Bay leaf from alcoholism

Bay leaf is available in almost every kitchen, this is one of the most inexpensive and frequently used spices, which can help with problems with alcohol. Any alcoholic beverage together with the Bay leaf cause very unpleasant symptoms, nausea, vomiting, headaches. Tincture of Bay leaves from alcoholism has long been used in Russia. Many doctors choose this method of therapy, knocking out human bad habits.

Bay leaf from alcoholism

Importantly, that means with a Laurel plant to give drink to a man without his consent. The result is still excellent. The usual vodka you can easily replace the special tinctures and Bay leaf, to help her husband to get rid of the craving for alcohol. Below are a few recipes, characterized by high efficiency and is able to help in the struggle for a sober way of life.

Bay leaf from alcoholism: recipes

Any bottle put 4 leaf Lavrushka and pour any alcoholic beverage, which usually uses drinking man. Well, if you will be the root Bay leaf. It is also possible to add to the bottle for best effect. To withstand infusion in the cellar or any other suitable cool place for 2 weeks. You must then give an alcoholic a glass of tincture, you want to drink immediately, one gulp. After taking this means the patient will immediately feel nausea.

Bay leaf helps to ensure, that man is formed aversion to all alcohol, the effect lasts quite a long time. Only drunken alcoholics, who drink regularly, this tool may not help, because the chronic course of the disease some unpleasant symptoms like nausea and vomiting may not be enough. In this case you need something stronger.

Bay leaf from alcoholism recipes

You can still try to prepare the decoction on the basis of Bay leaf. For this you need to boil a Cup of water with 2-3 leaves Lavrushka, then on a quiet fire 10 minutes. The broth to cool and give small portions throughout the day. During the day, the alcoholic needs to drink at least 1-2 of glasses of this decoction. The effect is the same, as in the previous case. The only drawback is that, unnoticed to slip the man, suffering heavily, this decoction will not work.

You can also try to prepare a tincture with a Bay leaf and pumpkin seeds. Finely chopped 2 St. seeds, to add to them 2 Laurel. sheet and it all to dissolve in a glass of vodka. To insist 2 weeks. in the cold dark place. To apply as well, as in the first case: the whole glass at once, gulp.alcoholism treatment Bay leaf

Tincture with the addition of lovage and Lavrushka also gives a nice effect against alcoholism. Taking a lovage root and two leaf Lavrushka, add all in a glass of vodka, to insist 2 weeks in a closed place, away from sunlight. When the alcoholic will torture hangover, give him a glass of tincture of. After taking this means the alcoholic will start the strongest vomiting, which will occur whenever reception of any alcoholic beverage.

You can also make a decoction of the root of lovage and a couple of leaves Lavrushka. Components, pour a glass of water, boil and cook on a quiet fire within 10 minutes. Then the broth is filtered and cooled, the glass is prepared with the tools you need to eat per day in small portions. Alcoholism treatment Bay leaf can be carried out to men and women.

tincture of Bay leaves from alcoholism

Bay leaf from alcoholism: contraindications

In some cases, alcoholism treatment using products based on this plant to produce not recommended. For example, if the person, suffering from alcohol addiction, the following diseases:

  • gastritis, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;
  • acute cholecystitis, as well as the chronic course of the disease;
  • frequent constipation;
  • inflammatory diseases of the pancreas.

In the presence of the above diseases the use of Laurel. sheet, as remedy against alcoholism, able to worsen the human condition, as well as aggravate the course of the disease, until serious consequences. In such situations, it is necessary to turn to other methods of treatment of humans with alcohol dependence, for example, the psychological techniques and therapies.

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