trimester is equally important. Drinking Vino can be a threatened miscarriage, and even cause labor. The birth of a premature baby can lead to serious consequences.

If you believe the polls, many girls say. They regularly drank up to 200 ml wine products, and while all was fine, and after 9 months, was born perfectly healthy crumbs. That's just the doctors more competent and without hesitation I will answer, these actions – negligence, which can, is full future offspring.

What to do with a strong desire to drink?

The woman in the position of always notices, changing her behavior and tastes. If before she couldn't stand certain foods, now can eat them for both cheeks. The same goes for alcohol. Very often the mothers overcomes the strong desire to drink. So what can we do in such situations?

It is best to switch to something really useful, nice. You must realize, what harm can be caused to the unborn baby. His own weakness is more expensive than the health little man, which will soon come to light. If this does not help, you can make a SIP of wine and potratila to occupy themselves with the, that will distract her from bad desires. You can buy or cook something really useful, to overcome all thoughts of bad habits.

Wine during pregnancy should be left to the side. The most noble drink can harm future baby. A woman should remember about their offspring, and not to succumb to momentary desires.

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